Lucas – The Duality Paradox – A Perception Of Contrast In Peace – 6 January 2015

In our individual learning processes we all will find out that playing duality and going to make choices for on or the other side will not help.  The contract of duality makes in  our duality planet and lives the factor of creation and change. Finding balance in opposites is making peace happen and finding extremes in opposites will make the choice for the one or the other work and will always mean exclusion.

We are here to learn about balancing out our duality within that reflects also the way duality is perceived on the outside of you. All the perception of the self all make together the total of perception of the world/planet we as humans live upon. The more people perceive peace and balance in duality as the way in their hearts, lives and the way the act and chose the perception of this planet will change as it will within the humans individually.

If you really sit back there is only contrast that makes things be seen in balance. If you go into extreme contrast you will not see the one as it will temporary disappear due to  a greater dark contrast, the same is also happening in over exposure by too much light. The same counts for colors which are also just made by an expression of more or less light frequencies within the seen and unseen spectrum.

If we seek the non-confrontational, the balance, the harmony or that what brings all together in peace without thinking in duality terms, we will perceive things differently. All Geo-political, banking and political, belief and propaganda for division, nationalism, having a superior faith or belief system, etc, all will if you perceive it differently fade away. Peace begins where duality within is accepted and brought into balance.

We are the living continuous change of a duality reality which can produce the most beautiful but also the utmost evil. The choice is yours to find your answer in the middle. That what is for all humans beneficial without interfering in its individual human growth path will help to balance all for our humanity.  Stop pulling strings either way .  It will become clear for all what is your own process in this moment of now.

Let us soon all level  and find our inner balance which will find our outer balance of humanity and our planet also. All is connected. We will create the new in its most balanced form in the now eventually all together.

Much love to you all is this new year of our changing humanity.


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