Lisa Gawlas – Watering The Garden Of Your New Life As Timelines Collapse Into Each Other!! – 26 February 2015

lisagawlas2There is no doubt, we finally arrived as the weird gets unmistakably weirder.  Or should I say, more exciting??  Weirdly exciting, yeah that’s it!!

First tho, lets talk about the energy of the field, it changed from the massive spread of white, silver and gold energy to a more streamlined white with light pink and blue dots in it. It was somehow easy to understand that this energy was releasing all your coming connections: people, places, experiences, and all that goes with the new life you just blew into (excuse me, worked your ass off to align with!!)

So we can look at it as day one was billowing the spiritual (white) energy, the raw heaven and earth energy (silver and gold) into you, onto you, and infused every iota of the ground and airspace with this intense, intermingled high vibration.  Yesterday we can look at the magnetic seeds of new life connecting to the frequency of your body, aligning the pathway to you and vise versa.

One of my precious lady’s on the field asked a really wonderful question and the reply surprised me totally.  She asked if that means we are going to just show up into what is being planted.  Actually I think her question was much more specific than that, but lets just call it this.

Altho not a single detail of what lays ahead was presented for any of us, what it looks like how its going to unfold, thru her question came an amazing reply.  Free will still is very much at play, it will never cease to be a part of the humans package.  So even if one person chooses to not go into the flow of their magnetic pull, meaning not show up at their destination, then another person will fill in.  But in that same note, the entire construct changes.  Other people, places and opportunities will align themselves because one person zigged instead of zagged.  It may delay the moment, but in no way stop the potential at hand.

Her team even likened it to the string on guitars (Probably to just give us an easier example.)  If one string on the guitar breaks, all the strings must be changed out to keep the harmony of what is about to unfold, in perfect resonance.  The interplay of magnetics is more crucial than we realize.  As her team said this, I could feel the energy changing about on the future side of the reading field and it hit my solar plexus with such a strange, excited energy I almost burst out into tears.  Hard to explain, but I do have a story of understanding I will get to, not sure about today, I woke up late and too many other goodies I need to share first.  God forbid tho, I should not be at the forefront of how back up plans work!!! lol

When my third lady arrived on the field, she was different than anyone in the last two days.  Instead of rolling around in this oozing energy coming out of the Orb of Life, she was at the furthest end of this stream, holding what reminded me of a sand bucket in her hand, scooping up buckets of this energy and tossing it over her shoulder (into her perceived future.)  OGM, co-creative participation.  It hit me like a lightning bolt, instead of being tossed around in this magnetic lay up of our future, lets participate in it.  Why the hell didn’t I think of this sooner??  Of course, neither her nor I could see or even know what it all meant to her (us) it didn’t matter.  Scoop and throw… I am going into meditation to do just that!!  By divine planning, my next appointment didn’t show up, into the bath I jumped.  I scooped and threw, scooped and threw… suddenly, in the center of where I was throwing the buckets of white energy with pink and blue dots in it, a spiral started to form from the bottom upwards, rotating around and around.  I was so freakin excited.  I have no clue what it means, but I just contracted with the greatest and I believe, the only Maju creator in this world, Darrell Leakey to create a new maju for me.  (The original one he created was stolen from my sons house.)  He had called me a couple of days ago to tell me that my maju was started, it is in the form of a spiral and needed time to integrate.  That man is so freakin awesome!!  I got out of the bath so excited.  Again, have no flipping clue what it means to me, but who cares, my Maju will help reveal it when its done and gets here!!

So, it came time for my last dance of the day, I plugged her phone number in from her appointment card in my email into the google voice spot to dial the phone number and got ready to finish my day of readings.  My lady answered, we talked a moment, then I did her reading.  I was so excited again, this is the second person I am seeing participating with these energies.  She had this long straw in her mouth, she was on the ground level, and think reverse pea shooter, she was purposely and particularly sucking in pink and blue dots thru her straw.  As I wondered what she was doing with them, the visual shocked the shit out of me.  The next thing I see (ohh by the way, she was wearing pink, the pure energy of Love incarnate) was her pee’ing.  What the hell???  A stream of Pee running down her root chakra (not her legs, literally the space between her legs and no, I did not peep her va-j-j, thank goodness!!  But this stream coming from her was forming a stunning fluid energy on the ground.  At first glance, it was the purest, clearest energy I had ever seen (no yellow pee here) and I think, as it really connected with the new earth, the clear stream started to take on a silvery hue and reminded me of mercury more than anything.

