Bill Ballard – Water Powered RV 3D Printed Mobile Homes Can Change Humanity – 18 December 2013

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I was joining with Lisa M Harrison, Brian Kelly, Bob Wright and so many others on the OPPT OPAL Tour in Panama City Florida this past week. We do have ways to change humanity and the collective as well as destruction and waste of Mother Earth’s resources simply by changing the way we live and think with off the shelf technology, and RIGHT NOW! I have had the idea of 3D printed Solar paneled/water fuel cell driven Electric driven mobile homes which is quite feasible RIGHT NOW!

In addition to what was spoken of here, a Navy Seal friend, Tom stated to use a bladder sewage system as they do on Navy Ships where Methane is made from decaying fecal and plant matter which on submarines is used to cook foods or heat with… This is a fantastic idea which I didn’t mention in the vid. Also a vertical Aquaponics area inside the vehicle using a tubular sky light could provide some foods or herbs grown inside the vehicle. Do you see the potentials and possibilities here? They are only limited to our own ideas and integrating them into a system. This can be repeated globally and manufactured anywhere to help humanity off and out of the slavery system they currently live in. FREEEEEDDDOMMM as Mel Gibson so eloquently stated, haha!

If these “mobile homes” are produced and we have areas of land say from 100-1000+ acres that has orchards, organic gardens, aquaponic fish ponds, vineyards and such where persons can travel to and have community of other persons using such “3D printed, Water Powered Mobile Homes” to gather at and help perpetuate, we could take persons off the grid feeding the banks, Petro companies, Detroit’s wasteful vehicle manufacturing, mining, all the need to mine or cut down forests or the need to build such limited housing we as humanity currently use, as well as the need to work to “earn” the right to be here on Mother Earth to Live… no more jobs and taxes necessary which is how the false economy works in the first place… No more bailouts of the banks and all too big to fail complanies (misspelling intended).

WE could just stop playing the game and have ALL WE NEED… WE HAVE THE TECHNOLOGY RIGHT NOW! It is time to gather our ideas, resources and what we have to contribute to make something as this happen.

Humanity could be truly free from the system and being enslaved as it has been and we could easily clean up Mother Earth thereafter bringing her into a pristine state of being.

This video is on my vision which I expressed to those persons in OPPT and the OPAL Tour this past week. If you have comments, links, thoughts, dreams on this subject please leave your comments below!

Happy HolYdays!

Bill Ballard

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