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Selacia – Council Of 12 Message – Prepare For The Next Wave Of Energy – 29 May 2012

The times you have long prepared for have arrived. Do you know what this means?

Right now you are in one of the calmer transitions, preparing for the next big wave of energy. It’s like you have a few moments to catch your breath and reflect. As you do, it’s quickly apparent how much is changing all around you. Your own changes are at warp speed, too. Continue reading


Selacia – Council Of 12 Message – Expressing The Soul – Only You Can Give Your Music – 1 April 2012


Note from Selacia:  “As I prepare to offer a series of teachings involving soul connection and personal empowerment, The Council of 12 is speaking to me about the importance of expressing our soul and its gifts in the world. We are here now for a purpose during this important crossroads for humanity and the Earth. It is vital that we discover how to more fully integrate our soul or spirit into everyday life. No one can do this for us, but indeed we have lots of help from spirit and the people who touch our lives. As you read their words, The Council of 12 will provide you with insights and potent energy that can help you to be more connected to your soul, and to express your gifts more fully in the world. They are asking us to trust that there is a higher plan for us and the Earth. They ask us to make ongoing effort to remain in our center and to invite a connection with our soul so it can guide us. The Council of 12 is here to support us in doing these things, and in helping one another. That is how we shift our planet into light.” Continue reading