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RMN – Poof – Let The Good Times Roll – 7 April 2013

poofPOOF for APR 7: Let the Good Times Roll

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Date: Sunday, 7-Apr-2013 16:52:42

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Hi, Folks –

Received via e-mail: Continue reading


Ron Head – Your Savior Is Standing In Your Shoes – 7 April 2013


Our topic for this day will be the messages that we send to you and your trust in us.  This is a very crucial question to the entire subject of ascension.  It brings into sharp focus the need for you to have developed discernment that you can rely upon rather than allowing events about you or the words of others to sway you to and fro like a leaf in the wind. Continue reading

Ken Bartle/ Jane Evershed – Reports Coming In… Texas & New Orleans Courts Shutting Down – 7 April 2013

judgeandgaffelFor those of you who haven’t seen this from Ken Bartle:
Date: 6 April 2013 6:30:38 PM AWST
To: “Ken”
Subject: RE: US Courts close but not in the media!!!

Hi Ken,

I thought you might want to tell everyone that here in Austin, Tx last night I was speaking with a man who was perplexed. He said his brother had gone to court yesterday and when he got there, no one was there and there were no docs! Continue reading

Judith Kusel – Initiation In The Higher States Of Consciousness – 7 April 2013

images (17)(Lucas: I have edited the title as it said intiation)

The Initiation

When we first seek to go deep within and search for answers, as to why we are here and how we connect to the greater all then we start essentially the quest for KNOWING. It is that deep inner knowing, believing, finding and expanding, which has been the journey of all of those who sought the Higher Meaning of Life itself, and then, most importantly, the meaning of Love. Continue reading

Jean Haines – Michael Henry Dunn – Neil Keenan Update : Asia Beware – You’re Next! Josef Ackermann On His Way – 7 April 2013

jean-jpg3(A correction to our story of yesterday, “Neil Keenan Update: Global Financial Alert”: Josef Ackermann left his position with Deutschebank in May of 2012).

JAKARTA, April 7th, 2013 – Further confirmation of Ackermann’s gold-buying scheme has come to us here in Jakarta today from high-level sources, who report that Ackermann is working on a massive gold-acquisition project with United Bank of Switzerland and LLB of Lichtenstein, in an attempt to set up a new financial system in Asia. Given Ackermann’s status as a prime mover in the banking cabal and the notorious Bilderberger Group, and his key role in collapsing the financial system in Europe, our sources report that the cabal is intending to duplicate this disastrous result in Asia, using Asian central banks to turn countries into debt slaves, while raiding national assets. Indications are, however, that global partners are uniting to defeat this effort.

Joseph Ackermann 'shades'

Joseph Ackermann ‘shades’

www.jhaines6.wordpress.com / link to original article

Mish/ Mike Shedlock – Netherlands, The Next Chip To Fall? – 7 April 2013

mish-image-15%Most attention lately has been on Cyprus, Spain, and Italy. Long-time troubles have been brewing in Portugal and I have an update coming up shortly.

First consider Underwater: The Netherlands Falls Prey to Economic Crisis.

The Netherlands, Berlin’s most important ally in pushing for greater budgetary discipline in Europe, has fallen into an economic crisis itself. The once exemplary economy is suffering from huge debts and a burst real estate bubble, which has stalled growth and endangered jobs. Continue reading

Rev. Christine Meleriessee – New Earth Frequency Update – Transitional Healing – 7 April 2013


As the weeks roll by, we are still going to be hit with higher frequencies and changes within our lives.  This week represents allowing the energies we have experienced previously to be fully grounded within our physical existence.  The Spring Equinox was an energy surge that many individuals may have felt more deeply than 12-21-12 and rightly so.  The planet was in a state of preparing for the Spring to occur even though the challenges that we incurred during the 1st Trimester of January, February, and March were to prepare us for the increased frequencies of light. Continue reading

Freedom Central On Finding Voices Radio – 19:00 CET Freedom Central – Mel Ve Interviews Russell Blattberg About The Economy – 7 April 2013

freedomcentralFindingvoicesradio19:00 21:00 Freedom Central

Presentation Mel and Richard Ve

Join Freedom Central tonight for our weekly broadcast. We will be in discussion with Russell Blattberg about the economy, and all that is happening around the world at the moment. Join us from 6pm GMT 7pm Dutch and South African time www.freedomcentral.info www.findingvoicesradio.com Continue reading

WakingTimes – Al Smith – How To Create Reality – 7 April 2013

BigTree-300x200Do you wonder why life is a chaotic roller coaster of both positive and negative events?  Have you, like most, earnestly tried positive thinking, meditation or prayer without any tangible beneficial results?  Do you stress over your quietly desperate realization that you have little control over your own life?  Do you fear that most of us are floating helplessly like plankton on the waves?  Don’t you wish you had a magical power to change your life and the lives around you for the better?  Well, the good news is that you do! Continue reading

Marlene Swetlishoff – Hilarion – 7 April 2013

hilarion2Beloved Ones,

As the days march on into the new Age of Light and humanity is being cleansed of all old patterns of thought and behavior that no longer serves their higher purpose, the heartbeat of the Earth joins with them. The Earth deeply desires to allow the time necessary for as many of her inhabitants to join her in her ascended state of expansion and so the Cosmic window of opportunity is still wide open to allow this change and transformation to occur. All upon the planet are finding themselves awakening to many truths that were not available for their conscious knowledge before these times that you are now in the midst of. Continue reading