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Ariah Velasquez – The Twin Flame Is Magnetized Through A Heart Emanating Love – 15 January 2013

ImageA twin flame is a counterpart of your soul that is either masculine or feminine in form or energetic flavor depending on how you have incarnated here. This counterpart may be in physical form, or in the spirit form.  Now more than ever, people are incarnating with both their twin flame counterparts in physical form so that as we merge more into a state of oneness, we get to experience it in all ways, all forms.  This is due to the amazing time we are in as Earth has birthed herself into 5D. Both counterparts wish to celebrate the immense light and joy that rests here NOW. Continue reading


Teal Scott – Ego Or Intuition? How Do I Know Whether It’s My True Self Talking Or My Ego Talking? – 15 January 2013

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Bill Ballard – Raising Our Personal Frequencies Into The Highest Light Spectrum – 15 January 2013

Uploaded on 15 January 2013 by pearls2u In an individual’s desire for ascension into the highest vibrations we must purge ourselves of the old magnetic thought and emotional patterns we experienced in the 3 and 4D worlds this past Earth cycle. The highest levels of LIGHT or vibration have more pure frequencies. The incoming magnetics of the CME’s and Solar streams as well as this magnetic field we have now entered helps us to release those lower light frequencies and magnetics or Karma we hold in our field, resulting in our purification. Use it well as it is offered now. It will help us to more easily create the New Earth together to experience. LOVE!

Lucas – Game On Or Game Over – Guncontrol Battle – Perception – 15 January 2013

guns-art-of-peaceYes, the last resort measures of control are pushed as the argument created by staged attacks on humans via shooting incidents for weapon bans and gun control are not really working yet. The mainstream  media push the control of guns. But it is not about guns it is just about how to get “The People” out of options and a second amendment that does not have any bearing to it  anymore.  Still people focus on guns as the issue. Yes ,”weapons” (the difference lies in the word, a gun as word has no ill or violent intent to it or has a negative load in meaning it is just a thing) are in my view in all sorts and for all measures not about peace or not for peaceful use.  But if the “Corporate USA” has turned sour and taken over total control to get the fraudulent system of  “corporate USA democracy ” working again by getting people out of power then guns become a weapons issue. People are not gonna think about defending themselves with guns from anything if there is not a threat of total control and a fundamental constitutional issue.  Continue reading

Laura Bushnell – Call Forth The Divine Mother – 15 January 2013

Laura Bio PhotoLet us call forth the Divine Mother that lives within us all, the Divine Mother that calls for us to nurture, to love and to protect. This world needs mothering, and within all of us is the plan for a peaceful world. Imagine a world that is safe for our children, a world that is free of violence, hunger, and pain. May your part be revealed to you. It is time to embody your heart to transcend, to use your love to heal our earth. YOU are the heart of the earth. Continue reading

John Ward – Globally Financed Mercantilism’s Direction Takes Shape – But The Big Question Is Still ‘Why?’ – 15 January 2013

John WardNow that we know it’ll be the job of each sovereign EU State to bail out its own banks (according to yesterday’s FT) one has to feel that the era of pretence about ‘all for one and one for all’ really is finally at an end. Ten days ago, I posted that ‘Yesterday was a qualitative turning point in my book. I think we got the first signs that the crew of the globalist SS Titanic had assessed the damage and decided it was lifeboats time.’ The kind of stuff coming out of the EU and elsewhere suggests that the latest order is “Sod the women and children, every man for himself”. Continue reading

3 Minutes News – Another Beautiful Eruption [No Danger Of Damage] – 15 January 2013

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Visionkeeper – The Bridge Of Courage – 15 January 2013


For over a year now we have been busy building our bridge to the new world. It has been a monumental task but we have stuck with it and hammered away with great determination. It is finished now and the only thing left for us to do is cross over it. Do we have the courage to leave the old world behind and put all of our trust into the new world? Do we dare cross over into forbidden territory and claim it for our own? Have we finally finished listening to the dark ones fearful diatribes and instead prefer to listen to the beautiful music drifting over from the other side? Are we done with the ‘buts’ of why we cannot move forward? Are we done with the thousands of excuses of why we are unable to cross over? Are we willing at long last to shake off the fears constantly being heaped upon us and say no more, I’m crossing over? Well I have news for you, we are already in the new world! We have already crossed that bridge. Continue reading

Alan Watts – Chasing Yourself – 15 January 2013

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Ron Van Dyke – A Most Ambiguous World – 15 January 2013

Uploaded on 15 January 2013 by paradoxman316 Okay, I’ve listened to most of the Quantum Grammar Seminar by David-Wynn: Miller recorded in September 2012. Yes, I find what he has to say very interesting. I also feel as if I no longer know how to speak or write in English, or any other language. He pulls the rug out from under the massive fraud, that’s true; and he also leaves me feeling very confused. Like him, I have long stated that almost everything we “see” in our world is based on fraud, which I believe is true. I simply did not realize that the culprit may be in the language itself. Now, I face many questions that I must wrestle with in order to come to a place of peace within myself. I’m not sure how this will be resolved for me.