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Lucas – In Search Of The New – It Is Already Here And Making Waves – 1 February 2015

English: A wave hits a rock on Bengtskär, Finnish Gulf. Author: Pöllö Creative Commons 3.0

Still good connected to what is happening and coming I see what is.  The developments are overshadowed for those not seeing yet with the bad news of rotten politics, be headings, insurgents, wars, GMO, pedophilia scandals , corporate overtake, sickness, death and crumbling and taken over democracy by some power-hungry people.  The spell of the media is  for those not yet fully awakened to the real reality  making them lethargic and still controlled.

We are though in this new years beginning going to choose between the new or staying in the old.  We can go down with the crumbling false reality and the power elite searching to save their power and might. Wars in many ways, total non-privacy and enslavement in full is the goal of those seeing humans only as assets, serving them.  They need our work and life force to do a job for them.

It does not matter if  there is loss of life, or if humans get harvested for (sexual) pleasure or for their energy, their knowledge, or ability to manufacture.  Reasoning with all those power elite and the puppet masters running the show is hard. A new balanced humanity and planet earth is what is needed.  We are capable to do this even with the so-called evil opposing forces.  All needs to get back to center. We will make this happen. Time is not important anymore.

For now we need to ask ourselves if we wanna commit to change that is projected on our paths. Are you going to chose to do it differently for all the best of you and humanity or are you still scared to get into making choices. If you’re pulling back and are not able to really go for a new humanity and planet without control and debt-slavery you will go through all that comes with your choice. If  you all really will work towards your missions completion we will turn this thing into balance very soon.

We see shifts taking place in people opposing the ongoing inequality and the way we as humans get treated by the few in power. We see old systems fall apart, we see new systems being tested. We see developments going against the grain of that what was reality. We see exposing and opposing. Still all this is part of the ending of the game. We need to see that having non-duality in the center is all we need. There is only a balance in all if we make it happen within us and thus make it work  also on the outside of us.

We the human energy creator beings have the power to make all this happen and to bring back reality into the real. Make your missions towards balance succeed. Know all is in the now available and if you open up to it it will be coming on your path. So get your acts together and make this year be the physical reality change manifesting in the now. We will make it happen.

Much love and light,


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Steve Lendman – Netanyahu: Symbol Of Rogue Governance – 1 February 2015

StevelendmanArguably he’s Israel’s worst ever prime minister. Disgracing the office he holds. A fascist by any standard. Exceeding Sharonian evil.

Even money to remain prime minister after mid-March elections. Israelis are as out-of-touch as Americans.
Mindlessly supporting what demands rejection. Why they put up with Netanyahu they’ll have to explain. A war criminal multiple times over.
So-called BibiTours charges remain outstanding. Unresolved because Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein seems intent on helping him remain prime minister, Haaretz contends.

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James Corbett – The Corbett Report – The Death Of King Abdullah And The Future Of Oil Geopolitics – 1 February 2015

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vol 5 issue 05 (February 1, 2014)

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James Corbett presents at TEDxGroningen

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Laura Bruno – Lisa Thiel – Song To Brighid – 1 February 2015

laura-of-the-rocksLisa Thiel’s voice is always so lovely, especially combined with such exquisite artwork. Happy Brigid’s Day, Imbolc, and Candlemas! May you be cleansed, healed and renewed.

Note: this song is from Lisa Thiel’s CD, “Invocation of the the Graces,” which is pure love, healing and inspiration. Highly recommended. 🙂

www.laurabruno.wordpress.com / link to original article

James Corbett – The Corbett Report – Interview 998 – Roger Ver On Being Denied A US Visa – 1 February 2015

Roger Ver, the bitcoin entrepreneur and evangelist behind RogerVer.com, joins us once again today to discuss his recent ordeal being turned down for a US visa…despite having been born in the US. We talk about the tactics the embassy staff used to deny him his visa, how and why Roger renounced his US citizenship in the first place, the tax implication of renouncing citizenship, and why nationalism and imaginary lines on the map still exist in the 21st century. We also discuss his upcoming appearance (along with James) at Anarchapulco. Continue reading

