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NaturalNews – Mike Adams – Irrefutable Proof We Are All Being Sprayed With Poison: 571 Tons Of Toxic Lead ‘Chemtrailed’ Into America’s Skies Every Year – 13 June 2014

NaturalNewss Logo-April-2014(NaturalNews) America is being doused every minute of every day with the toxic heavy metal lead as it is burned in “avgas” — aviation gas, the fuel that powers most piston-driven aircraft (i.e. anything with a propeller). A grand total of 571 tons of lead are dumped each year into the air over our heads from aircraft alone, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. (1)

According to a scientific paper titled, “Lead and Halogen Contamination from Aviation Fuel Additives at Brackett Airfield,” (2) X-Ray Fluorescence instrumentation was used to analyze lead, chlorine and bromine content in avgas liquids. The tests showed avgas contains the following:
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3D Printer Cleared For Lift-Off To ISS In August – 13 June 2014

RT logoNASA has cleared a 3D printer for launch to the International Space Station in August. The decision follows trials at Marshall Space Flight Center in the state of Alabama. The printer was developed by California start-up Made in Space.

“NASA was able to provide key guidance on how to best comply with strenuous space certification, safety and operational requirements, and Made in Space excelled at incorporating that insight into the design,” NASA 3D project manager Niki Werkheiser said in a Thursday statement.

Made in Space now has first-hand experience of the full A-Z process for designing, building and testing hardware for spaceflight,” he added.

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Court Says Occupy Boise Protesters Can Restore Tent City In Idaho – 13 june 2014

RT logoA federal judge in Idaho agreed this week that officials have no right to keep protesters from demonstrating on the lawn of the state capitol building in Boise.

United States District Judge Lynn Winmill’s Wednesday decision declares that efforts in 2012 to remove protesters from a localized Occupy Wall Street offshoot were unconstitutional.

As that movement began to gain momentum across the US in late 2011, Idaho Gov. Butch Otter signed a law that enacted a handful of rules concerning Occupy Boise protesters wishing to protest on state property, including provisions that outlawed anything on the capitol property considered to be camping.

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Laura Bruno – Mary Poppins Gardening – 13 June 2014

laura-of-the-rocksIt is a little known fact that I have a Faery Garden Landscaper who goes by the alias “Heather,” but is in truth far more like Mary Poppins. She’s “practically perfect in every way,” extremely fastidious (which is as hilarious in our wild yard as in the Banks’ crazy household), and, I must say, quite the “spit spot,” pursed lips slave driver! She has great ideas, but I actually sent her on a two week vacation so that I could get caught up. Catching up has meant acquiring and installing a soaker hose system, which still needs mulching over: Continue reading

ITAR-TASS – Putin And Barroso Agree To Hold Consultations Within The Russia-EC-Ukraine Format – 13 June 2014


MOSCOW, June 13. /ITAR-TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin and European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso have agreed to hold consultations within the Russia-EC-Ukraine format at the expert and ministerial levels, the Kremlin has said.

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ZeroHedge – DOJ Seeking More Than $10 Billion From Citigroup, Lawsuit Imminent – 13 June 2014

ZeroHedgeFirst it was JPM and Bank of America, now it is Citigroup’s turn to confirm that in the New Normal, and especially with no volume to speak of, banks are nothing but piggybank utilities for the government to extract cash from whenever it so desires. From Bloomberg:

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Jon Rappoport – Psychiatry: The NSA With Toxic Drugs – 13 June 2014

jon7This piece follows on from my previous one, “2 new smoking guns: Psychiatry is a complete fraud.” That article refuted the whole scientific basis of the profession.

Here are quotes from a work-in-progress, The Underground:

“Psychiatry is a system of arbitrary definitions. When you get past all the pseudo-technical nonsense, you’re looking at mind control—the attempt to make people believe consciousness is composed of about 300 disorders.” Continue reading

CommonDreams – Chile Scraps Dam Project In ‘Greatest Triumph Of The Nation’s Environmental Movement’ – 13 June 2014

common-dreamsChile Scraps Dam Project in ‘Greatest Triumph of the Nation’s Environmental Movement’

Scrapping of controversial HidroAysén project cheered as grassroots victory by campaigners
Andrea Germanos, staff writer

In a decision hailed as “the greatest triumph of the environmental movement” in the country, Chile on Tuesday rejected a controversial dam project. Continue reading

NewYorkPost – Great-Grandson Of John D. Rockefeller Dies In NY Plane Crash – 13 June 2014

New York Post

The doctor great grandson of oil baron John D. Rockefeller died on Friday when he crashed a single engine plane on a horse ranch near SUNY Purchase during a foggy morning — narrowly missing a home, authorities said.

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Blossom Goodchild – 13 June 2014

bloss arizona biggerMy friends, at last I am home and able to once again link up with you. What a tremendous journey my soul has been on over the last three months. Are you home?

We, dearest one, are always home. For we live within our Peace … and this therefore, would be what we know as home. For many, they FEEL that they are walking the path homewards and yet … we would say one is already home. It is a question of sitting by the hearth and gazing through the flames of Love … in order to KNOW where one is. Continue reading