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Haarp Status Real-Time Network – Is This Coincidence? – Is Isaac HAARP made? – 28 August 2012

(Info  from 26 August 2012 all credit to http://www.haarpstatus.com)

A shortwave that peaked in six hours has just struck Southern Louisiana. This comes around the same time the swarm of quakes started in Southern California as well.

This is the strongest shortwave reading ever in this project, a solid 10.0 over Southern Louisiana.
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Bill Ballard – HAARP – Induction Magnetometer – 17 August 2012


HAARP lots of missing data … this is real time and will soon change…
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Induction Magnetometer

The image below is a time-frequency spectrogram, which shows the frequency content of signals recorded by the HAARP Induction Magnetometer. This instrument, provided by the University of Tokyo, measures temporal variations in the geomagnetic field in the ULF (ultra-low frequency) range of 0-5 Hz. The spectrogram images are produced by computing the PSD (power spectral density) of successive 102.4-second segments of timeseries data, and plotting these spectra as color/intensity slices along a 24-hour scale. If the images below are not too interesting, you might want to look at 02 Sep 2004 for an example of narrowband PC1 pulsations, or 27 Jul 2004 for an example of wideband ULF noise during a magnetic substorm. Expanded plots of the last 12 hours, last 6 hours, last 3 hours, and last 1 hour are also available. Continue reading

Lionel – Terrorism, HAARP & Futzing With the Weather – 17 May 2012

Uploaded on 11 May 2012 by  LIONEL
NY’s PIX 11 News Commentary

Terrence Aym – Death Chain : Antarctic HAARP Activation – 12 May 2012

Researchers, worried about the weaponization of the global High Altitude Atmosphere Research Program (HAARP) network, suddenly have much more to fear. The Russians, Chinese, and Americans are racing to power up their Antarctic HAARP facilities and bring them online. Once the newest HAARP stations are fully activated and linked into the intricate HAARP grid, the power can be exponentially expanded. Forget nuclear arsenals, HAARP could become the most fiercesome force on the planet. Continue reading

Terrence Aym – Masters Of The World : HAARP Wars – 6 May 2012

Ask most scientists and they’ll tell you that the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) is simply a scientific research station designed to study and interact with the Earth’s ionosphere and determine new ways to propagate radio waves. But ask anyone who’s knowlegeable about brilliant inventor, Nikola Tesla, and they’ll tell you that HAARP’s a very sophisticated, sinister advance of Tesla’s amazing research at his Long Island Wardencliffe Tower lab. There, Tesla discovered ways to modify the weather, create earthquakes, and develop a ‘Death Ray’ more powerful than the hydrogen bomb…a deadly radiowave weapon so powerful Tesla claimed it could wipe entire armies from the face of the globe. Some insist HAARP is that and much more. And now the evidence that weaponized HAARP complexes are being built by the USA, Russia, and China in remote regions across the world has surfaced. Get ready for the HAARP Wars… Continue reading

Dutchsinse Vindicated! Stanford University Releases Weather Modification Document – 24 March 2012

Dutchsinse writes ~ A very special thanks to all those who stood behind me even when there was NO additional supporting evidence… oh what a difference a few months makes !! Continue reading

Bill Ballard – Time To Understand How HAARP Works – 4 March 2012

With all the people killed across the USA yesterday, many persons are now asking how HAARP works and about these man made storms and tornados. Dutchsinse (Michael Janitch) put together one of the most complete works I have seen to date on the subject for all to inform themselves about. Visit his blog to find out more. Continue reading

Lucas – A Call To The Still Opposing Dark Cabal: Resistance is Futile – 6 January 2012 (Repost)

In my endeavours in writing on the changes taking place rapidly  I would like to say to the dark cabal, Resistance  is Futile.  The call is not being ironic, just a hint to the Star Trek series. The Borg in the series with their group consciousness did not respect other life only the use of other life to their advantage in growing superiority was priority . Conquer and enslave was their goal. The dark cabal had a similar agenda they wanted to be in power and keep the planet and humans to their exclusive control and minimized to 500.ooo people. Life they don’t respect in realising their goals. Continue reading

Ben Fulford, 7-18-11… “The slow fuse will keep burning through July”

Ben Fulford, 7-18-11… “The slow fuse will keep burning through July”. Via kauilapele’s blog.