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GMO Crops May Cause Major Environmental Risk USDA Admits – 24 February 2014

RT logoA new report published by the United States Department of Agriculture demonstrates that the vast majority of corn and soybean crops grown in America are genetically-engineered variants made to withstand certain conditions and chemicals.

But while GMO seeds have been sowed on US soil for 15 years now, the latest USDA report reveals that Americans still have concerns about consuming custom-made, laboratory-created products, albeit nowhere near as much as in Europe.

The report was released by the USDA’s Economic Research Service and published on their website Feb. 20. And though the paper takes into consideration the trends that have shaped how scientists and agriculturists have approached genetically-modified organisms since they were first introduced in the US a decade-and-a-half ago, the consensus seems to be that no one is certain just yet about what toll the surge in GMOs will truly have.

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Suzanne Lie – The Merging Part 4 – Answering The “Door” – 24 February 2014

I guess we were NOT back in the 3D because when I went to the door no one was there. However, shortly after I opened the door, Jason and I felt a very strong sensation. In fact, it was a multidimensional sensation. Because our physical eyes could not see anything, we looked at each other with puzzled expressions.
However, we both had a strange feeling that we were not alone. In fact, the feeling we were having was immensely familiar. We stood very still, almost as if we didn’t want to interfere with this unique energy that had entered our home. Continue reading

John Ward – DLT Retrial: Why Is A BBC DJ More Important As A Cps Sex-Crime Target Than A Former Home Secretary? – 24 February 2014


It’s a reasonable question to ask. Dave Lee Travis is being retried on two charges of sexual assault, dating from the period when – according to pinched-goblin Miranda Moore QC – he had suddenly morphed from “aggressive sexual predator” to “dirty old man”. Continue reading

James Corbett – The Corbett Report – Interview 829 – Paul Craig Roberts Connects The Dots On The Ukrainian Revolution – 24 February 2014

JamesCorbett4Link to podcast

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts of PaulCraigRoberts.org joins us to discuss his take on recent events in Ukraine. We examine the historical roots of the crisis and look at the risks of further escalation in the current situation. We also take on the reluctance of those inside the beltway to point out the self-evident truths about the increasingly reckless actions of the American Empire. Continue reading

Sophia Love – Most Recent Update – 24 February 2014

Sophia Love

Sophia Love

Everything went out without huge incidents, drills are ceasing, and with them danger still present, unfortunately Ukraine now is in trouble, it is on a brink of a civil war, and possible separation of this country may take place. These protests are fueled again with the help of CIA’s money and U.S. government is already trying to put their own people within government of Ukraine (people that will go along with their plan that is). Here is intercepted phone call about Ukraine:
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Sophia Love – The Myth Of Money – 24 February 2014

www.sophialove.org / link to original article

ZeroHedge – The NY Fed Is Hiring: A Gold Vault Custody Analyst, Must Be “Able To Physically Lift Valuables” – 24 February 2014

ZeroHedgeThis is about as funny as it gets, and certainly no commentary needed.

From a job posting in efinancialcareers.co.uk

Area Overview

The Financial Services Group (FSG) operates and oversees payments system processing for the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. The FSG provides depository institutions with various payment services, including electronically transferring funds and distributing and receiving currency and coin and other valuables, as part of its central banking mission to ensure an efficient, effective and accessible payments system. Its goal is to be the most trusted and respected provider of financial services in the world. Continue reading

ZeroHedge – The Federal Reserve Is Not “Independent” Or “Apolitical” – 24 February 2014

ZeroHedgeThe Federal Reserve likes to pretend that it is “independent” and “apolitical”.

The facts are different:

3D Printing Global Energy Network – 24 February 2014


3D Printing Network:

Welcome to 3 D Printing Global Energy Network:

Welcome to an advanced world of imagination,

With your cooperation we  will now  render the old slave system obsolete:

Your involvement is crucial in this network by showing an interest in sharing knowledge and skills and forming the data base of what is possible to build on 3D Printers and set up a global network of other working stations and a central data base of intelligence: Continue reading

RemovingTheShackles – Mysterious Polio-Like Illness…Polio In A New Dress – 24 February 2014

0e358-removing-the-shacklesThis headline on CNN this morning literally made my jaw drop so hard I thought I’d dislocated it.

Mysterious polio-like illness found in 5 California children

By Ralph Ellis, CNN

February 24, 2014 — Updated 0945 GMT

The lies that have been hammered into the public about the Polio vaccine for almost 70 years have been pushed so thoroughly that they’ve created a world wide population of people who are incapable of even Considering the idea that the Polio Vaccine didn’t save the world. Continue reading