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Suzanne Lie – Pleiadian/Earth Alliance – Mytre’s Return – 11 July 2013

MytreToShipI have been called back to the Ship for debriefing. While I am there, I will also bi-locate to visit Mytria on our home world. I have informed Sandy and Jason that my presence will not appear as accessible, but I will still be able to communicate if they need me. It is time now for them to gather some independence in their spiritual awakening and for me to return to my greater expressions of SELF. Continue reading

Laura Bruno – 18 Jam Packed Minutes From “Brother Can You Spare A Paradigm?” – 11 July 2013

laura brunoI found a link to this video on RMN and just had to share. I’ve heard of and read books by some of these speakers, but the collection of all these ideas together in rapid succession really offers potent energy. Change is happening in all sorts of areas, including the religion of Science. ;)

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Jon Rappoport – “Excuse Me, Are You A Robot In The Surveillance State?” – 11 July 2013

no more fake new Jon RappoportPresident Barack Obama has ordered federal employees to report suspicious actions of their colleagues based on behavioral profiling techniques that are not scientifically proven to work, according to experts and government documents.” (McClatchey News)

In 1959, two friends of mine, Carl and Michael, staged a spy experiment at the small Ithaca, New York, airport. They were students at Cornell University. Continue reading

CLN – Does Edward Snowden Bring Credibility To UFO Whistleblower Edgar Mitchell? – 11 July 2013

https://i0.wp.com/consciouslifenews.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/Edgar_Mitchell_nasa_photo-199x242.jpg(By Eric Draven | ALTHeadlines)

How come in a time, where at every turn, there seems to be a whistleblower peeling away layers of secrecy from the government and their patterns for covering up important information that we still only hear about the whistle blowing the mainstream media wants us to hear about? Of course the credibility of the whistle blower is always brought into question, but what happens when the news leak is extremely credible, and it’s still brushed under the rug? Continue reading

John Ward – Merkel’s Murky Past : More Evidence Of Her Youth Movement/Stasi Past In The DDR – 11 July 2013

merkelostenptAngela Merkel isn’t a ‘sleeping Commie agent’. But she was not, and never has been, the ‘minor role wallflower’ she pretends to have been under Honneker’s Stalinist DDR

Power-mad bird (Merkel) sticking close to top guy (Stasi agent Osten)

The picture above was taken in 1986. It depicts an outing to the Baltic Island of Rugen by members of the DDR version of The Hitler Youth: the FDJ – or in full, DDR-Jugendverbandes. The top Alpha-male at this gathering was Hans-Jörg Osten. And you’ll never guess who’s perched right next to him. Just as, after the collapse of the USSR, a mere ten years later, little Geli Merkel was perched equally close to the ample buttocks of Chancellor Helmut Kohl….whom she later shafted to take over the CDU leadership.

Very few close observers now doubt that Merkel’s father (the only man on record who defected from West to East Germany) was a Stasi social spy and part-time organiser. Nor do they have many doubts any more that the current German Chancellor Angela Merkel was an active Gruppenfüherin in  the FDJ.

What most Germans don’t know, however, is that Hans-Jörg Osten was her Professor and close confidante at the Academy of Sciences where she was a student. And what they only found out yesterday is that Osten was a paid agent of the Stasi – with documentary evidence from the files to prove it.


In the files (extracted left) her physics professor and fellow FDJ bigwig is unmasked as a spy using the cover name ‘Einstein’.

Today, Hans-Jörg Osten is 56 years old, and a professor at the Leibniz University of Hanover.

The documents go on to say that he was recruited ‘on the basis of the political-ideological cooperation…in his operating activities, he is mainly useful on defence issues, and for the development of people working files. He was always a very reliable worker.’ The ‘defence issues’ thing is a reference to time spent by Osten working in the US. During this period, he was a Stasi spy.

Contemporaries suggest that Merkel had “an unusually close” relationship with her married Professor. Indeed, this tendency of unsere geliebte Geli to stick like a limpet to the big mines before disarming them has been recorded several times before at The Slog.

