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Free Energy Devices : Yes They Are Real – 20 April 2013

A free energy device is one that creates energy in an isolated system. This means that the physical device requires no external input. Matter and energy cannot enter or exit the device, it can only move around inside of it. Our educational institutions and mainstream science have perpetuated the idea that these systems cannot be created. In order to uphold and maintain a system of belief, one must teach it. People are waking up to the fact that not everything on planet Earth is as it seems, and new truths are starting to infiltrate the consciousness of the masses.  Continue reading


Méline Lafont – El Morya – Ascension Brings Along Her Global Changes – 20 April 2013

MélineLafontAs a token of my appreciation I will put your mind at ease with the new energetic changes occuring on Planet Earth. There’s a lot impending at this moment and the new sprouts outgrow their stump forcing their way through the soils of the earth to bring forth marvellous fruits for which you have toiled so hard.

Much room has been made for massive renewals and enrichments in order to obtain a planetary shift into the Light. The shimmering sphere of golden Light shines down on you now and lets her astonishing energies descent in this regal valley where for centuries the dark has ruled supremely. The light is offered to you to enable you to see again in the dark nooks and crannies of your Being and of your planetary Being so a thorough approach and a resolute presence of the Light can be made possible. Continue reading

WakeUpWorld – Dr. Michelle Kmiec – Exposed : Monsanto’s Mission To Pharmaceuticaly “Enhance” GMO Foods – 20 April 2013

We have all been concerned about the implications of Genetically Modified (GM) foods. And one company that has received much controversy is Monsanto; established in 1901 in St. Louis, Missouri.

Their involvement in countless controversial endeavors is nothing short than an attack on humanity! Continue reading

John Ward – Crisis Athens : So Much For The Visitor To Enjoy, So Little Helped By Pernicious Troika Spin – 20 April 2013

???????????????????Acropolis Now: Athens may be in slavery, but it is not in chaos

One thing I just love about the Brussels-am-Berlin approach to repression is the way that, the instant an ice-pick has been thrust into the heart of a ClubMed economy, in bounds Olli Rehn to tell the cadaver how keen the EU is to help with the funeral expenses. Continue reading

Max Igan – Painting Mankind Into A Corner – 20 April 2013

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Lisa Gawlas – The Sun, The Earth, The Eclipses And The Soil Of Shambhala! – 20 April 2013

earth and sunWell, the sun is not sitting still as we make this last few day walk into the eclipse sandwich.  It is coating us with solar winds from a coronal hole, solar flares to provide the needed extra kick in the ass to keep us going and two more sun spots developed overnight, one currently crackling with C class flares.  Granted, to NASA C class flares are babies in the whole scheme of things, but to us directly affected, it serves to keep our energy fields buzzing.  Kinda like M & M’s… tiny little chocolates, but still provide that sugar high! Continue reading

4 Minutes News – Earthquakes, ISON, Disaster Update – 20 April 2013

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Brian Kelly – World’s Armed Forces ( Including The US) Take Order From UN – 20 April 2013

World’s Armed Forces (Including the US) Take Orders From UN
By Brian Kelly April 18th, 2013

Important Note: In the last 48 hours I have been debriefed on some major new developments which appear to be unfolding quite rapidly. In honoring my pledge to support Absolute Transparency, I will be sharing ALL intel as it is received. Continue reading

Ann Albers – A Message From Ann And The Angels – 20 April 2013

annalbers2Message from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

We have said this so many times and we will say it as long as we have voices to speak through, God loves you, dear ones, more than you can possibly imagine. God wants to assist you in your lives. And yet God has granted you, upon the earth, free will. The entire universe, by its nature, must respond to the loving vibrations you put out. Aspects of the universe will respond to other vibrations as well. We, the angels, only respond to love. It is in our very design. Continue reading

Ron Van Dyke – The OPPT May Have International Enforcement – 20 April 2013

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