Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – In God We Trust – 8 January 2013

gods20handGod said:

Faith in Me is something you deserve. Faith is something that, if you owe, you owe to yourself, not to Me. Yes, you are obliging Me when it comes to trust, yet that is not the reason to pledge your fealty to Me. The reason is for your own well-being.

Just think of the difference between feeling trust and feeling distrust. With trust, you are secure. With trust, you can relax. With distrust, you feel insecure. With distrust, you are tense. With distrust, you fight. You may think that fighting is strength. Maybe. Maybe once in a while. Seldom. Beloveds, reacting is not generally a sign of strength. Fighting is often a sign of weakness. Your fists go up at the first inkling of some umbrage given to you.

What is putting your dukes up, ready to fight, but reactionary? Reacting is weakness, beloveds. Love, on the other hand, is strength. Anyone can make a fuss. Not everyone yet can love and love in all situations. Nevertheless, love is your greatest strength. There may be no other.

Persistence and determination have their place, yet love outshines everything.

Fighting is a shield put up, and fighting eats your energy and raises toxins while love purifies. Oh, what a difference when you are fret with anger or when you are love itself. With love, you swing high. With anger, you swing low.

If you truly want the world to be a better place, it is up to you to make it so. If you really really want a better world, what is your contribution? Fighting is a complaint. Love is restitution.

Of course, you cannot simply turn on love. Nevertheless, you can turn in that direction. What other direction is there to go in?

Nor can you turn on your faith in Me, yet you can look up, and you can lift yourself to greater heights. I know you want to. I know you want to be peace and love. You would much rather focus on love than on skirmishes. Then why is it so hard to do? What is there that keeps love in your heart at bay?

There is something to be said about empty space. One way of looking at this is that it’s better that your heart be vacant than filled with self-righteousness or anger. Love is not meant to be left out in the cold. Your heart is meant to be full of love. How good you feel when your heart is full of love. You can only feel good when your heart is full. Let your heart be full of Me. Let your heart be full of love and all the strength that love incurs.

Your heart of love is waiting for you to turn it on. Just as you turn on the heat in winter, turn on your heart now. Give your heart what it wants. It wants to be filled with the warmth of love. Your heart wants to get on with its mission. Your heart is so tired of waiting for its love to burst forth. Keep your beautiful heart waiting no longer. There is only one direction for your heart to go in, and that is forward. Your heart is not a soldier who goes to do battle, yet, your heart marches onward. Onward, beautiful heart.

Your heart is your own jurisdiction. Your heart does not wait for signals from someone else. All the love in the world from outside is not enough for your heart. Your heart is eager to start its own engine. Rev up your heart. Rev up your beautiful blossoming heart. Open up your heart to the world who so yearns for it.

If you want to find love, give it. This is fulfillment of My dream. /  link to original article

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