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James Corbett – The Corbett Report – Did The Fed Steal Ukraine’s Gold? – 1 October 2014

In this edition of “Questions For Corbett” James answers questions on the U.S. constitution, the 9/11 insurance cases, censorship in the media, the DTCC conspiracy, bitcoin, global warming, the drug war, whether or not the Federal Reserve stole Ukraine’s gold reserves and much more. Continue reading

Sheldan Nidle – Update For The Spiritual Hierarchy And The Galactic Federation – 1 October 2014

SheldanNidle12 Lamat, 6 Tzotz, 11 Ik

Dratzo! We come in Joy! More and more, the evidence for the rise of a new reality manifests. A number of special agreements are being signed, which are to formalize a new financial system. These agreements set up new banking and trade regulations that run counter to the desires of the dark cabal. A pathway is being established to a more equitable and prosperous realm. The various exchanges of old monies are allowing numerous nations to revalue their currencies. In addition, the process is set for the functioning of a new global currency reset. These are all preliminary to the next major steps which include precious metal-backed monies and the rise of new governance. All of these developments are a precursor to disclosure. Disclosure is actually a major watershed. In your mostly forgotten global histories, the memories of these ancient deeds still vaguely remain. The Anunnaki did their best to make your forget your off-world and Lemurian ancestries. Disclosure is to return these memories to you and permit you to meet your Inner Earth cousins. Continue reading

Sandra Walter – A Light Conversation With Kelli – 1 October 2014

SandraWalterA replay of a fun conversation with Kelli Coffee about Awakening, Ascension, and the Shift in Consciousness!

For ascension course info and donations go to the original article link.

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‘Take Back Our Tanks’: Police Can’t Get Rid Of Military Gear In Ferguson Aftermath – 1 October 2014

RT logoPolice departments that have been slammed for increased militarization through the Defense Department’s surplus equipment program now have a new dilemma. Some of them have discovered they cannot give their unused war supplies back to the Pentagon.

The DoD’s Excess Property Program ‒ also known as the 1033 Program ‒ furnishes police departments around the country with excess weapons, vehicles, and office supplies at no cost to the jurisdiction. But what has been criticized as the increasing militarization of police became a hot topic over the summer after riots broke out in Ferguson, Missouri and law enforcement responded with what many saw as excessive force and unnecessary weaponry.

The 1033 Program has become the subject of numerous reports and studies, as well as congressional inquiries. Several cities, including Davis, California, have told their police departments to get rid of military inventory, including mine-resistant ambush protected (MRAP) vehicles.

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#SecretServiceFail: Armed Man ‘Slipped Past Agents, Rode In Elevator With Obama’ – 1 October 2014

RT logoAn armed man who has been convicted of assault and battery three times was somehow able to slip past the Secret Service and ride in an elevator with President Barack Obama earlier this month, several media reports have said.

READ MORE: Secret Service expecting big changes after intruder compromised White House receptions room

The incident – which reportedly took place just three days before a man with a knife in his pocket climbed over the White House fence and made it into the building – is the latest in a string of security breaches attributed to Secret Service blunders.

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ZeroHedge – RX For Revisionist Bunkum: A Lehman Bailout Wouldn’t Have Saved The Economy – 1 October 2014

Here come the revisionists with new malarkey about the 2008 financial crisis. No less august a forum than the New York Times today carries a front page piece by journeyman financial reporter James Stewart suggesting that Lehman Brothers was solvent; could and should have been bailed out; and that the entire trauma of the financial crisis and Great Recession might have been avoided or substantially mitigated:

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Illicit Drugs, Prostitution Bolster Britain’s Economy By £11 Bn A Year – ONS – 1 October 2014

RT logoBritons’ spending on prostitution and illegal drugs bolsters the UK economy by as much as £11 billion (US$17.8 billion) per year, according to newly published figures from the Office of National Statistics (ONS).

Revised data released by the government statistical body indicates that household spending increased in 2012, partially as a result of Britons’ consumption of narcotics and prostitution services.

The ONS estimated the average yearly impact of illegal narcotics – such as heroine and cocaine – on household expenditure between 1997 and 2013 to be £6.7 ($10.8) billion per year.

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