I realized the heavenly fluids that will ignite our landscape of, well, everything is coming directly thru us… the rains of shambhala and ummm hehe, the fertilizer from the rear (giggle) are literally doing more than you realize.

This morning, I realize how important it is to be aware of what you are taking in, energy wise.  Love, joy, anticipation, excitement, willingness, is coming thru you at the ground level to be experienced in full bloom.  No matter what version of earth you may be on, this is now the way of it.  Have a negative conversation, get your heals dug in anywhere… well, just be mindful of what you created in any given moment and if you aren’t too keen on what is there, change the air intake valve to something beautiful, joyful.

As I was explaining what this means to her in the largest sense and how it is affecting others (our pee goings outwards to creation via the toilet system) I suddenly realized, we got disconnected.  Well just shit!  I go back to my computer, hit the “connect” button on google voice… nothing.  I do it again, nothing.  Finally, third time the phone started ringing and the lady who answered said I thought you weren’t going to call me.  Huh??  What you talking about, I just did your reading and we got disconnected.  Nope, wasn’t her.  Impossible.  I looked at the phone number on my computer, read it off to her, sure enough it is her phone number, but i never called her.  So I asked, are you in Canada, nope, she’s in Delaware USA and just sent me an email asking where I was.  So i look again at her appointment card that I snagged the number off of, right lady, right phone number, but not her that I read for.

Who the hell did I just read for???  I had no clue.  Thank God for facebook and instant answers lol.  I would have been beside myself with wondering all day long.  It as my bucket lady who is also my long straw watering the grounds of shambhala lady too!!  How the HELLLLL did a Delaware phone number somehow connect to Canada, to my other lady who I already read for??  More importantly… WHY!!!!!

Once i got over my mental melt down of what just happened, the message was clear as day.  The bucket part was seeding the grounds for all involved, the reverse pea shooter was fertilizing the ground for her immediate arrival of experiences and people.

Let me be really clear on this, it is not a preconceived idea or vision within yourself, it is literally taking the magnetic frequencies that match your own and running it thru your system… literally watering the grounds of your new, amazing life.

So if I may suggest, get out your buckets and help others, get out your reverse pea shoots and suck it in and pee it out!!  (giggle)  Pure energy, not visualization!!  You’ll get yourself trapped in an old situation if you think you know what you’re about to do or hell, even what you may thought you wanted or were heading towards.  Remember, the unimaginable is at hand or is that, coming thru you.  ❤

Seems reality (time and space) is melting for a lot of us, especially yesterday.  Again, I am every so grateful for Mark Zuckerberg and his facebook creation, our virtual playground for now.  Another person shared her experience while in a skype session a completely random person somehow bled into her session and was writing to someone else.  And so many more strange, yet obvious things shared yesterday.

Can I have two pea shooters please!! lol  I gotta get my back up plan happening now!!

So let me completely switch the subject to Divine Counterparts.  Pesky, pesky pesky.

I remember, when the field occasionally goes on its rant about divine counterparts and their potential started showing up in readings, I was really surprised to see some people had quite a few, some back to back, some spaced in time, but more than one.  Given what I thought I knew, I couldn’t imagine how that was possible.  I do now!! lol

The beautiful and frustrating part of this ever changing story, we get information to keep us on track, keep walking towards the familiar unfamiliar.  Once we arrive their, so many other puzzle pieces come together that just about completely changes the original story/understanding.  Of course, some parts remain absolutely true, unchangeable, but the vast detail around it, just there to get ya going.