John Ward – The Sunday Splash – 1 February 2015

JohnWColourful weather, the Fuhrer’s funny walk, Boris Johnson on masturbation, Rigid Merkel says Nein again, Minority rule after May 2015, and Inside the Cosy Bubble with Charles Moore

Be very afraid Blighty, for parts of the country are about to be enclosed in an arctic airmass. It doesn’t sound good, and it isn’t: freezing snow. Blizzards. Winds of up to 70mph. That’s the maximum they’re allowed to be and remain legal.

But here’s the killer: the Met Office has issued yellow ice warnings across the whole of the UK. Yes in another upgrade, the Met boffins are now able to offer us the forecast in technicolor. Continue reading

ZeroHedge – Obama “Engages In Envy Economics”: Proposes Offshore Profit Tax To Fund Public Spending – 1 February 2015

ZeroHedgeJust as AAPL stock hits record highs and single-handedly rescues Q4 earnings from the doldrums, it appears President Obama is bringing his own brand of ‘middle-class-economics’ Robin-Hood-iness to crush the ‘wealth generating’ machine that has served America’s 1% so well for so long. As AP reports, The White House plans a six-year half a trillion dollar public works program financed with a one-time mandatory tax on profits that U.S. companies have amassed overseas. Under current law, profits only face federal taxes if they are returned, or repatriated, to the US; but Obama’s new deal would set a tax on accumulated foreign profits at 14% and due immediately as part of a broader administration plan to overhaul corporate taxes. Of course, with Republicans ‘in charge’, it is unlikely to pass as Paul Ryan blasted, “the president is trying exploit envy economics again,” adding, “top-down redistribution doesn’t work.”

Read the full story at: www.zerohedge.com / link to original article

Tom Kenyon – Hathorian Stream Of Light – A Hathor Sound Meditation – 1 February 2015

tomkenyonThe Hathors have been asking me to post this sound meditation for weeks due to the extreme stress that many individuals are experiencing and will continue to experience in their lives.

This sound meditation is gentle and subtle, but its benefits are extensive, in that it allows you to gently release tension that arises from your present circumstances, and if you choose to work with it further it can help release negativity from your past.

The meditation is 12 minutes long and is best listened to with stereo headphones or earbuds. If you have the space to do so I suggest you lie down and prop your legs up so that they are higher than your head and chest as this simple position will assist you to relax more deeply. Continue reading

Obama Openly Admits ‘Brokering Power Transition’ In Ukraine – 1 February 2015

RT logoRobert Bridge has worked as a journalist in Russia since 1998. Formerly the editor-in-chief of The Moscow News, Bridge is the author of the book, “Midnight in the American Empire.”

Screenshot from CNN video

Screenshot from CNN video

In an interview with CNN’s Fareed Zakaria, Barack Obama acknowledged that the United States had “brokered a deal to transition power in Ukraine,” thus admitting to the highest level of democratic impropriety imaginable.

Before we consider Obama’s stunning remarks, and how the Ukrainian people sold their country for a song, let’s rewind to November 2013, when then-President Viktor Yanukovich had shocked western capitals (and, more importantly, western markets) by suspending plans for an association agreement with the European Union.

link to video

Read the full story at: www.rt.com / link  to original article

Marilyn Raffaele – The Arcturian Group – 1 February 2015

marilynraffaeleWe come again dear ones, to speak of love and oneness, for in reality there is nothing else. Accepting this has proven difficult for many, because outer appearances testify to separateness. Society promotes and functions from this viewpoint and it is what you have taken for granted through many lifetimes. Yes, indeed the many do appear separate, but it is individuality within ONE omnipresent Consciousness that you see.

As you mature spiritually there comes a point where you no longer judge by appearances because you understand that what you see is the mind interpretation of ever present spiritual realities. This is why the world has been called “illusion” by so many enlightened masters. The world is not illusion, how it is perceived is the illusion. Continue reading