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Celebrations In Cairo As Mursi Was Toppled By Army – Helicopter Drops Flags As Jubilation Sweeps Cairo’s Tahir Square – 3 July 2013

egypt_flag_wave2(Lucas : Celebrations in Cairo as Mursi was toppled by Army! Army vows to return power and honour democracy and have new elections.)

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Helicopter drops flags as jubilation sweeps Cairo’s Tahrir Square

July 3 – Thousands celebrated in Cairo’s Tahrir Square as a military helicopter drops Egyptian flags over the square, shortly after the army toppled President Mohamed Mursi and announced a transition of power. Rough Cut (no reporter narration). ( Transcript )

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The Most Stunning Development In Silver – 3 July 2013

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DougRoss – 15 Photos From The Tahrir Square Protests You’ll Never See In Legacy Media. #Egypt #Morsi #Obama – 3 July 2013

Curiously, a massive wave of anti-Obama sentiment in Egypt has been utterly ignored by vintage media, even though the protests may be the largest in all of human history.

InvestmentWatch – Breaking Intel: Bank Run Going On In Portugal! TVI Is Telling In This Moment That All Banking Sector Is Very Fragile! Rumor : Banks Without Money In Few Days! – 3 July 2013


Bank run in Portugal in this moment due rumor about banks will have no money in few days! – Luis

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DerSpiegel – Hans-Juergen Schlamp – Pope’ s Reform Path : Francis Shakes Up Church Establishment – 3 July 2013

Pope Francis gestures during the weekly general audience in St. Peters Square on June 26.Pope Francis gestures during the weekly general audience in St. Peters Square on June 26.

It appears Pope Francis truly wants to change the Catholic Church. He’s reforming the Vatican Bank first, but he’s also circumventing the old guard wherever he can. The establishment is up in arms.

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Bill Ballard – Integration Of Light Being And Angelic Self – Holding Paradise Energies – 3 July 2013

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Blossom Goodchild – The Most Boring Blog Post In History – 3 July 2013

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Jamye Price – The Energies Of July – The Reset Point – (Including Light Language Healing July Video) – 3 July 2013

June Review – The Middle Road of Balance

We’ve passed the half way mark of 2013.  In general it has not been the easiest of years.  The first half of the year was about releasing and refinement.  The things that weren’t in balance with the new influx of Light on 12/21/12 were coming up for release at a rapid pace.  It was shocking to many that expected utopia after 12/21/12, but for those that Know within that All is Well, while it may have been frustrating, it was certainly worth it.  The numerology of the year is a 6, so it’s about balancing.  Technically, all of life is about balancing as homeostasis is the action of life – new experience, integration, movement to new experience, integration, etc.  Each of your cells does this constantly.  You also do this mentally and emotionally as you seek peace with each new moment.  From that balanced state of peace you make choice and build new life.  Sometimes it’s easy, sometimes its more challenging, but its always beneficial.  We are strengthening, empowering and growing into individualized consciousness in this dimension, though that separation is only part of the story.  All of life is connected and interacting.  This balance then becomes a collective experience, waving and weaving throughout humanity.  Continue reading

Visionkeeper – Giving And Forgiving – 3 July 2013

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Have you ever been having a bad day and someone out of the blue says hello or smiles at you and suddenly you are snapped back into the reality of how wonderful life truly is? Humans have a uncanny ability to get lost in their own dramas and become oblivious to everything around them. It is so important to get out of ourselves and think about others. This is all part of beginning to realize the oneness of all life. You never know when you are going to impact someones else’s life and that is what is so marvelous about giving of ourselves. We do it for others but in fact we are giving to ourselves as well for when we make another soul feel good we feel good.  Life is interconnected on so many levels we are just now learning about. Giving seems to be growing in the world and it is raising up hearts all over. Look at the Snowden fiasco. Yes our corrupt Government would have us all believe he is a traitor, he has put the country in grave danger etc. They are trying desperately to vilify this man to take the heat off of themselves! Despite their brainwashing of facts, people all around the world are behind him, cheering him on, grateful that he has revealed the truth to all of the world as to what is being done to us. Everyone is opening up to him and giving him support and hopefully protection. Unfortunately the US has threatened other countries to such a degree that if they harbor Snowden they will reap our repercussions! We all know what the US can do to other countries. Continue reading

John Ward – The Paedofile : Face Brought To Book As Sunday Mirror Shocks Its Readers – 3 July 2013

John WardSome justice at last as IoS article reveals reality and female abusers enter the frame

Unwilling to bow to the Rule of Law (probably because legislators are unwilling to pass a law) Facebook has begun a clampdown on child abuse images….prompted by the tabloid Sunday Mirror’s investigation. This does tend to show you what really motivates internet suppliers and ISPs: they don’t GAF about politicians and police, but they do fear the public – because without us, they are nothing. This is a lesson the entire blogosphere needs to learn. Continue reading