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AmericanKabuki – Chinese Shadow Banking – 10 July 2013


Shadow banking bolsters China Inc as Beijing tightens credit

An employee carries bundles of 100 yuan Chinese bank notes to store after counting at a bank in Taiyuan, Shanxi province July 4, 2013. REUTERS-Jon Woo Continue reading

Stephen Lednman – Targeting Iran – 10 July 2013

StevelendmanAmerica targets Iran. It does so ruthlessly. It’s done it since 1979. It wants its sovereignty destroyed.

It wants pro-Western puppet leadership instead. It wants its independent government replaced. It wants its oil and gas, stupid. It wants unchallenged regional control.
Hassan Rohani’s election doesn’t matter. He’s Iran’s President-Elect. He’ll be inaugurated on August 3. He combines diplomacy, politics and scholarship. He’s known as the “Diplomat Sheikh.”  Continue reading

Méline Lafont – Little Announcement And Sharing – 10 July 2013

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Laura Bruno – “Pay Attention” Snowden Is A Distraction From Manning And Much More… – 10 July 2013

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“Pay Attention” Snowden is a distraction from Manning andThanks, Ann! As I’ve mentioned before, the Bradley Manning trial is one of the most important trials of modern times. I continue to pray for him to be surrounded by love, courage and strength.

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NaturalNews – Generic Drug Companies Granted Total Immunity Against All Lawsuits From Patients Harmed By Side Effects – 10 July 2013

Asian-Prescription-Drugs-Bottle-Pills(NaturalNews) You may want to think twice before taking any more generic copies of brand-name pharmaceutical drugs, thanks to a recent Supreme Court ruling that effectively eliminates manufacturer liability in injury cases resulting from negative side effects. In a 5-4 ruling, the Supreme Court recently overturned a $21 million judgment awarded to a New Hampshire woman injured by a generic pain drug, declaring in the process that generic drug manufacturers cannot be sued when the drugs they produce injure patients. Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas – The Ties That Bind. The Over Extension That Deplete’s. The Balance That Is Required – 10 July 2013

a_nature_balance_by_jindra12-d3buf9lOhhh the changes are starting to be realized thru the readings.  Two days ago I really thought I was in a karmic exchange with my dire attempt to silence the chirping crickets that set up an invisible house in my bedroom.  (let me tell you, the closer to midnight their singing got, the more lunatic I became!  The next morning, the sound of silence echoed thru the readings, well the first two before my body crashed and burned and fell into a coma.  I wouldn’t have, couldn’t have seen the silence as the moment of change. Continue reading

CBC News – UN Demands Answers From Vatican On Child Sex Abuse – 10 July 2013

Pope Francis, shown here during his visit to southern Italy this month, is now facing questions from the United Nations about child sex abuse by Catholic clergy members.
Panel wants church to hand over details of cases involving Catholic clergy
Pope Francis, shown here during his visit to southern Italy this month, is now facing questions from the United Nations about child sex abuse by Catholic clergy members. (Gregorio Borgia/Associated Press)

A United Nations panel is demanding that the Vatican hand over detailed information on child sex abuse cases involving Catholic clergy.

In a document published online, the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child has asked the Vatican to come clean with how it addresses children’s rights around the world, including what measures it takes when dealing with sexual violence.

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