Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – A Forest Of Thoughts – 5 February 2013

Ggods20handod said:

Confusion is simply what you notice when you walk through a forest. You might say that the forest is too congested with trees. A forest is good. A prairie is good. Even confusion is good. It shows that you are going somewhere.

You can get lost in a forest, yet a forest is also where you can also be found. You do find yourself in a forest of thoughts.

While walking in a forest, it’s good to be looking up at the sky and the sun that peeks through the branches and leaves of the trees of the forest. I made the forest of the world and said it was good.

You may have thought you have to come to some conclusion about the forest. You may have thought you have to allocate orderly places for the trees and sort them through, yet, all you have to do is to keep walking through the forest. The forest does not have to be orderly. Forests are not landscaped. They are not weeded. They are not uniform. Forests are unplanned. They grow as they grow, and they are enchanted places, how the sun plays off the tops of the trees, how all the birds and such live there, and how you make your way through the forest. A forest is a forest, yet no two are alike, nor are they supposed to be.

Who said that a forest has to be trim? No, a forest has to be what it is. A forest has to grow as it grows. And you grow in the forest you find yourself in. And so, you can compare a forest to the world in which you live.

Who said you are supposed to know a world and have a clear map of it in your mind and walk through it straightforwardly knowing exactly what is what? Who says that confusion is not a good thing? Because there is confusion, you have to find your way. You have to explore. Embrace confusion. Allow it. One who knows everything and everything in its place in the relative world is missing out on the essence of life. Life in the world is not set up in perfect formation. No longer think that the world is incorrect. You may be incorrect in your summation of the world.

Enjoy your walk through the woods. Pick berries. Hug a tree. Listen to the sounds as you step on dry branches.

Commune in this forest that God has given you. Oh, yes, there are also glades you will come to, and you will love both the glades and the forest. Consider confusion your lucky card. Confusion does not have to be obliterated from your awareness. Better confusion and find your way than to close your eyes.

There is a purpose in your walk in the woods. The woods is something you walk through. It is not a gauntlet. It is a woods. It is for you to walk through. It may be a jungle, and a jungle is also beautiful and deserves merit. It has its own sounds and its own beauty.

Allow whatever you walk through to be noted and valued for what it is.

Shadow and sunlight are like two beautiful colors. You may have your preference for blue, yet that does not mean green is less.

You live in a beautiful world, and you have marked it down. You would redecorate the whole world. That is fine to have crusades but not to denigrate the world. Grow flowers and love what already is. / link to original article


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