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Project Camelot – Interview With Karen Hudes – World Bank Whistleblower – 2 August 2013

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Ways To Help Bill Brockbrader – 7 February 2013

Eva Moore needs some financial help to get out of the small town she’s in.  She’s been watched rather closely by some shadowy characters.

Bill Brockbader as most you know is in jail on some rather trumped up charges and sham trial after he rather publicly exposed the alternate time line the cabal was trying to create and the killing of Kurd civilians in northern Iraq during his service with the Navy Seals.   Continue reading

Project Camelot – Norman Bergrun : Ringmakers Of Saturn Interview – 3 July 2012

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Lucas – New Post Of Order About Drake and Kerry Cassidy – 8 May 2012

In my last post of order I had decided to stop posting Kerry and Project Camelot.  I had my reasons to get not in the middle of a conflict that would also get me in a lawsuit just for posting information by Kerry and Project Camelot. That I am not interested in.

I have learned by the info and what I read that Drake this time wrongly accused Kerry and Project Camelot.  In this Drake has done what he shouldn’t have done.  Assume or opt prejudiced.  Continue reading

Project Camelot – Kerry Cassidy Interview With Iranian Physicist M.T. Keshe – 22 April 2012

Kerry Interviews  M.T. Keshe, Iranian Physicist. It is about plasma reactors,  UFO’s and alternative energy.

The interview is from 18 April 2012 : link to video conference interview


Kerry Cassidy – Project Camelot Kerry’s Blog – Documentary On Phil Schneider & Underground Bases – 1 April 2012


Cudos to the filmmaker Darcy Weir

If you are not already familiar with the life or information from Phil Schneider, one of the heroes who gave his life to get the truth out, or you are wondering about the extent of the underground bases, you must see:


Note by Lucas:  The most underground bases have been shut down by our benevolant ET or our Galactic Friends and Inner-Earth friends as they were used by evil ET in consort with illuminati and dark cabal.  Therefore note there is no treath anymore from these bases. This info is to let you know about history and things going in your past  you also need to know.

Kees – Bob Dean Meets The GF – 8 March 2012

Dear friends,

We don’t publish as many “Three Videos Worth Watching” pages anymore as we used to, because since we created a Facebook page last year, we post most interesting videos there. This works much faster. But this next video is too good to be missed, so we post this one here too. This is a must watch! Continue reading