Sophia Love – Time For A Jubilee – 11 April 2015

SophiaLoveNew As we complete this conversation, keep a few things in your heart.  First, there is nothing wrong about your life or how you’ve chosen to be inside of it.  Regardless of what label you stick to what you do, you can’t help but love.  Loving is what you’ve been doing in each and every relationship.

There are things you have done or things that have been done to you that on the surface seem abhorrent and/or the opposite of love.  Yet, we have come to serve as comfort and/or contrast, help and/or hindrance for each other – there are no exceptions.

These truths do not imply you have to change how you feel about certain things – they are given here to enhance your clarity and consciousness.  In every interaction, understand what you are doing and why.  Ultimately, we have been motivated by love; we may not be conscious of this.

Yet now that we know it as truth, the heavens have opened for agape.  I’ve heard that the Pope has suggested a debt jubilee – let’s have a forgiveness jubilee.  Let’s start with ourselves.

If there is one universal action that would alter every relationship we share, it is unconditional self-acceptance; self-forgiveness.  We can only directly control our own heart – yet we are One.  The ripple effect is a fact.

This day I’ve witnessed a miracle.  I’ve watched two people come together and enthusiastically share.  Seven months ago, and every day since, there was only avoidance and discomfort; if talking about, not to each other, there was anger.  There was nothing positive shared between them.  Each day love was intended for them both.  Until today, there had been no evidence that any impact was felt.  I am blown away by what I witnessed today, it is a complete reversal.  There is no stronger force than love.

The shift we went through last month opens the door for healing and the miraculous.  In order to take advantage of this new energy – open your heart to agape.  Love in a way you’ve never imagined and forgive as if you were god granting absolution.  You are.

You hold the key to your freedom.  For the chains will be released and our world will change – it is inevitable.  Then it will be upon you to release the chains you’ve wrapped around your own heart; no one can do that but you.

You are the god you’ve been waiting for.

I love you so very much.  Our next Love Quest will be in June.  Stay in touch by joining the mailing list here and following the blog here.


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