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Lisa Gawlas – Old Earth vs New Earth. What’s The Difference?? – 9 December 2014

lisagawlas2I wasn’t going to put out a sharing today simply because I have nothing new to share, other than to say, if your vibration goes any higher, your gonna blow me to bits!! lol  So I was preparing to reply to days worth of emails when my team put the difference between what I call the old earth and the new earth in my face.  This is what they want to talk about today and now that I see it the way that I do, it is an important thing to make very clear.

If we can look at the earth we all incarnated upon as a massive series of schools, kindergarten thru graduate school, but equally, each phase of our learning like a biology class… hands on.  We entered the realm of duality to understand ourselves, to experience ourselves in all phases including, if not especially what many would call the dark times. Continue reading


Biggest Greek Stock Market Drop Since 1987 Over Surprise Election – 9 December 2014

RT logoThe Athens Stock Exchange index has fallen 11.2 percent – the biggest intraday plunge since December 1987. The government announced a snap presidential election, two months ahead of time, making investors nervous over the status of EU bailout money.

Investors were spooked by the sudden presidential election call, as it could if things don’t run smoothly leave the status of Greece’s flow of money from the EU in the air. The benchmark Greek equity index sank 11.2 percent, and the country’s 10-year bond yields rose to 7.82 percent, sending Athens-listed stocks haywire.

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Activists Launch Online Initiative Against ‘Internet Tax’ – 9 December 2014

RT logoA group of Russian citizens has launched a petition seeking to prevent the adoption of a bill that would introduce a universal tax on the internet, collected by rights organizations representing authors of copyrighted films, music and books.

The anonymous authors of the motion claim that the universal tax is against the law as it would force the majority of internet users to pay for content that they never download or use.

The planned tax payments would not be in the interests of the entire Russian population and not even in the interests of the country’s internet users. They would benefit only a limited number of personalities and there is no guarantee whatsoever that any money would reach the authors of the downloaded content,” reads the petition posted on the official state site for collecting signatures.

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ZeroHedge – Citi Pays $3.5 Billion To Keep Its Employees Out Of Jail For Yet Another Quarter – 9 December 2014

ZeroHedgeMoments after Bank of America reported at today’s Goldman financial conference that its Q4 trading revenues would be down both Q/Q and Y/Y, it was Citi’s turn to warn that the current quarter will be the latest disaster in a long series of revenue disasters, with Q4 revenue said to drop 5% from a year ago, however, despite the drop, Citi would still see a “marginally profitable” quarter. Supposedly this means that a few hundred million shares of stock will have to be repurchased to give the optics that EPS is rising even as revenues continue to drop.

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China Opens 32 High-Speed Rail Routes In Grand Expansion – 9 December 2014

RT logoChina is launching 32 high-speed train routes on December 10. The network extension includes a link between the biggest city Shanghai and the manufacturing hub of Guangzhou right next to Hong Kong.

The 1106-mile route cuts the journey time down to 6 hours and 51 minutes, instead of the 16 hours it previously took. New bullet train lines are part of the government’s plan to double the size of the domestic rail network.

The expansive high-speed train network in China. Image from wikipedia.org

The expansive high-speed train network in China. Image from wikipedia.org

China has the world’s largest high-speed rail network, which keeps the growing population and economy connected. The country’s two largest train makers are in the process of merging to create a more competitive company, both internationally and domestically, reports in October said.

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UK complicit? US Senate Report Into CIA Torture And Rendition Due – 9 December 2014

RT logoAs the US administration prepares for the release of a long-awaited report examining the CIA’s use of torture post 9/11, Britain’s previously undisclosed role in the controversial rendition program is set to become clearer.

Following a six-year examination of CIA documents, the US Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI) will publish a 480-page summary on Tuesday of its investigation into CIA mistreatment and abuse of terror suspects.

The probe examined the CIA’s maltreatment of Al-Qaeda suspects in secret prisons throughout Europe, Asia and the Middle East. It also details assistance offered by foreign allied states.

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ZeroHedge – Surveying The Carnage: Bullion Bounces, 30 Year Below 2014 Lows, Stocks Dump – 9 December 2014

ZeroHedgeWhile it took a few hours for people (and machines) to realize exactly what China did last night, the fallout in risk markets is now clearly evident when a central bank decides enough-is-enough for speculative wealth creation bubble-followers. As we described last night, China’s tightening has dramatically influenced the carry trade (USDJPY back under 120) and thus global stocks (from Abu Dhabi to Greece), global corporate bonds (all significantly wider) and European peripheral bonds (cracking wider) all face pressure. The beneficiary safe havens so far are precious metals (Gold > $1315) and US Treasuries (30Y at 2014 low yields). For now the mainstream media’s narrative is that this oil-driven (which is fantasy as oil prices are up today) – this is the fallout from the marginal removal of $80bn of leverage collateral from the world’s carry trades

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4,000 Ministry Of Defence Leaks In 4 Yrs, Senior Officials Blamed – 9 December 2014

RT logoThere have been over 4,000 security breaches at the Ministry of Defence (MoD) in the past four years, according to information revealed in a parliamentary question.

Secure information has been leaked through mistakes by senior military officials, it was claimed. Some of these leaks have reportedly resulted in threats to national security.

The answer to a parliamentary question revealed there were five “security information incidents” every day in 2013 – a total of 1,194.

There were 3,892 breaches in total between 2010 and the end of 2013.

One defense source said access to mobile phones in areas with “secret” information was to blame for a number of the security leaks.

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‘Band Aid 30’ Christmas Song ‘Cringeworthy’ – Ebola Survivor – 9 December 2014

RT logoA British nurse who survived Ebola said the lyrics of the Band Aid 30 single to raise money for anti-Ebola charities are embarrassing and ignorant.

William Pooley, 29, contracted Ebola in Sierra Leone in August, but survived after having been evacuated in a military airplane and treated with the experimental drug ZMapp in London.

He said the song is “definitely being talked about here among my colleagues.”

“But stuff about ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas?’ It’s just like, actually people live normal lives here and do normal things,” he told the Radio Times magazine.

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BFP – Boiling Frogs Post – Guillermo Jimenez – De-Manufacturing Consent- “State Kills With Impunity In The Land Of The Free” – 9 December 2014

Guillermo Jimenez Presents Aaron Cantú

On this edition of De-Manufacturing Consent Guillermo is joined by independent writer, analyst, and researcher Aaron Cantu. Aaron details the case of Eric Garner, the 43-year-old father of six who NYPD officer Daniel Pantaleo choked to death last July. The incident was caught on camera, and yet a Staten Island grand jury declined to indict Pantaleo and bring the case to trial.

Aaron explains the failings of the grand jury system, in both the Garner case and the case of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, and how the state colludes to exonerate those within their own ranks. We explore the role of institutionalized racism in state violence, and why Aaron believes the police are the “most violent parts of white supremacy distilled down to human form.” Continue reading