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Bill Ballard – Watching the End Game Setting Up – Round n Round We Go – 24 April 2013

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The Stone Of Destiny And The End Of The New World Order – 24 April 2013

https://i0.wp.com/cdn1.mtrial.org/sites/mtrial.org/files/stone.png(Lucas : It is an article that is from 2009 and updated in 2010 but still a good read and I see it just as data. As always I say discern yourselves. What is true to you does not imply it is true for others, but all truth is part of all truth and the bigger truth is formed by all this. Evently we just all are a piece of the puzzle that will show its real picture very soon.) Continue reading


Wes Annac – The Pleiadian Council Of Nine : An Entire Paradigm Of Secrecy Is About To Be Shattered – 24 April 2013

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

Greetings, dearest souls, I am SanJAsKa speaking for our Council of Nine. You continue to make the strides and progress that you are becoming famous for, and as the Earth experience tests your faith and resolve we note the overall enlightenment so many of you are beginning to find not just in yourselves, but in those around you who are beginning to respond quite favorably to the energies and perceptions you’re uncovering. Continue reading

HeartMathInstitute – The Heart’s Intuitive Intelligence : A path To Personal, Social And Global Coherence – 24 April 2013

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Visionkeeper – Full Moon Eclipse Update 25th April 2013 – 24 April 2013



Thought I would share this eclipse information with you all. The energies seem quite powerful these days and we best be aware of them and use them correctly. Enjoy!

www.oneworldrising.wordpress.com / link to original article

TheViewFromMyWindow – David – Ascension Update 24th April – Preparing For Reality Shift! – 24 April 2013

jettisonThis message doesn’t apply to everybody at this time but probably will register with most at some point on their journey.

You possibly have followed many teachings and teachers to attain the level of understanding you have now reached. And if you have absorbed the knowledge and processed it to reach the same or equivalent understanding deep within your being. You more than likely have got to the ‘what next’ point or more appropriately the ‘does it matter’ point :) Continue reading

Anrita Melchizedek – Wesak Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 25/26 April – Transmisson From The Elders – 24 April 2013

Anrita Melchizedek Co-created by Anrita Melchizedek

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Welcome, sweet ones, it gives us great pleasure to be with you in this Now, as we take you on a guided visualization to experience the Wesak Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, on April 25th and 26th ~ the first of three eclipses to be experienced within this next month, sweet ones. The energy of eclipses takes you deeper into the Cosmic Heart of All Creation, lifting you in consciousness and Light, sweet ones, into a greater awareness and knowing of Who You Are, as these magical Master Beings, and sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love. The lunar eclipses generally take you into a greater level of clearing, of having a look at what it is you are still working with, or changes you wish to make. The solar eclipse expands this to a greater level of Solar Christ Consciousness ~ of being able to consider these tasks at hand, of being able to take yourself into a deeper level of your service work, of transformation and rejuvenation. And indeed, sweet ones, into the knowing that all is Divinely Perfect ~ as you travel through these Christed Timelines, and in this new Golden Age of Light through these pathways of Divine Love. Continue reading

Nancy Tate – Wake Up Call – Sananda – 24 April 2013


I am Sananda here this day to speak with you through this one. It is a time of coming together and renewing resources that are very much always in our midst. It is a matter of bringing it all together in an intermeshing of love and understanding of what is taking place in our energies these days.

As I speak, so too do you, and in that speaking forth you attract the essences of which you speak. It is a matter of being in the now and addressing that, which is in your face in the now. When you are feeling as if you are overwhelmed by the circumstances that are in your face and all around you, it is a matter of sitting back, taking a deep breath and bringing to mind something that is lovely, that brings you joy at the thought of it, and stirs the wonderfully peaceful feelings that can then bring you into a state of bliss. This will then allow you to flow forth in your life into the power that you have and the ability that can work miracles in your life. Continue reading

James Corbett – The Corbett Report – The War On Terror Is Over. America Lost – 24 April 2013

JamesCorbett4Link to podcast video/audio

By James Corbett
April 24, 2013

It has often been observed that the war on terror is unwinnable. After all, how could a war on an abstract noun ever have its “Mission Accomplished” moment? It is, according to this wisdom, meant to drag on forever. Continue reading

Méline Lafont – Melchizedek – The Coming Days And More Specifically, The Energies Of The Eclipses, Will Reveal Much Concerning Disclosure – 24 April 2013

MélineLafontGreetings dear ones. An extremely uplifing and beautiful time is just around the corner for all of you due to the upcoming eclipses arriving in the course of 1 month (april 25th, partial lunar eclipse, May 10th annular solar eclipse and May 25th penumbral lunar eclipse). They will surely bring about much in your reality, even more than has been the case up until now, and everything builds slowly but surely up to your genuinely real reality which unfolds itself from your heart and from your inner Self. Continue reading