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Steve Lendman – Market Euphoria: The Mother Of All Ponzi Schemes – 14 December 2014

StevelendmanThe bubble of all bubbles. A house of cards waiting to collapse, says Paul Craig Roberts.

A great unraveling looms. America’s economy based on market manipulation. Rigging things one way.

Smoke and mirrors deception. Money printing madness. Privatizing profits. Socializing losses. Upside down reality.

Shifting wealth in unprecedented amounts. More than what’s comprehensible. To monied interests. From ordinary folks. Continue reading

WakingTimes – What Plants Talk About – 14 December 2014

waking_times_logo_6-5-12_1Waking Times

Video – When we think about plants, we don’t often associate a term like “behavior” with them, but experimental plant ecologist JC Cahill wants to change that. The University of Alberta professor maintains that plants do behave and lead anything but solitary and sedentary lives. What Plants Talk About teaches us all that plants are smarter and much more interactive than we thought.

Read the full story at: www.wakingtimes.com / link to original article

UK Column News – Mike Robinson – More Accountable To The British People – 14 December 2014

UK Column

Yesterday the Bank of England announced its plans for future transparency and accountablity over the setting of interest rates.

Bank of England

About the Author Mike Robinson Editor

In 1997, when Tony Blair was elected to government, the price of that was the so-called independence of the Bank of England. Of course, the Bank was always independent of government, despite its “nationalised” status, but there was one thing in particular it couldn’t do: set interest rates. Continue reading

Larry Larson – Twelve – Twelve Insight Journal – Choose A New Direction For The Path Of Creation – 14 December 2014

LarryLarsonDoes it matter where we direct Source Energy?

Only direct Source Energy into those things, beings and events that you want to keep. Wherever you choose to direct your Source Energy will grow, so if you are focused upon something that you really, really like, you will begin to experience more of it. And if you are focused upon things that you really don’t like you will begin to experience more of that also. Continue reading

Laura Bruno – A Lovely Police Story From Alabama – 14 December 2014

laura-of-the-rocksThanks to Rumor Mill News for this one, which warms the cockles of me heart!

TARRANT, Alabama – Helen Johnson stared in amazement at the piles of food accumulating in her small Tarrant apartment on Wednesday.

“The last time I saw my house this full, I was 12-years-old and staying with my grandmother,” said the 47-year-old mother and grandmother. “I’ve been crying all day.” Continue reading

BFP – BoilingFrogsPost – NarcoNews: Torture Report Reveals CIA’s Manipulation Of US Media – 14 December 2014

Boiling Frogs Post

Agency Used Classified Information as Currency for Deception

By Bill Conroy

The recently released Senate Select Committee on Intelligence report pillorying the CIA’s Bush-era detention and interrogation program is replete with lurid details of what would commonly be called torture, if those practices were carried out on you or me. Continue reading

Blossom Goodchild – 14 December 2014

bloss arizona biggerWelcome to you, once again. A question that I would like to ask … regarding those of us that have been chosen to be on this planet to help raise Mother Earth into her Higher position. White Cloud has often said that many, many volunteered to come, knowing what an important mission it is … yet, only the strongest of the strong were chosen. Why is it then, that more than half the world seem to have slept through their alarm clock?

A warmest welcome to you and all who are of Light … and by this we mean ALL. For ALL BEINGS are of Light. They cannot BE of anything else. Continue reading