Wes Annac – Finding Our Creative Purpose: A Personal Perspective – 11 April 2015

wesannac2By Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

I tend to write a lot of articles from a personal perspective, and this will be one of them. I don’t intend to come across as self-obsessed, but I think exploring ourselves and even writing about ourselves is an important part of our spiritual evolution.

Spiritual evolution is all about personal growth, and what better way to personally grow than to write about the things we’re feeling and experiencing along this crazy evolutionary journey. I think writing about my feelings is necessary to help myself, and hopefully some of you, learn and grow even more.

As those of you who read my articles every day probably know, music and writing have taken up all the space in my mind. A part of me has almost wanted to pursue music full-time because of how much fun I have with it, while another part of me is ready to focus fully on the blog and writing articles.

I’ve experienced an internal conflict lately, and I’ve been trying to decide what I’d rather pursue more. Writing and focusing on the blog seems like the most obvious ways to go when I really think about it, but the part of me that’s passionate about music would have a lot of trouble letting it go.

That’s the great thing about life, though – we don’t really have to let anything go, as long as we enjoy it and it serves our personal/spiritual growth. Music definitely satisfies my spiritual appetite, but a lot of other things do too.

Writing satiates the appetite for spirituality and creativity.

Getting out to nature or even my own backyard satisfies the hunger to experience the earth’s natural beauty. There are so many things that light my inner fire and increase my passion, and the only problem with music is that I’ve stopped myself from enjoying other aspects of life so I could pursue it.

I’ve stopped myself from getting out and enjoying nature; writing articles that might’ve helped some of you; spending time with my family; meditating; simply existing, free of any immediate concerns or agendas.

I’m not saying this is a bad thing, and it’s healthy to be so committed to a helpful spiritual practice that we let a few other things fall away. It can be bad in a sense, however, because life is about living and gaining as many unique experiences as we can – not marrying one hobby or activity and failing to enjoy other aspects of life because of it.

Like I said, the answer I arrive at when I do some serious soul-searching is that life would become a lot simpler and more fun if I embraced writing as my primary creative outlet. I could then put the extra time I would’ve spent on music into the blog, gaining rich and fulfilling experiences in nature, and spending time with family.

I’m also realizing that I wouldn’t have to completely renounce music, and I can practice it during some of the spare time I’d otherwise devote to the blog, being in nature, etc. Writing and playing guitar come naturally, so I don’t see any reason not to pursue them.

Giving up the full-time pursuit of music and focusing on writing doesn’t have to mean I completely stop playing, but I need to simplify life and embrace one primary creative outlet instead of two or three.

Life is busy enough as it is, and there’s a sense of freedom and soul-level peace in pursuing writing full-time and using any ‘spare’ time to simply enjoy life (or, again, pick up the guitar).

I’d like to start publishing more articles to the blog every day, and if I commit to it, you can all look forward to hearing from me two or three times a day instead of once. I can only do this if I embrace writing and let music fade into the background, and I’m actually kind of excited about it.

Feel free to leave your opinion or tell us about any soul-searching you’ve recently done in regards to finding your purpose in life in a comment below, and also, feel free to check out Steve Pavlina’s recent article about finding our purpose.

Steve encourages us to try a nifty little exercise that could not only help us discover our purpose, but dig deep into our emotional side to do it. His post on In5D can be found here, and I hope his exercise is helpful for those of you who’ve also struggled with the question of what you want to do in this life.

Searching deep within is usually required to understand our true purpose, and again, the great thing about this life is that we can ‘decide our own destiny’ to quote Ziggy Marley.

We don’t have to force ourselves to do anything we aren’t 100% passionate about, and we’re deeply encouraged to pursue our passions and let the things that don’t serve us fall away.

I think I’ve figured out my purpose (for now at least – I’m always changing my mind), and hopefully, the work that results will inspire and uplift all of you who’ve lovingly supported this work throughout the years.

Expect a lot more articles, because I’ve only just begun to open this creative channel.

With writing, meditation and the occasional practice of music, I aim to reach as far down as I can, find my true Self, and use the vibrant, inspired spirituality and creativity that result to help everyone who’s also become aware of things that most of society seems to have forgotten about.

We all have the potential to use our spirituality and creativity to uplift the world, but we have to decide our purpose and work hard at it before we can do anything significant.

Update: As I expected, I’m still somewhat unsure about exactly how I want to approach writing, music and everything else I feel passionate about. There’s a lot of truth to the idea that we need to take our spiritual evolution one day at a time and determine our course of action each day based on how we feel.

I’ll probably continue to play and post a lot of music, and I’ll still be writing a lot of articles. Hopefully, the material that results will help all of you along your journey.

Share freely.

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