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RemovingTheShackles – Brian Kelly : The Will Of The People – 22 July 2013

0e358-removing-the-shacklesThis is a conversation that Brian Kelly had in “another room” …. it deserved to be read by everyone.  Thank you Brian- Well said!!

I made this comment on a thread in another room and thought it worth sharing. It was in response to accusations that Courtesy Notices are causing “serious suffering.” Please feel free to share as you see fit 🙂 Continue reading

Wiliam And Kate – Royal Baby Boy Born – 22 July 2013

UKflag16.24 today UK time The Dutchess of Cambridge (Kate Middleton)  gave birth to baby boy 8 lbs 6 oz . The announcement is made public via public noticeboard at Buckingham Palace.  No name yet announced.


AdaptingToGrace – Eileen Meyer – Enter The Fire – 22 July 2013

eileenmeyerI’ve really been going through it. Between experiencing deeper and deeper releases of fear around money (and lack thereof) and my step-sister’s disappearance in Southern California this past Thursday, I’m losing patience with this stagnate, in-between, disempowering, not-knowing stage of transformation – both personally and collectively. I sat down to have an “honesty session” prior to entering the communion/transmission state. The first YouTube video below is this – my audio preamble into the more expanded responsive state. The second video is the audio transmission response. I share this all now because I am truly done with the way things have always been. I have been stripping more and more “unnecessaries” from my life, every hour of every day. Today I am naked with nothing more to lose. I was born to do this, and I’m ready to Enter the Fire. Continue reading

RemovingTheShackles – Update On Kiri, Summary Of All Info And Links And Heathers Briefing – 22 July 2013

0e358-removing-the-shacklesThis is a compendium of all the notes and links about Kiri’s Story, and an update with all the information that Heather has just sent to Kiri for her court case tomorrow.  I’ve added my own notes here and there in blue.

Kiri is one of the most confident and amazing women I’ve had the privilege to talk to.  If you’ve listened to the interview, you’ll understand. Continue reading

BrianKelly’sBlog – The Natural Process Of Creation – 22 July 2013

The Natural Process of Creation by Mary Jane Banks

A void filled
A canvas painted
A problem solved
A duality resolved
A union of opposites
Achieving a composite
Creating anew
Continue reading

Suzanne Lie – Leaving The Hologram And Releasing Time – 22 July 2013

VisitShip copyWe the Arcturians hear the collective call from those of you on ascending Earth who have attended meetings on our Mothership while in your night bodies. Many of you had a brief memory of this visit upon waking, but quickly forgot everything but a vague image. However, many of you had a dream just before you awoke. This dream was an energy package, much like a syllabus of a lecture that was placed in your consciousness. I will now translate this energy package into a third dimensional language. Continue reading

‘Unavoidable Choice’: Cameron Readying UK Internet Porn Block – 22 July 2013

Reuters / Luke MacGregor

( Lucas :  The intended ‘Opt In’ option as an excuse to get more control over the internet by a opt-in solution for people to choose to censor themselves upfront at their internet providers. It is a good try to get more control after the ongoing child abuse and child porn cases and rings that get exposed and even get into the heart of UK politics.  The best way to get two flies in one strike is great via the proposed restrictions. Get a proposal out that will give us even more info and will give people the need to get themselves exposed for looking for porn  on the net or  liking  for example shows where people by their own stupidity hurt them selves as those shows are now broadly available, like American Funniets Homevideos , etc.  This ‘opt-in’ thing is not harmless. It gives the government and providers insight in what people see or want to read or not and it gets registered even when you do yourself fill in the options yourself or not.   It is not a nanny state but an unlawful data use. It is not about consent as it is forced consent. What was free to access and only if you had committed a crime not even an offence is now  prosecuted up front. As your guilty or have a certain way of thinking or behaviour as you do watch of filled in the yes option. It is a build in a social opt-in trap. It is also upfront censorship. It is not optional it is in Cameron’s view to be mandatory. So you have no choice to use this. It is restricting your rights by forcing you to self censor. ) Continue reading