Larry Larson – Twelve – Twelve Insight Journal – You Must Love Them Into Being – 15 June 2014

LarryLarsonWhat we have to share with you today is a vision. It is a vision that you have had many times, but we know you have reluctance to look at it. It is your ideal life in all aspects; the life that is so ideal you dare not look at because it will not translate easily for you into your immediate experience. You cannot imagine how many steps it might take to get from here to there, from where you are in your present moment to where you would really, really like to be.

But it is already available to you in vibrational form. And that’s the thing we want you to embrace. That idealized way of life is already present in your field of imagination as a vibrational reality. In your vortex, in your imaginal field, in the place where all things are formed prior to their appearance in physical time-space, that life and everything involved with it is a present reality just one or two steps removed from where you are now.

But you have to connect with it. You have to engage that vibrational reality with your attention. You have to flow appreciation to it now. You have to love it now as it is. It is now. You cannot look into your imagination and say, “Well that’s not real” or “That’ll never happen” and expect them to come to you. It requires your energy and attention—the flowing of Source energy towards them to make them real. And you are the only person who’s going to flow that energy.

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~ Twelve / via newsletter

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