Laura Bruno – A Free Festival! – 17 February 2015


We’re invited. Right here, right now. Thanks, Mama Nature! And thanks to Colette for the gorgeous reminder. 🙂

Originally posted on Bealtaine Cottage:

“The poetry of the earth is never dead.” – John Keats019

Amid much conflict in the world, austerity, unemployment and strife, the seamless story of Mother Earth moves across the landscape.020

In these days of early Spring in the west of Ireland, her joyfulness plays out in the changing earth beneath our feet, as sap pushes up stems and trunks, thickening buds as it moves the life force skywards.021

Earlier mornings, filled with birdsong.Hens back laying eggs.Sunshine and showers.There is a deep sense of an Ode to Joy!022

The world of man is in chaos…and always has been in one form or another.Yet, here in Nature, Great Mother Nature, time continues in an almost unaltered way.023

I say “almost,” because, of course, Mother earth has been greatly harmed by Mankind.Today, I do not want to write about that, but instead invoke a little of the…

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