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Nancy Tate – Wake Up Call – Hatonn – 15 May 2013

hatonnI am Hatonn here today to let you know that there is an upcoming time when there will be lots of action in the skies. You will see at various places around the globe many spectacles that will give people the knowledge that what they’ve been hearing and reading over the internet is true. They will see for their yes what is unmistakable and cannot be explained away by false reports of this and that. Continue reading


John Ward – Gold Price : Another Caning For The Shiny Metal, Only 1,394 As To Why – 15 May 2013

gold15513In case you haven’t been following it, gold fell off a cliff when the FTSE opened this morning, from $1427 to $1409. It then flatlined at that price, until the NYSE opened….at which point it dropped another $17. Not that I’m suggesting any conspiracy here – but then the time zones are implicated. And The Slog did say last week that Friday falls in the past had been followed by further attacks the following week. Continue reading

DutchNews – New Political Row Looms Over ‘Unavoidable’ Extra Brussels Payment – 15 May 2013

dutchnews-logo(Lucas:  Just a fact is that The Netherlands, even as small country, have been the biggest netto payer to the EU budget. After the austerity measures kicked in not-only in the southern european countries but also in Ireland, UK and The Netherlands and Belgium and others it was clear that the so-called EU is in danger.  But even now there is no cut to the EUs budget.  The Dutch Parliament  and Government have a problem as they promised to negotiate cuts on the budget and cuts on the payment of The Netherlands to the EU budget. This was without any success. The austerity madness, ECB, IMF, Troika are on a Titanic course total control and a Federal Police State Europe controlled by the thugs  or we drive the whole ship towards the cliffs . The two currency model is already proposed, a two speed Euro zone. Will it be German Marks.  For the Dutch this all could well be the breaking point. The fall of the dutch government  is a very big probability if this is not solved. Due to the continuing pressure on member countries, continuing bailouts and the austerity measures and looting of the ECB, EU and, IMF a break-up of the Euro zone and end to the Euro is soon a fact. The controlled steering towards the iceberg seems to be planned as nothing works anymore to solve the problem.) Continue reading

Lucas – New Flying Regulations – 15 May 2013

swazilandSwaziland makes it illegal for a witch to fly a broomstick above 150m

Witches flying broomsticks in Swaziland above 150 metres will be subject to arrest and a hefty fine of R500 000, civil aviation authorities said, according to a report.

Witches’ broomsticks are considered similar to any heavier-than-air transportation device that is airborne, says The Star. Continue reading

Sophia Love – The Problem With Dates – 5/19/13 – 15 May 2013

DockFor more than a year now I’ve shared information from my offworld contact.  I’ve transcribed it verbatim and it has consistently referred to this coming weekend as a pivotal time.  You have been reading exactly what was told to me.

Having lived through the harvesting and hoopla of December 21, 2012, I am not real fond of dates.  I do feel however, that since this one (5/19/13) came from this blog and my web site, it should be addressed.  Continue reading

Fayre An Na – For The Love of GAIA – One – 15 May 2013

Uploaded on 14 May 2013 by fAYRE An Na Continue reading

InvestmentWatch – Mac Slavo – Financial Privacy Under Fire: DHS Freezes Bitcoin Money Transfers – 15 May 2013

Bitcoin InvestmentWatchSHTFplan.com

Financial privacy free of government intrusion and interference is dead.

In what seems to be the government’s latest attack on private transactions between individuals, the Department of Homeland Security has shut down funds transfers operated by mobile processing platform Dwolla, which is responsible for managing transfers for the BitCoin digital currency exchange. Continue reading

New Illuminati – Stuart Wilde – Nature Spirits – 15 May 2013

gruilty-balance-of-natureMost people don’t believe in nature spirits and to talk about them often invites ridicule. What image we have of them has usually been corrupted by misinformation. For example, we often think of fairies as small, diaphanous, human-like beings, that flit from flower-to-flower on gossamer wings.

That came to us from Victorian artists, and others, while their paintings are very sweet and delicate but they are just a depiction not the real thing. The infamous Cottingley fairy photos were at the center of the Victorian myth. They proved to be fake. Continue reading

Magenta Pixie – Crystal Skull Matrix, The Royal House Of Avalon And The God Complex – 15 May 2013

Uploaded on 15 May 2013 by MagentaPixie2012 Continue reading

Money-Printing Scam At Taxpayer Expense – Godfrey Bloom MEP – 15 May 2013

Uploaded  on 16 April 2013 by europarl (Lucas This video I post as example of the blatant denial of the root of the problems and ongoing fraud, theft and deceit. It is here addressed by Godfrey Bloom at the European Parliament. I do not favor UKIP but only see they are mostly the ones that address the issues of the corrupt and fraudulent financial system.)