I will repeat what I have written umpteen times now: I have no bitch with the German people, only with the former spook/former DDR control freak between them undermining the Bundesrepublik constitution…and conning the German electorate into believing that Berlin will, under their tutelage, promote fiscal responsibility, democracy and a great future in the Eurozone.

Wolfgang Schäuble has already been shafted once by his boss. But as a former Minister of the Interior, he knows where all the bodies are buried. That’s why he’s in the position he is now, and why Geli is not about to fire Dr Strangelove come what may: he knows all about her former enthusiasm for Stalinism.

But those who think European liberty and democracy are safe in the hands of these two twisted gargoyles need a blunt reality check. I hope this piece acts as one.

www.hat4uk.wordpress.com / link to original article

G4S Accused Of Massive Fraud Over Electronic Tagging – 11 July 2013

Man wearing electronic tag (Getty)
Justice Minister Chris Grayling reveals serious mis-charging by Serco and G4S over electronic monitoring of offenders. G4S, which has refused to allow an in-depth audit, may face an SFO investigation.

In a statement to the House of Commons, Mr Grayling revealed that the two companies had charged for monitoring people who were actually back in prison, had already left the country or, in a few cases, where “the subject was known to have died”.

Read the whole story at : www..channel4.com / link to original article

Laura Bushnell – Time For Rebirth – 11 July 2013

Laura Bio PhotoThe adventure continues. This life you acquired through desire gives you many opportunities to discover yourself. You have the great opportunity to sit inside of yourself and discuss anything that you need or want to know. Yes. All of the answers are inside. The great sages and masters have told us throughout the span of time. Continue reading

Sheldan Nidle – Update For The Spiritual Hierarchy And The Galactic Federation – 11 July 2013

sheldan6 Ahau, 8 Kumku, 9 Eb

Dratzo! We return with more information for you. Your reality is shifting! The dark cabalists panic and search for ever-more-desperate ways to resolve their mounting dilemmas. As we have pointed out many times, there is no way for them to extricate themselves from their worsening situation by using their old devious methods. The Light is in the process of irresistibly taking back this realm and returning it safely to Her kindly direction. This direction has so far led to a number of decisions which are permitting the Light’s diverse forces to prepare a new financial system and new governance for the peoples of surface Earth. Gaia is very pleased with what has been accomplished. Your Ascended Masters are backed by a group of individuals dedicated to pushing the dark from power and instituting a new epoch for all. The next stage involves a series of proclamations which permit the new gold-backed currencies to formally terminate the age of fiat money and end the tranching mechanism designed to help the few to accumulate vast riches over the backs of the many. This, however, is merely one of numerous reforms which are incorporated within the new financial system. Continue reading

Wes Annac – The Ascended Masters And The Pleiadians : Addressing Disbelief – 11 July 2013

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

We speak to you all with the exuberant, melded-together energies of the Pleiadian High Council and our collective of Masters. Our collective of Masters is speaking at the forefront of this communication in this moment, but the impressions coming through are ours as well as those of our dear Pleiadian counterparts. Continue reading

Aisha North – The Manuscript Of Survival – Par 335 – 11 July 2013

aishanorthMankind have set their sights on the stars a very long time ago, and since then, you have struggled and toiled to try to find any answers hidden in that intriguing matrix you see glittering above you on the firmament. Some of these secrets have been divulged to you already, but they are merely scratches on the surface in every way. For you have already send your little mechanical emissaries far from home, and they are busy crawling around collecting data and images in so many ways, but what they all depict, are barren wastelands devoid of life. So you hanker to go further, and you invest many an hour searching for that ever elusive ”life in space” as you like to call it. Burt where can it be found, and how can you even contemplate connecting with it? The answers to all of these questions are of course slightly different for people such as you, for not only are you already aware that mankind is not the only living intelligent being existing in All of creation, you know you are simply one amongst such a colorful multitude, it will put your head in a spin simply trying to figure it all out. Continue reading