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Wes Annac – Wisdom With Wes: Love, Joy, and Service – 24 November 2014

Snapshot_20140731_2This life is about love, joy, and freely serving others. Our prime purpose in being on earth is to love ourselves, the people around us, and the planet as a whole. As easy as this seems, a lot of people have complicated it and, in doing so, made it more difficult for humanity to open up to the idea that simple love, joy and service are all we really need.

A lot needs done to change the broken and defunct aspects of this world that could easily stop us from creating a positive future, but there are greater spiritual forces at work to awaken the planet to the injustices that are repeatedly perpetrated right under our noses. Continue reading


Steve Lendman – Israel: Racist Pariah State Writ Large – 24 November 2014

StevelendmanIsrael finds new ways to prove its pariah state status. On Sunday, extremist cabinet ministers added more controversy to their collective rap sheet.

Voting 14 – 6 to permit drafting a new Basic Law. For Knesset consideration. Cabinet members:
“(D)efining the identity of the State of Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people, and to anchor the values of the state of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state in the spirit of the principles of the Declaration of the Independence.
All Likud, Yisrael Beytenu and Jewish Home ministers supported the new measure. Except for Culture and Sports Minister Limor Livnat (Likud).

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Shanta Gabriel – Living Life in Thanksgiving – 24 November 2014

shanta-gabriel-teacher-guideDear Ones,

It is nearly Thanksgiving in the U.S. marking the official beginning of the holiday season. Know that in this unique time of the year there is an awakening in you of the spirit of Gratitude. It is the true essence of Thanksgiving. When you can immerse yourself in the flow of pure Gratitude, it catalyzes new abundance in every area of your life. Gratitude can provide a new containment field for your heart to open into. It is a true gift for yourself when you live in Gratitude. The power of giving thanks can help to lift you above the appearance of disharmony so that a new life emerges within you opening doors to amazing possibilities you never imagined. Continue reading

NaturalNews – Biotech Study Claims GMOs Completely Safe For Mammals – Study Took Place Over The Course Of JUST Three Months – 24 November 2014

NaturalNewss Logo-April-2014(NaturalNews) A new study published in the journal Archives of Toxicology makes the audacious claim that MON810 biotech corn, a genetically-modified (GM) cash crop owned by Monsanto, exhibits no toxicological effects in mammals. But the study has several major flaws that render it null, including the fact that data appears to have been intentionally removed to make the corn appear safer than it actually is.

According to Testbiotech, the study took place over the course of just three months, which isn’t nearly long enough to make a proper assessment about the safety of a synthetic organism. Additionally, the study failed to even try to discover a dose threshold at which MON810 might pose health problems, a basic data point that any legitimate study on the matter would have included. Continue reading

Hyper Report – 141123 – Cycle Warnings – 24 November 2014

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Deadline Deferral? Iran Nuclear Talks Likely To Extend Beyond Nov 24 – 24 November 2014

RT logoIran and six world powers are not likely to reach an agreement in Vienna on Tehran’s nuclear program, various sources claim, adding that the talks will be extended ahead on Monday’s deadline, less than 24 hours away.

The six world powers’ foreign ministers have arrived for the final round of negotiations on Tehran’s nuclear program.Their presence may give new impetus to the talks, which still fail to bear fruit so far.

The talks, which have lasted for more than a year, focus on Iran’s nuclear ambitions – the country’s uranium enrichment capacity and the lifting of sanctions slapped on Tehran in 2012 over its nuclear program. The sides were due to come to an agreement November 24.

However, since Sunday various sources have been claiming that the negotiations on Iran’s nuclear program might be extended ahead of Monday’s deadline, as it became apparent that the sides wouldn’t be able to strike a deal to break the deadlock.

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Jon Rappoport – Smoking Guns: Why Maui Can Defeat Monsanto – 24 November 2014

Smoking gun 1: 1993 Joint Resolution of the US Congress, signed into law by President Clinton, 21 years ago today (November 23, 1993)

Smoking gun 2: Hawaii State Constitution

Smoking gun 3: US Constitution

by Jon Rappoport

November 23, 2014


To recap: on Election Day, the voters of Maui passed a ballot measure that blocked Monsanto and Dow from developing and using new GMOs.

In the wake of this historic victory to ban GMOs, Monsanto sued Maui. Continue reading

There To Stay: US Troops Keep Poland, Baltic Deployment For 2015 – 24 November 2014

RT logoA ‘temporary’ deployment of US troops in Poland and the Baltic states has been extended through 2015, a US commander in Europe said. NATO sells its presence as a deterrent to an ‘aggressive Russia’, with Moscow countering that it only escalates tension.

The alliance deployed several hundred US troops in Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia earlier this year. The move was explained by a desire to give confidence to these NATO members after the political crisis in Ukraine and the secession of its region of Crimea to rejoin Russia. The alliance called it an annexation and said countries in the region feared that Moscow would militarily attack them.

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Sophisticated ‘State-Sponsored’ Spying Tool Targeted Govts, Infrastructure For Years – 24 November 2014

RT logoA sophisticated malware dubbed Regin has been used to spy on governments, infrastructure operators and other high-profile targets, security company Symantec has revealed. It also targeted private individuals and businesses, particularly in Russia.

A back door-type Trojan displays a “degree of technical competence rarely seen,” Symantec saidin a press release. The complexity of the virus enabled the intruder to create a framework for mass surveillance. Targets include private companies, government entities and research think tanks. Attacks on telecoms companies were allegedly carried out to gain access to calls being routed through their infrastructure.

Confirmed Regin infections by sector (image from symantec.com)

Confirmed Regin infections by sector (image from symantec.com)

The company believes that the Trojan was likely developed by a nation state as it took months, if not years to develop such a piece of software and cover up its tracks. Analyzing its further capabilities the company has drawn a conclusion that Regin could be one of the main cyber espionage tools used by the implicated nation state.

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NaturalNews – Flu Shot Statistics And Efficacy – Reading Between The Lines – 24 November 2014

NaturalNewss Logo-April-2014(NaturalNews) Fall and winter is flu season and many Americans respond to this threat with an annual flu shot. Posters on drug store walls and entryways ask, “Have you had your flu shot yet?” There is a clear expectation that every person should comply. Last year, 135 million doses of flu vaccine were distributed. Although this represents only 14% of our population, this is indeed a large number. Flu vaccines are big business.

The CDC says 200,000 Americans are hospitalized with the flu each year. But they also say they don’t actually know the number of adults who contract the flu or died from the flu, nor do they publicize the number of people who contract vaccine injuries including the number of vaccinated patients who develop Guillain-Barre Syndrome. Continue reading