Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – From The Bottom Of Your Heart – 7 July 2013

gods20handGod said:

There is only the bottom of your heart, you understand. Your heart is true. Your heart cannot be false. Sometimes, due to circumstance, upbringing etc. you belie your heart. In terms of your heart itself, you love, or you have ignored your love or wrapped it up. When you do not feel love from the bottom of your heart, you have passed by the love in your heart.

You have taken a detour from love. You are going the long way around.

Of course, you know it is ridiculous not to love!

Just think of it, you and everyone (all the images of you) are on a short holiday on Earth. You are not a permanent resident. You are a vacationer. You do not know and cannot know how long your lease is for, for it was all arranged behind the scenes. You could leave where you live later today or tomorrow or fifty years from now. No one knows his exit date. In any case, you know that your life on Earth is not forever. This has been scientifically and statistically verified. So, you are here with your neighbors, in terms of Eternity, for a very short time. During this short time, be happy.

This special and magnificent time on Earth with all the loved ones and familiar places and way of life will never happen again. You miss it even now ahead of time. Your baby will also grow gray-haired. Everything changes right before you eyes.

Why on Earth would you ever hold misgivings or grudges or anything at all that would not give you joy? Furthermore, what else would you want to be but a clarion call of joy. Hark, the herald angels.

You must know that you are preparing the way for others. You never were here just for yourself. No matter what, anyway, why would you hold on to something that gives you less than joy? For Heaven’s sakes, why on Earth would you ever hold onto anything that doesn’t give you joy? Certainly, you wouldn’t hold on to a petty peeve, would you? Of course, you wouldn’t. Of course not, yet, the only thing is, you have. You have held on to grievances way too long. The door was closed long ago, and yet you still hang on.

You say you would love to rewrite your script and be done with all those lingering thoughts. Why don’t you then? You can do it.

You have wanted someone, probably many, to change before your eyes. You would like them to become someone else. If they became these perfect people without flaws as you desire, who would they be then? I am telling you that, without exception, you would miss them. You would miss something about them. Big or little, you would miss that which made them the person they were to you. Obviously, they were important to you, or you wouldn’t still be thinking of them as a curse or as a blessing.

Will it surprise you when I say that regardless of the person’s faults, regardless of your grievances and no matter how grievous their acts were, they were a blessing to you. In some way, they came to you, and they did their dance in front of you. At some point, they went off stage, and yet you kept them in your heart until this day. They gave you memories and thoughts you are not yet done with.

There was someone rude to you, or mean, or uncaring. They were not what you would have wanted them to be. They may have been little or nothing of what you wanted them to be, and, yet, they left a lasting impression on you.

You have to let go of them now. Imagine their sailing off in a lovely boat as you wave goodbye. Poof, they are gone.

Beloveds, in addition, you also have to let go of those who loved you and whom you appreciated then and appreciate now. Love them still, and let them go. They will be waiting for you on another shore. / link to original article


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