Larry Larson – Your Connection With Source Within Is Greater Than Any Problem That You Face – 22 February 2015

LarryLarsonYou cannot command great things from your sense of smallness of self. If you see yourself as powerless, then by the power that resides deep within you that will become your truth—the reality of your present existence. If you see your world as being driven by forces outside of yourself, then that will be your experience. But there is a force within you that is greater than yourself. And when you connect with that greater force within, you become more than you presently think you are.

We can say that with a degree of certainty because most of you are thinking from that smallness of self. You have girdled yourself with this limited perspective of who you are, that ego-self. And it is only natural that you have come to believe that way because your purpose here is to be focused and to tell stories from your unique perspective. But your power lies in your connection with your greater self.

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