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Deepak Chopra For Earth Star Network! – 7 February 2013


In August 2012 Earth Star Network (ESN) started gathering together lightworkers of every kind, from writers and musicians through to architects and graffiti artists, with the message that they would bring in the much anticipated change of the new age through working together and being love in action.  In November we set it as our collective intention to find a public ambassador to represent us all and in December 2012, Deepak Chopra published his own dream to be the representative of a network of “creativity and love in action”.  ESN-ers, Unity in Oneness pledgers and other lightworking friends – here we have someone resonant with our own dream – let’s truly begin to use our collective energy to see if we can bring this synchronicity into an exciting manifestation!  Continue reading


Ways To Help Bill Brockbrader – 7 February 2013

Eva Moore needs some financial help to get out of the small town she’s in.  She’s been watched rather closely by some shadowy characters.

Bill Brockbader as most you know is in jail on some rather trumped up charges and sham trial after he rather publicly exposed the alternate time line the cabal was trying to create and the killing of Kurd civilians in northern Iraq during his service with the Navy Seals.   Continue reading

Bill Ballard – Unconditional Love – Watching Global Events During The Current Lull – 7 February 2013

Uploaded on 7 February 2013 by pearls2u It seems we are in that “rest stage” in the energies, a lull between the intensities of what we have been feeling since the first of the year, and where we will soon be. I have grown to recognize these times in my own ascension process as a time where we need to rest as things will soon heat up. Much is happening on all fronts and the cosmic front is the one that most interests me. A new wave of CMEs will be incoming tomorrow, as one did yesterday that along with a planetary alignment caused an 8 magnitude quake in the Pacific. There is so much going on in the lives of the collective too, different characteristics being seen of those on the various dimensional levels of awareness. To me, remaining in the bliss of my heart chakra, feeling the energies and just being an observer of what is going on around me is such a wonderful thing. I wish I could share my bliss with all…

Lisa Gawlas – Are You Ready To Play The Song Of Your Heart?? – 7 February 2013

the_music_of_life_by_joe_maccerDid you ever have one of those days, where what we are doing and how just becomes so incredibly clear?  And the beauty of it, it was all shown in five different ways to make it all unmistakable. Continue reading

Jamye Price – Weekly Lightblast – Nurtering The Heart – 7 February 2013

JamyePriceNurturing the Heart

Blessed One, your courage to choose to incarnate in the physical during these times is not only appreciated, but supported on many levels.  You are continuously surrounded by the Love of past, present and future.  When you observe the natural world around you, you will see indications of your own nature.  The cycles, the inter-dependence and the separation of form and function are but a few examples.  Yet as you observe the unseen, you are connecting with the energy of Love, utilizing the heart of your Being to procure information that is then processed within the brain.  The 3rd eye does not connect, it defines into a format that relays information.  Your heart Knows the tree is a form on Earth and formless beyond.  Your 3rd eye reduces that connection into understanding through vision, words or emotions.  Have you felt the Love of a tree?  They stand patiently awaiting your hug, awaiting the opportunity for the embrace of connection, a nurturance that nature naturally exudes. Receive that nurturance every chance you get.  Continue reading

Méline Lafont – The Month Of February And An Update Since The Alignment – 7 February 2013

dreamingWe are one month further along in this new year of renewal and even if it seems that nothing is different, it is on the other side actually very clearly felt that it is the case that things are different. We all seem to look for our new challenges, while trying to find our way back on that path that we were walking.  Because for a brief moment everything seemed lost, or actually not; we only just thought that it would look different. And yet  much has changed and that starts to penetrate now quietly in our perceptions  .. it takes time and it is very important also to take our time to allow everything to integrate before knowledge can be acquired. Continue reading

Visionkeeper – Feminine Energy – 7 February 2013

art-dress-fashion-flowy-girl-selena-gomez-favim-com-41453(picture by http://www.favim.com)

So many people are feeling new energy flooding onto the planet and are seeing the changes that come along with it. We are seeing feminine energy gently float down upon the world. You can feel it’s difference and you can see the new kinds of changes it is bringing with it. It is a softer more loving energy, it is stirring our emotions and we are starting to FEEL the change as it surrounds us. This is such a good thing for the world, to have the soft, loving energy begin to sand down the sharp and aggressive edges of the masculine energies that have brought about war and death and domination for so long now. These changes which are now igniting our feelings at long last, may well stir up chaos for a while as people begin to feel their emotions both good and bad. We have to figure out how to deal with these new emotions and how to express them to the world. There may well be frustration and anger as we begin to adjust to this new way of being so we must be patient and stay on guard. Continue reading

3 Minutes News – Many Updates – 7 February 2013

Uploaded on 7 February 2013 by  Suspicious0bservers Continue reading

John Ward – Mid-Staffs : How New Labour Chopped Down The NHS In The Penalty Area – 7 February 2013

John WardInto the dying stages of ‘our’ NHS: more political football to come

Two sets of dissembling hypocrites are busily fighting over a dying patient this morning. I make no apologies for reminding people that The Slog saw this Cameron/Hunt/Lansley strategy of faint praise for the NHS coming a mile off. I also feel vindicated by having blogged (as notbornyesterday) how the irrepressibly two-faced Andy Burnham signed off mid-Staffs as an NHS Trust while a Minister at the DfH. But the simple conclusion is there for all to see: the Mid Staffs disaster is and always will be the New Labour donuffins hacking down goal-poacher Hunt in the penalty area. They have thus wastefully given The Privatisers’ XI a free penalty kick….which the Telegraph has already stepped up to take this morning. Continue reading