I want to back up to my introduction of Jorge in my meditations.  Shortly after my 9 inch wide incision to remove my melanoma on my back, and my complete and full release of Mark (my first and original counterpart… soul energy man on earth lol) it shortly there after gave way to a meditation where the first real love of my life showed up my bathwaters.  I was 14 heading to 15, he was 16 heading to 17 and his name was George.  The most amazing, patient, loving creature my screwed up, closed and angry heart ever knew at that stage of my life.  Not to mention, my god was he gorgeous.  As I was watching him in my meditation and wondering, what the hell you doing here… now… looking exactly like you did when we were young.  Instead of getting an answer thru his image, his image changed, morphed a bit to that sweet ass looking man called Jorge.  He explained to me…

I can call him Jorge, the bookend if you will to my first real love George.  George opened my heart, allowed me to see the beauty of love itself.  The partnership, the self sacrificing (if not to detrimental levels, I was an angry, violent person back then) and unconditionalness of Love made manifest.  For close to 3 years, George was a significant part of my life, my love.  Until he started talking marriage… I joined the navy!! lol That ended that.

So when Jorge said he was the final catalyst to the expansion of love in my life, who wouldn’t think.. relationship!!??  Especially when he said he would be coming into my physical world to complete the journey that was started with george 35 years earlier.    And we (I) will never forget the wild romps in the bathtub with Marc.

I learned so much more about that surprising manhole cover I discovered and never knew I had.  Spirits protection.  Truly, the unknowable becoming known only when the season is ripe for the knowing, the release.  That manhole cover, with all its intricate carvings and what looked like a wild labyrinth itself was put there to hold back and emanate my heart energy, slowly and purposely over time, until we completely moved into the full working version of Shambhala.  Then and only then (for all of us) could what has been withheld on purpose, be fully released.  And even tho spirit placed it here (whatever “it” is to the individual) it is the human incarnate, of its own free will, that must fully release it consciously.  I only discovered it because this amazing man came and cracked by back (coupled with the spiritual acupuncture I got too.)  The bookend of what George did in the fields of love, Michael did on my livingroom floor!!  That and a lot of amazing energy exchange and hugs and conversation.

The long forgotten codes of “shambhala” is slowly being released because two crystals came together and merged the missing (on purpose) codes of understanding and application for the fullness of Shambhala.

Once Michael returned from the jungle, I could feel what I am just going to call the key that was placed in the lock for opening, started to retreat energetically.  On my way home from grabbing my smokes yesterday (and so many other details I am not going to share, imagine that!! lol) in my own conflicted space of not really knowing what I should do… I wanna go play by myself back in the sky, god knows the ground is way to dense and I am not finding it fun, well, not as fun as I find the expanse of the sky… as soon as I turned into my driveway in my head I started hearing good Jethro Tull’s “Bungle, in the Jungle” and I just cracked up laughing.  When I came into the house and actually played it, I felt this overwhelming release… Let Tarzan bungle in the jungle and Jane can return to the sky!!  YAYAYAYAYAY!!  Everything inside of me felt like I hit the million dollar lottery in that moment.  The joy juice just expanded and flooded out of my heart in ways I have never ever felt before, which may have allowed for the odd and wonderful connection in my last two readings.  Cuz all this happened between my first and second one.

Later in the day, as I was just sitting on my couch experiencing the massive flood ongoing from my heart, every one of you, no lie, every one of you were such a massive part of my heart stream.  Just like witnessing that orb spitting you out like a gumball machine in one of my nighttime odysseys the other night, you are very alive in me while awake too!!

You are my loves and my lovers and I don’t think I can contain (or even want to) what I feel in expansiveness thru my heart, down into singularity ever again.

I have never felt so liberated in ALL my life as I do now.

Well, my day of readings is underway and there is sooooo much coming thru that I could keep this sharing going… and the most extraordinary exercise of how to really start harnessing and playing with the super powers you brought to the part now… to change and enhance it all.  I may just put that out in a stand alone blog later today, after I practice myself.  Yummmm nuggets!!

I LOVE YOU ALL so freakin much.  You, each and every one of you, combine to create my joy juice!!  Wanna drink?? lol

((((((HUGZ))))) of wonder and bliss to ALL!!

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