Lucas – Intending To Change – Your Real Good Intentions And The New Paradigm – 27 January 2014

By Kristerlinder

I am sensing change all over. Not all is change for the better of all and some of it was from the beginning really intended well but got corrupted or will fully with certain promises taken over.  It is so easy in a world that still has lots of people feeling needs to not go for the carrot on the stick.  See it as making choices and you ALWAYS can choose differently.

The new is intended to be NEW. It is that what you create or instate in the here and now and has no connection to past or future. We will find the new ways to be the unconditional loving being that only create for the better of all as that is just the core being of you in the new. All that self-interest, that I want this or that still in the back of your heads will end to exist.

There is only sensing that what is for the best of all and from that give your creating the new a starting point in the now.  Intent is very important to focus on. If you know to be still in a venue or group , job, society or project that put personal or hierarchy intent above the rest or has a hidden agenda to still have power over than get out of it.

No ideologies, religions, beliefs, culture instated dogmas and chauvinism, nationalism, etc, will have bearing on the compass in the new that is NOW. No government, no construct, no organization, no company, group or person will have any power over anyone anymore as that is not the NEW.

There is only the way of cooperation, working together as individuals that are equal even with all the personal uniqueness that you represent. Freedom is within found and not on the outside as a god given or by law instated right. It is your nature to be free as individual creator being.

The intent to focus and create from within from love will ensure your creations are not harming others nor interfere in their individual freedom nor will they built hierarchy’s again as they have ended and can not be anymore. The ones having coming out of the old prefixed mindsets and going into their heart-source center will understand eventually what this NEW is about.

Intent the best always and you will even with some scarecrows and vicious dragons on your come through this and make the change happen. Money is often the thing that makes intentions go sour. It is often used to lure people in as it is also used to turn projects into something never intended as the money controllers are steering away from the initial intent.

Keep things small transparent and act one on one and make things available for everyone equally. The intent getting corrupted or overturned is less likely.  See how things often intent to go other directions and follow the reasons why. you will see how to avoid traps. Intent for the better of all is not to be screwed around with and if you are going to be making this intent the real intent for all you do, change is coming rapidly in your life.

So let our intent be changing the world into that new paradigm and be done with all that was and will be as all is just NOW.

Love and Light,


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