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John Ward – RBS, COUTTS, & A Bad Case Of Interest-Conflict On The Subject Of EUROZONE QE – 13 January 2015

JohnWWhatever neoliberal bankers recommend, their survival will always come before anything else.

There’s an interesting piece from AEP at the Telegraph site this morning which – while he has a vastly different take on its significance to mine – highlights a point I used to bang on about a lot here…until I realised nobody was reading it, and got fed up.
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John Ward – The RBS Glitch : Hester’s Hijackers Go From The Ridiculous To The Incredible – 4 July 2012

My jawslog@gmail.com inbox is packed to the brim with stories of RBS and Natwest ‘glitches’ ranging from brazen theft via postdated restoration cheques and crazy delays on payments, all the way through to standing orders not being honoured….and now the latest, things being debited twice.

Thus RBS admitted last night that loan payments on credit taken out by RBS customers had been removed twice ‘in a large number of cases’. Earlier, the Group had said the problem was ‘small’ and ‘duplicate mortgage payments have not been taken during Natwest’s IT meltdown’. But some Slog readers dispute this. Continue reading