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Lucas – The Bubble In The Bubble – Expanding Into The New – 3 December 2013

File:Bubbles Within Bubbles.jpgI have been talking in my insights for some time about the analogies of the bubbles.   We are in reality all in our resonance bubbles. We can break free of that bubble and level up into a new expanded bubble and do this till that new resonance field is great enough to pop again into a new one.

Not only is this for you but all other things surrounding you happening and on mega bubble level so to say also. As not only us are leveled up in our ocean of bubbles but we are also growing out of our collective  bubbles that have kept us in a certain construct of resonance that a mega bubble represented. Continue reading

AmericanKabuki – Australian Eagle Steals Croc-Cam And Takes A “Selfie” – 3 December 2013

Uploaded on 1 December 2013 by NewsOnABC Rangers in the West Australian Kimberley say it appears a motion-sensor camera they recently lost in the region was stolen by an eagle. Read more here: http://ab.co/1ao8IKj via: www.americankabuki.blogspot.com

Laura Bruno – Global Day Of Action – Flush The TPP – 3 December 2013

laura-of-the-rocksOK, I just had to share a giggle, because people are getting very creative and even humorous with their campaigns these days. Today is “Flush the TPP” day, and if you click here, you can find out why that dirty globalist corporate treaty deserves the flush. The call to action is metaphorical, but I would also like to urge people — if you feel so led — to do some actual flushing of the TPP. Whenever you flush your toilet, imagine all the corrupt, brutal, lowest-common-denominator safety and worker regulations, food insecurity, wage drops, and online censorship just swooshing away for treatment and purification. Continue reading

WakingTimes – How To Tap Into The Healing Abilities Of Your Chakras – 3 December 2013

waking_times_logo_6-5-12_1The human energetic body, also referred to as the pranic sheath or astral body, is an intricate network of 72,000 nadis that facilitate the movement of prana, the vital energy of the human body. The nadis, also referred to as astral tubes, astral nerves or meridians, come together in seven energy centers called the chakras which are located along the central canal, the Sushumna, which corresponds to the spine in the physical body. Understanding each energy center and having the ability to heal them can help you consciously control your physical body and hence aide physical and emotional well-being and assist in higher spiritual pursuits. Continue reading

Bill Ballard – ISON Reprogramming The Water Structure In Ourselves – Earth – Humanity – 3 December 2013

Uploaded on 3 December 2013 by pearls2u Continue reading

State Department Bought $180.000 In Liquor Before Shutdown – 3 December 2013

InvestmentWatch(Lucas : Of course, you have to celebrate a shutdown in style!)

While the rest of the government prepared to shut down this fall, the State Department was busy stocking up on embassy liquor supplies.

In September, the final month of the fiscal year, the State Department spent about $180,000 — and racked up a total of more than $400,000 for the whole year, three times the entire liquor tab for all of 2008. Continue reading

DealBook – Activist Fund Seeks Change At The Top Of Abercrombie – 3 December 2013



Abercrombie & Fitch may have lost its crown as the king of teen fashion, but a hedge fund is hoping that a change in leadership could revive the retailer’s fortunes.

Engaged Capital publicly urged Abercrombie on Tuesday to replace the company’s 69-year-old chief executive, Mike Jeffries, after his contract expires in February. Failing that, the activist hedge fund called on the company to put itself for sale.

Read the whole article at: dealbook.nytimes.com/ link to original article