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Lucas – A Little Touch Of Love – 20 December 2014


Bourgeon de rose sous les gelées alsaciennes 2 December 2007 Author Jef132 CC free public domain

You know the feeling when you get sentimental and feel the pains of the past tense. You linger in the moment of remembrance. You shed tears over what was and has already passed. In that moment a little touch of love will magically bring you back into the moment of now and make you see things just as they are.  You know it is all right in that moment as everything just is as it should be. This moment of total presence with gratitude and happiness.

We are all able to be that little magical touch in spreading love.  A child’s laugh, a little word spoken or a hand on your shoulder or maybe a nice gesture or gift.  You can all be for that moment that love in the now and be working magic upon others in being you and acting from the heart.  The wintertime is the ending of a year cycle but also the beginning of a new. In every cycle you grow and sense more. Be a magical little touch of love for someone.

There is so much more to find in the moment of now and staying in what was or will be is not helpful.  We will in this magical moment see that all is  fine as it is . The feasts and traditions may be nice but enjoy the moment fully with your heart. The magic of love will lift up the hearts of those having a difficult time in what way ever. The touch of love will heal and have its effect without expectation of getting something back, this touch is unconditional. Our inner core of love will be the life changer for all. Just remember to be you and stay in the now.

Leave behind for now the moment of all bad things happening and things to be and see what is now present. It is all around if you see, sense and be: LOVE!

Nice holidays and enjoy.

Love and Light,


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VaticanNews – Pope Francis: The Church Is Not An Entrepreneur But A Mother – 20 December 2014

(Lucas: The Roman Catholic Church is THE biggest enterprise in the world and  it is nothing more than a giant multinational corporation! Selling belief for money and control!)

2014-12-19 Vatican Radio

(Vatican Radio)  Pope Francis said on Friday that there is much sterility within the Church and the people of God, a sterility that comes from power and egoism.  The Church, he stressed, is a mother and not an entrepreneur. His remarks came during his homily at morning Mass celebrated at the Santa Marta residence.

Listen to this report by Susy Hodges that includes clips of the Pope’s voice:   link to audio
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Wes Annac – Creating Heaven On Earth – 20 December 2014

wesannac2Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

I don’t think heaven is some intangible, far-off place that we should focus so heavily on that we forget to enjoy our lives right now.

I think we can create heaven right here on earth, and I, like a lot of people, want to do everything I can to raise the collective vibration and make this world heavenly.

There are a few belief systems that resonate with me, and they all preach the idea that heaven can be found and/or created on earth. Continue reading

Mish/ Mike Shedlock – Russia Not Selling Gold, It’s Buying; Reflections On Extremely Sloppy Reporting – 20 December 2014

MishMikeShedlockOn December 17, ZeroHedge asked Will Putin’s Next Step Be To Sell Gold?

On December 18, ZeroHedge answered his own question wrongly with Russia Has Begun Selling Its Gold, According To SocGen.

I did not believe that when I saw it yesterday, and I sure don’t today after viewing a few charts from Nick at Gold Charts “R” Us.

Russia Gold Reserves Up 600,000 Ounces for November
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UK Column News – 19th December – 20 December 2014

Uploaded on 19 December 2014 by We Are Change Edinburgh

NASA’s Kepler Space Observatory Discovers Its First Exoplanet – 20 December 2014

RT logoNASA’s Kepler Space Observatory has discovered its first planet since it was repurposed for a new mission, this one two times the diameter of Earth.

Kepler made its discovery on its new K2 mission, when it found its first exoplanet, or an extrasolar planet – one that travels around a different sun than Earth’s sun. It is 2.5 times the size of Earth, and has a nine-day orbit around its sun. Dubbed HIP 1126454b, it is 180 light years from Earth, toward the constellation Pisces.

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Kepler has been reborn and is continuing to make discoveries,” says Andrew Vanderburg, who led the team behind the find.

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UN Urges Israel To Repay Lebanon $850Mn In Oil Spill Damages – 20 December 2014

RT logoThe US General Assembly has nearly unanimously approved a resolution urging Israel to pay Lebanon some $850mn compensation to cover the clean-up cost of an oil spill caused in 2006 by the IDF jets attack on oil storage tanks during the war with Hezbollah.

The UNGA assembly voted 170-6 in favor of thenon-binding resolution. Israel, the United States, Canada, Australia, Micronesia and Marshall Islands voted against the motion.

Taking into account the 1992 Rio Declaration on Environment and Development, which in principle requires the polluter to pay environmental damage costs, the assembly found Israel guilty of the July 15, 2006 environmental disaster.
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InquiringMinds – Where We Pay For Example, Interest Free, The Value Of Our Homes Only, And Not Three Times The Value Of Our Homes Which Happens At Present By Way Of Banker Interest;- Rex +- 20 December 2014

Inquiring Minds

It is my hope that a world awakening to the criminal intent of those that have ruled this planet for hundreds of years, will push the private banking that controls each nation into the history books; and go back to using interest free treasuries; where the wealth within each treasury belonging to the people of each nation, could be used, interest free, for the benefit of the people and individual nation; where we pay for example, interest free, the value of our homes only, and not three times the value of our homes which happens at present by way of banker interest; with two thirds of our money paid into the mortgage going to the private bankers (Rothschild) in profit. Continue reading

FBI Mishandled Evidence Throughout United States, Report Says – 20 December 2014

RT logoFBI agents all over the United States have mishandled, wrongly labeled and even lost evidence pertaining to criminal investigations, a critical internal review has found. The Bureau is even storing more weapons and drugs than it has documented.

According to the internal report, obtained and first reported on by theNew York Times, many of the problems could be traced back to the transition to a computer storage system dubbed Sentinel. When that system went online in 2012, it was meant to make searching through evidence much more efficient – particularly compared to sifting through paper files – but problems with the technology have caused setbacks.

More seriously, however, were issues concerning missing evidence. In fact, some 1,600 pieces of evidence have been signed out for four months or more before they were returned. In one case, a piece of evidence has been out since 2003.

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Dick Cheney Should Be In Prison, Not On ‘Meet The Press’ – Greenwald – 20 December 2014

RT logoJournalist Glenn Greenwald said Dick Cheney is able to brag about the success of torture on weekend news shows because the Obama administration has decided to shield torturers rather than prosecute them.

In a wide ranging interview about the CIA torture report, prospects for the 2016 presidential race, US-Cuba relations and the Sony hack, Greenwald told HuffPost Live that the discussion about the torture report is distorted since we are not hearing from the victims of torture themselves.

READ MORE:Feds’ fight to withhold CIA torture photos may soon end

In an interview on‘Meet the Press,’ former Vice President Dick Cheney claimed that torture “worked” and announced he would “do it again in a minute” if given the opportunity.

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