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Aisha North – A Short Update On The Energies – 11 February 2015

AishaNorthBy now, most of you have discerned that the forward momentum has yet again been increased, and this time, it is not by a small increment either. Rather, the surge is such, it is apt to sweep more than a few of you off your feet. And when we say this, it is not to imply that this will be detrimental in any way, simply to say that whether you like it or not, this time you will all be literally swept up in this oncoming surge of light, and it will serve to pry loose many a grasping hand still trying so hard to cling on to yesteryear. You see, this upcoming increase in incoming light will help to sever some of the last straws that so many have been clinging to, the straws that for them symbolize the last link to the known. In other words, the old illusion, the one that feels slightly more comfortable than the seemingly unknown void that looms ahead, and even if this old illusion in more ways than one can be described as a less than beneficial place to inhabit, to some it is still preferable over the choice of stepping away from it to fully enter the New. Continue reading

Sandra Walter – A Brief Message On Star Lineage And Guidance – 11 February 2015

SandraWalterBlessings Beloved Light Tribe,

I was asked about creating a class for Starseeds, and wanted to share my response here. Even though the messages I channel are of a Galactic nature, they are intended to assist those engaging with the HUman experience. The Ascension Path class is direct and deeply comprehensive guidance for the Divine HUman Ascension Process. All of my service work is designed for the profound work of Self-Realization and Self-Empowerment of HUmanity. That said, you might still question, What about the Starseed aspect, the Galactic Self? Continue reading

Tom Lescher – Astrology For The Soul Febr. 10th – 11 February 2015

Uploaded on 10 February 2015  by Tom Lescher Sometimes I keep it together, Sometimes I fall apart,
If I stay in a space of grace and joy, My life becomes living art.
This week can be the culmination of the two year Mars cycle as he is joined by Venus in the final degrees of Pisces. You may already be feeling the energy building for new creative projects, relationships, or dreams you are about to begin. Just be sure to wrap up the loose ends and resolve the past to clean the slate for your new beginning! Injoy

Wes Annac – Written By John Vibes – Gallup CEO Says He Might “Suddenly Disappear” After Calling Unemployment Stats A Lie – 11 February 2015

wesannac2Written by John Vibes, The Anti Media, February 10, 2014

(ANTIMEDIAThe unemployment numbers that are offered by the mainstream media and in government statistics are without a doubt fabricated, on the very basis of their criteria alone. The official unemployment numbers actually only include people who are currently on government unemployment assistance. This number does not include people who were denied or those who didn’t file for government assistance. This number also does not include people who have been unemployed for extended periods of time. 

Recently, the world renowned polling news source Gallup reported that the government’s 5.6 percent unemployment figure was “The Big Lie.” Immediately following the release of that article, Jim Clifton, the Chairman and CEO of Gallup, said in an interview with CNBC that he was afraid that he might “suddenly disappear” because he disputed the accuracy of US unemployment rates. Continue reading

WakingTimes – What Is The Illuminati And How It Controls The Western World – 11 February 2015

waking_times_logo_6-5-12_1Waking Times

Video – This video explains the theory of what is the Illuminati, what is its purpose, and how it has supposedly controlled the Western world using some of the world’s most famous celebrities. Do you believe that the Illuminati ruling elite exists?

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Laura Bruno – Money & Manifesting….What Are The Barriers To Your Abundance? ~ Are You Ready To Get Real About What’s Really Limiting You? – 11 February 2014


Excellent post from Tania! This is a topic that I, too, hear from many people. It really does “pay” to become more conscious of your own money patterns and what these are telling you. In some cases, certain things really aren’t that important to you or not in your best interest, but it feels much more empowering to realize those facts than to underscore that you’re “a terrible manifestor.” If you really do want something and feel it keenly important to your growth or sense of well being, then recognizing the importance of that can also help with receiving the means to do these things. Tania shares lots more in this article. Well worth the long, in depth read.

Originally posted on Tania Marie’s Blog:

Being, doing, and having….

“We can think of life having three dimensions: being, doing, and having. Often we attempt to live our lives backwards. We try to have more money in order to feel we can do more of what we want, so we can be happier. The way it actually works is the reverse. We must first be who we really are, then do what we feel guided to do, in order to have what we want.”

Shakti Gawain

~ I allow myself to be; I do what feels right; I have everything I truly want. ~

In yesterday’s Reiki Master Teacher workshop, the theme of the day seemed to be about “manifestation.” It kicked off the day in a pre-discussion to our training, came up again during our training, and again later during our dinner outing.

Discussions about Reiki will often lead into discussions on how to live…

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Lisa Gawlas – The Rods of Light and Portals of Entry to the Multiverse!! – 11 February 2015

lisagawlas2Geez, what an eye full to get as I just wake up and ponder how to start todays sharing and where exactly to start.  I started seeing all those rotating sheets of plastic, and the vast amount of little slits on each one and how the slinkies connect with them.  Before I get to my sudden vision, they added more to the schematics underway.  Each sheet breathes, meaning there is a series of expansion and contraction that is constant and to our viewing eyes, very very slow.  The expansion and contraction doesn’t, isn’t making anything bigger or smaller, but when we (nasa) views it from the “primitive” telescopes, it appears that way.  The contraction condenses the energy within that particular sheet, the expansion… well, expands it!  To top this all off, more sheets are constantly being added, the orb is not finite, life is not finite.  Each time a new sheet is added, the entire orb of all lives appear to condense to make room, then expands to unfold the intermingling energy and realigning the particles that keeps everything interconnected. Continue reading

Laura Bruno -Sitting With “The Sixth Extinction” – 11 February 2015


Here’s another sensitive, yet difficult post from Becca Psyche Tarnas. I’ve not read The Sixth Extinction, but I feel those tugs of hypocrisy daily — as I type on my laptop trying to raise awareness about our connection to our gorgeous planet, as I read late night permaculture books by electric light, as I attempt to find balance between overgrown weeds and growing my own food. Thank you to Elizabeth Kolbert and to Becca for pulling such musings into the light of day, where they do belong, so that we can find ways to ameliorate our role. Continue reading

NaturalNews – Mike Adams – The Brian Williams Mainstream Media Lesson: Lie And Get Six Months’ Suspension; Tell The Truth And Get Blackballed For Life – 11 February 2015

(NNaturalNewss Logo-April-2014aturalNews) Media Research Center President Brent Bozell issued the following statement Tuesday night in reaction to NBC’s decision to suspend Nightly News anchor Brian Williams without pay for six months: [1]

NBC’s lead anchor is exposed as a serial liar who attempts to deceive even when he’s apologizing for his lies. And for that he gets a suspension? One month, two months, six months, six years. Who cares? NBC has decided that news presented by a dishonest superstar is preferable to news presented honorably by anyone else if it means a drop in ratings. But this isn’t supposed to be about ratings. It’s supposed to be about professionalism, and ethics, and honestly. If NBC thinks giving Mr. Williams a sabbatical resolves the issue, that network is clueless. A new descriptor is born: ‘NBC News, whose lead anchor repeatedly has lied about the news…’ NBC is unbelievable –literally — just like Brian Williams. Continue reading