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Wes Annac – A Short Message From SanJAsKa – Allow Heart To Unite With Mind – 27 November 2011

SanJAsKa channeled by Wes Annac Continue reading

Lucas – SanJAsKa – Short Message About The 11.11.11 Date – 10 November 2011

I asked SanJAsKa to connect to me and give a short message about tomorrow.

Dear friend , I am glad to connect to you  as Wes Annac had asked. I will give you a short message about the 11.11.11 date.

The 11.11.11 date  is a transition stage in you becoming a lightbeing, the being you always have been en the being you was intended to be. You will be feeling different in the way to and from that day on. It is in some ways already felt as a form of peace in your surroundings the past days. Less tension and less stress for some. Some may be feeling that they need to rest or a tired. For some it will be an uneasy feeling of the necessary duality bits to be polished of and this can come in bursts of or explosions. This duality needs to be cleared away . For others it will be more uplifting in feeling the energies growing. What is needed will be done. Continue reading