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WakingTimes – Chemtrails Exposed – 19 February 2015

waking_times_logo_6-5-12_1Peter A. Kirby, Guest
Waking Times

“Discoveries and inventions are not terminals; they are fresh starting points from which we can climb to new knowledge.”Dr. Willis R. Whitney, founder of General Electric Laboratories

After so many years of watching airplanes produce the lines in the sky, largely without knowing of what this Project consists or why, we have recently gained an understanding. Evidence suggests that today’s chemtrail spraying operations consist of airplanes saturating our atmosphere with nano-sized particles influenced by electromagnetic energy for the purpose of weather modification.

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Wes Annac – The Voice Within: You Can Become Infinite – 19 February 2015

wesannac2An intuitive message by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

All you need to do right now is open yourselves to love and the simple yet expanded awareness that comes with it.

Love doesn’t have to be difficult to feel or integrate into your experience of reality – it can be felt, understood and enjoyed right here, right now if you’re willing to transcend the ego’s constant wants and desires and reenter that inexplicably pure, spiritually vibrant place.

Staying active is a great way to contribute to your conscious revolution with as much enthusiasm as you can (and increase your sense of self-love and the love you express to others), but it isn’t required to find a higher state of consciousness. Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas – The Binary Codes Of The Greatest Computers Ever Invented… US!!! – 19 February 2015

lisagawlas2Yup, its a peanut butter morning in my head, thick and slow-moving.  At the same time, I became very aware yesterday that with this new hard drive called my brain, not all previous programs were installed on my new hard drive.  Talk about a memory wipe!!  It seems, only the vital, workable programs (memories) are running in the background.  Let me tell you, with the massive flood of incoming information thru February, this is a pleasant state of Being!!!

I pondered that infinity sign most of yesterday, coupled with wonderful information from the beautiful souls who share upon my facebook wall.  One of the triggers came from a soul named Melanie and she wrote (in part): Lisa, Oh my! So much is triggered in me as my eyes devour your writings! Three random things fly into my mind this morning….
One thing: – If viewed directly at it’s end, a string will appear as a dot; two circles stacked flat on top of each other then viewed from above or below will appear the same as a collapsed spiral does. Ya know those nylon and spiral wire play tubes for children to crawl thru? Playhut is one brand- easy to collapse and hold closed with Velcro tabs…the golden infinity symbol feels like a tube being woven from intersecting timelines pouring in—>hello Dreamweaver song.
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Tom Lescher – Astrology For The Soul February 17th – 19 February 2015

Uploaded on 17 February 2015 by Tom Lescher
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Steve Lendman – Israeli Barbarism: Terrorizing Palestinian Children – 19 February 2015

StevelendmanFascists run Israel. Palestinian children perhaps feel their brutalizing treatment most.

On February 10, Defence of Children International Palestine (DCIP) headlined “Palestinian children victims of Israeli abuse designed to coerce confessions.”
Virtually always offenses weren’t committed or were too minor to matter. Guilt by accusation is official Israeli policy.
Palestinian children are treated as mercilessly as adults. Most troubling are brutal beatings, other forms of torture and prolonged isolation in solitary confinement.
On average for interrogation purposes is 15 days, said DCIP. For one child it was nearly twice as long.
“Between 2012 and 2014, Israeli military, police and security agents held 54 Palestinian children in solitary confinement for interrogation purposes prior to charging them with any offense,” DCIP explained.

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Laura Bruno – The Tower Card – 19 February 2015


It’s Tower Time! Actually, I was reminded of this 2012 post by Amanda’s most recent post on Embracing the Tarot, and in particular, the Tower Card: http://dreamrly.com/2015/02/19/100-days-day-5-embracing-the-tarot/
The Tower Card is my favorite card, because it represents raw potential for change. Do we accept what we’ve summoned from the depths of our souls and heights of our spirit? Or do we need a Divine Intervention to “help” things along? Either way, when the Tower shows up, change comes calling……. Continue reading

VaticanNews – Holy See: Creative approach To Intellectual Property Necessary For Health Care – 19 February 2015

(Vatican Radio) The Holy See on Wednesday urged that “a creative and innovative approach” to intellectual property be taken in order to assure medicines get to the people who need them.

“Application of the i

ntellectual property instruments, as it currently prevails in many parts of the world, interferes with the right to health in two ways,” explained  Archbishop Silvano M. Tomasi, the Permanent Observer of the Holy See to the United Nations and Specialized  Agencies in Geneva.

He was speaking at the annual Social Forum organized by the United Nations Human Rights Council, which was discussing making medicines are available, financially affordable, and physically accessible. Continue reading

James Corbett – The Corbett Report – Interview 1006 – New World Next Week With James Evan Pilato – 19 February 2015

Welcome to New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Steve Lendman – Obama’s Demagoguery on Countering Violent Extremism – 19 February 2015

StevelendmanObama proliferates Big Lies. He’s incapable of truth-telling. On February 18, he delivered closing remarks at the just concluded White House summit on countering violent extremism.

Last month, Obama’s press secretary Josh Earnest called it a summit “to highlight domestic and international efforts to prevent violent extremists and their supporters from radicalizing, recruiting, or inspiring individuals or groups in the United States and abroad to commit acts of violence, efforts made even more imperative in light of recent, tragic attacks in Ottawa, Sydney, and Paris.”

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James Corbett – The Corbett Report – Interview 1005 – Alex Tsakiris Argues That Science Is Wrong About Almost Everything – 19 February 2015

Today James talks with Alex Tsakiris, host of Skeptiko and author of “Why Science is Wrong… About Almost Everything,” about the nature of consciousness and the failure of the “biological robot” paradigm. We discuss science as a methodology vs. science as a cultural, societal and political authority, and talk about the nature and likelihood of a true revolution in consciousness. Continue reading