Lucas – Humanity Changing – 21 September 2014

Logo Lucas_square_wordsThe harder the push, the harder the pull. It seems the old controlling systems are getting fully blown out at the moment. The demise of all is only met with warmongering for a new world war, spreading fabricated disease, false flags and diversions. Even keeping people in check by propaganda and lies told via the mainstream media is changing. The mainstream even gets not all news anymore fed by the controllers.

The FED financial fiat (fractional banking) currency system is falling apart. The ones still keeping it alive are pulling all stops to keep the lie of recovery, growth and business as usual going. The only ones gaining from the fools still believing are just a few. IPO’s and other big diversions will show how fast your dollar/euro will be flushed… The old can not be surviving.

The focus is upon Russia and the Brics. The FED in the USA is now outvoted by the Congress to be audited. Whatever way it goes, people will see through the lies. A gold backed new financial system is it going to be Yuan/Renminbi or Ruble? We should see it is just a derivative of the old system again if the doors to manipulation are still open and there is no transparency and equality for all humanity in it.

Fears and scares are spread. It is the sign of the old screaming I can not keep going. Just see the news even alternative news as data. One ear in and one ear out. It is just a matter of knowing not of getting into it or even get emotionally involved. The big changes are made within us. It is not about seeing things in a different way on the outside of you but also seeing change within is made to become the humans we always were meant to be.

We are here to make the change on the levels we can as humans need to find there paths themselves.

On that road we all will remember that we all are just coming from one source. We will remember to be humans that are individual beings expressing themselves in their unique way but also knowing to be part of that one humanity that needs our help and support. We need to care and share for all of us and the planet we live upon.

There is always more than enough for all of us if we go disperse and distribute all equally or make local resourced and grown foods to be accessible for all of that local community including access to fresh and non-polluted water, access to sustainable free energy for all, access to home and shelter, access to health for all. It all seems Utopia but it isn’t, it is clearly just a matter of doing and stopping to ask something in exchange for things that are just naturally free.

The ones that have made a system to keep you into slavery are now confronted with an more awakened and cautious humanity. The little tricks, scenario’s are not working any more. The lies are exposed and even in-fights in the system make sure things are becoming more and more transparent.

We only can find our way in a world that is based on transparency. If things are hidden for others there is no way in the world anymore that this will survive.

Change is happening within sight it takes only a new way of looking to see it. It will become clear eventually for all. There is only us, humanity that can make this change work and develop it into a really new paradigm. It does not matter if it is in a small or large way. We will learn that diversity as long as it sprouts from one free individual humanity in mind will make things happen. There are so many ways and not one or a scripted, dogmatic or taught one.

Be your change. It is being the example. If still other worlds and beings are your way can not change. You are stuck. Stuck within a story that continuous by keeping the story alive. Change comes from within. Not from someone, something or whatever it is you would like to see you help to make the change. It is only YOU that can make it happen. As long as you will be a follower, a believer you will for sure not be able to make the change.

It is not about changing a story but stepping out of the stories told. It is about being you in it fullest expression of source. It is you that creates reality and that is what you should remember. This notion is all that you need to know ever. There is nothing that can keep you from your inner power. Only you can give it away or purposely keep it from yourself by choice.

Humanity is unique and divers. Humanity will come to see that. A lot of us are still drawn into the duality cycles. It is your choice to step out of it. Stop fighting, seeing conflict and find that middle space where all just is. All that is just part of One. The balance will be seen in that eye of the storm where there is no hurricane winds surging the lands but showing its peace.

We are peaceful beings from nature if we get to manage the conflict within.

Great changes are in the flow of things to come. Change means it is not set. It is evolving always. So securities are not found, but always new opportunities and new possibilities.

You will find your stability and renewal in this new way of ongoing change. New realities created in an ongoing fashion. Great to see it always new.

Much love and peace,


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