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Carl Boudreau – The Astrology Of June 2013 And A Little Beyond For Everyone – 22 May 2013

Uploaded on 22 May 2013 by Carl Boudreau The most optimistic video I’ve had the pleasure to upload, probably ever.

Gregg Braden – Parallel – 22 May 2013

Uploaded on 14 March 2011 by Varah Siedlecki What Gregg Braden poses as supposition, SOS establishes as fact. Signature of the Soul is a practical scientific method to access the unconscious programming in your DNA revealing sacred information that empowers you to gain control over your life, destiny and purpose.


Native American Wisdom – Chief Blue Star Eagle – 22 May 2013

Uploaded on 21 May 2013 by GreenGuerrillas Native American knowledge will be shared by many Native American wisdom keepers at the next Star Knowledge Conference. Go to http://www.StarKnowledgeConference.com

IntelliHub – GMOs Quietly Pushed For Commercial Growing In The UK – 22 May 2013

May 21, 2013

Currently there is no commercial growing of Genetically Modified (GM) crops for commercial growing in the United Kingdom, only an experimental trial of GM Wheat which started in 2012, but now the Prime Minister’s personal scientific adviser; Sir Mark Walport and others are pushing an agenda to allow GM crops from Biotech firms such as Monsanto to be grown for commercial use. Continue reading

Truth Talks TV – Awakening & The New Paradigm With Ralph Smart – 22 May 2013

Uploaded on 21 May 2013 by Katarina Ilic Katarina Ilic has a beautiful conversation with Ralph Smart about awakening, the new paradigm, freedom and the keys to self-love.
More from Ralph: http://www.infinitewaters.net
More from Katarina: http://www.katarinailic.com


Sheldan Nidle – Update For The Spiritual Hierarchy And The Galactic Federation – 22 May 2013

sheldan9 Batz, 19 Moan, 9 Eb

Dratzo! We come again with more to tell you. Your world continues to fluctuate between the attempts of the West to spark a conflict capable of stemming the global changes which threaten the powerbase of the dark cabal, and the intent of Russia to force a new reality upon the West. This dynamic has ebbed and flowed during the whole of the last decade. And yet even when this strange power game approaches a point reminiscent of the start of World War I, it then recedes from this dire eventuality. The Agarthan’s liaison teams have also been very successful in defusing the situation in the Middle East. Nevertheless, this ongoing process of brinkmanship demonstrates the importance of bringing this volatile situation to a close. Heaven assures us that this constant political bickering is simply the last throes of a type of diplomacy long used by the Western states and that no conflict is to result from it. Indeed, the coming divine intervention is going to transform this whole sorry mess. Meanwhile, more legal ammunition continues to be gathered for use against the cabal in the World Courts. The momentum for ‘accountability’ accelerates by the day, increasing the numbers of those already, and about to be, arrested. Continue reading

CommonDreams – ‘Worse Than Nixon” : Outrage Grows Over Obama Assault On Press – 22 May 2013

common-dreamsRevelations about the targeting of whistleblowers, journalists and news agencies exposes president to increasing scorn

– Jon Queally, staff writer

Saying the Obama administration “has gone overboard in its zeal to find and muzzle insiders,” the New York Times editorial board on Wednesday added its voice to the growing chorus of media outlets, journalists, and First Amendment advocates who say the White House is engaged in an assault on press freedom and investigative journalism itself. Continue reading

BBC News – Man Dead In Suspected Woolwich Terror Attack – 22 May 2013

(Lucas : after having a couple of things happening very quickly  and announcing a terror Cobra Meeting with the Cabinet  after the attack makes me think there is something not right and fishy about the story line here. But that are my thoughts and feelings about it.  In the attack black muslims were pointed out, etc. They where speculating already on what the consequences where for troops in the UK, people ….  It seems all a bit to convenient.) Continue reading

Jim Self – The Shift – Why It’s Happening And Where It’s Taking Us – 22 May 2013

The Shift - Why It's Happening And Where It's Taking UsMany of our in5d family is already familiar with the work of Jim Self. On his website, he is offering a wonderful, free eBook called, ‘The Shift – Why It’s Happening And Where It’s Taking Us’. Check it our on the link below!

With the closing of the 3rd dimensional reality many find themselves in a state of loss and confusion. For the very sands they long believed their castles were built upon have begun to shift beneath them. Continue reading

The Man Who Quit Money – 22 May 2013

Continue reading