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ActivistPost – Stephen Lendman – Obama Intends Shock And Awe Madness On Syria – 8 September 2013

Logo_activistpost-comOverwhelming support for peaceful conflict resolution at home and abroad opposes him. It doesn’t matter. He plans devastating strikes on Syria.

He ordered an expanded hit list. He wants more targets struck. US and French warplanes will supplement cruise missiles. Reports suggest long range B-2 and B-52 bombing.

An unnamed senior national security official said planned air strikes will damage Syria more in 48 hours than insurgents did in two and a half years. Continue reading


Stephen Lendman – NYPD Stop And Frisk Ruled Unconstitutional – 14 August 2013

StevelendmanNYPD Stop and Frisk Ruled Unconstitutional
by Stephen Lendman
Longstanding NYPD stop and frisk practices are flagrantly racist. They violate constitutional privacy rights. People of color are systematically targeted.
Hundreds of thousands of law abiding residents are persecuted. According to New York’s ACLU, mostly minority “New Yorkers (were) subjected to police stops and interrogations more than 4 million times since 2002.” Continue reading

Stephen Lendman – More Evidence Of Fake Israeli/ Palestinian Peace Talks – 24 July 2013

StevelendmanThere’s plenty already. More builds a stronger case. Previous articles explained. Israeli/Palestinian peace talks were stillborn from inception. They began decades ago. This time’s no different.

Managed news misinformation substitutes for truth and full disclosure. Facts trump propaganda. Palestinians are on their own. Their legitimate government’s excluded from talks.

Imagine holding them with one side denied participation. Imagine a sham process. It’s planned. It’s baked in the cake. The outcome’s predictable. Failure and betrayal define it. Continue reading

Stephen Lendman – What’s Next For Syria? – 22 July 2013

StevelendmanWhat’s Next for Syria?

by Stephen Lendman

Conflict drags on interminably. Dozens or more die daily. Syrian forces outmatch Western-backed death squad terrorists. They’re not rebels. They’re lawless invaders.

They’re US proxy fighters. They’re imported from dozens of countries. They’re waging war against sovereign Syrian independence. Don’t expect duplicitous Western politicians or media scoundrels to explain. Continue reading

Stephen Lendman – Obama Blocks Snowden’s Asylum – 13 July 2013

StevelendmanOn July 12, Russia Today (RT) headlined “US ‘blocks my asylum:’ Snowden human rights activists to airport meeting,” saying:
Snowden remains stuck. He’s in limbo. He’s at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport. He’s in its transit area. A source told Interfax he’ll meet with human rights organizations late Friday.
Airport spokeswoman Anna Zakharenkova said she “can confirm that such a meeting will take place.” Continue reading

Stephen Lendman – Venezuela Grants Snowden Asylum – 7 July 2013

StevelendmanOn July 6, Russia Today headlined ” ‘Free from imperial persecution:’ Venezuela offers Snowden asylum.”

Days earlier, President Nicolas Maduro said asylum would be “seriously” considered if sought. Snowden deserves a “humanitarian medal,” he added.  Continue reading

Stephen Lendman – America’s Independence Day Hypocrisy – 4 July 2013

StevelendmanRon Kovic’s an anti-war activist. He was born on July 4, 1946. Vietnam combat left him paralyzed. He’s wheelchair-bound.

His memoir titled “Born on the Fourth of July” became an Academy Award-winning film. Oliver Stone directed it. Tom Cruise played Kovic. Continue reading

Stephen Lendman – Whistleblower Russell Tice Tells More – 2 July 2013

StevelendmanEdward Snowden hopes his revelations embolden others to come forward. Tice did years earlier.

He’s a former Office of Naval Intelligence/Defense Intelligence Agency/NSA analyst. His career spanned 20 years.

In December 2005, he accused NSA and DIA of unconstitutionally wiretapping US citizens. He got national attention, saying: Continue reading

Stephen Lendman – Mass Protests Rock Egypt – 1 July 2013

StevelendmanWashington engineered Hosni Mubarak’s ouster. He fell from grace. He opposed Obama’s regional agenda. It cost him dearly.

He became more liability than asset. Mohammed Morsi replaced him. He’s Washington’s man in Egypt. Hard line rule continues. Continue reading

SteveLendmanBlog – Stephen Lendman – Another Anti-Assad False Flag – 13 May 2013

StevelendmanSince early 2011, Obama’s been waging proxy war on Syria. Imported death squads masquerade as freedom fighters. The scheme’s familiar. It repeats. It reflects US imperialism’s dark side.

In the 1980s, CIA-recruited mujahideen fighters battled  Afghanistan’s Soviet occupiers. Ronald Reagan called them “the moral equivalent of our founding fathers.” He characterized Contra killers the same way. Continue reading