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I UV – SwissIndo – Newest Communique To The World – 28 May 2013



James Corbett – The Corbett Report – The AP Spying Story : What You Aren’t Being Told – 28 May 2013

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by James Corbett
May 28, 2013

In recent weeks we have been told to focus on a series of scandals which, we are told, are rocking the Obama Administration. Has the media finally found outrage over the Obama regime’s use of drone strikes to kill scores of innocent women and children in countries that are not even at war with the United States? Or the DOJ’s recent admission that the strikes had indeed killed American citizens? Or John Kerry’s recent attempts to once again lead the American public into supporting military intervention in the Middle East based on provably false claims of WMD? Continue reading

Wes Annac – A Spiritual Revolution : Getting To Work On Cultivating Peace – 28 May 2013

RevolutionDuring a communication I was blessed to have with the Pleiadians recently (I’ll admit I channel quite a lot) they discussed a subject that I’d like to explore a bit here. It’s a subject I believe to be immensely-important to our evolution as a species and specifically, to our standing up to the forces of darkness and Creating a society more in the interests of every sovereign human being. Continue reading

John Ward – Cyberpolitics : How Technological Warfare Is Changing The Game Around The Globe – 28 May 2013

borgcyber“Russia is best at military espionage and operations,” he said. “That’s what they have focused on for a long time. China is looking for crucial business information and technology. China’s main focus is stealing technology. These things quite separate. You use different tools on critical infrastructure than you use for military espionage and different tools again on stealing technology.”

Scott Borg (left) of the U.S. Cyber Consequences Unit Continue reading

Ron Head – Your Heart Is Very, Very Wise – 28 May 2013


On this day we would speak further on the subject of discernment.  This is a matter which is of great importance at this time.  It has always been important, of course, but at this juncture, when so much of your future rides upon your state of being, your evolution in consciousness, it is more important than ever. Continue reading

Lucas – Transitioning Transpiring – Are You Calling Freedom : Unity With All Or Just Separation Again? – 28 May 2013

unityIt seems that in the course of things to come there will be a choice to be made. The now quiet passing of the things in the news is just an inch away from the full blast of things going to happen.  whatever you do it is time to call out your name for real 5D freedom and peace of the new paradigm where all opposites will be reconciled and united or you chose to go into separation from that what has been the opposing force or the duality within and without. You are chosing separation with probably punishment for those that have played their role on the dark contrast side of the play well.  Continue reading

Sophia Love – Calling The Healers – 28 May 2013

This is not a battle for conquest and defeat.  The mindset for supremacy is what has led us into this time of revolution.  The force propelling this movement now springs from our very essence.  It is oneness.  It is unity.  It is love.  Once balance is achieved, the ferocity of each engagement will change.

Not today.  Today our fiercest and most unwavering warriors are engaged around the clock.  We are multi-dimensional and as such cannot be separated from every aspect of ourselves.  You may have whispers of memory in your daily life – of negotiations, meetings, battles, conversations.  These are not separate from you.  They are alternate moments of the life you are experiencing now. Continue reading

Eileen Meyer – Visions – 144K And Counting… – 28 May 2013

Child driving a busThis past Sunday morning I communed and had a vision. Gaia is our mothership and we are moving with her into a massive dimensional intersection. Many of us are lighting up as individual portals on earth – some refer to this as the 144,000. Whatever reference you have for the anchors of light on earth, it is the not just a story or linear thought, it is full acceptance and embodiment of our cosmic identity, as well as our partnership and service to Gaia and collective humanity. Continue reading

Gwen Caldwell’s Pay It Forward Campaign – From Behind The Wall – 28 May 2013


From Behind the Wall

Helping those leaving prison and jail meet their goals and needs to be successful in returning to their communities and familes.

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http://igg.me/at/frombehindthewall Continue reading

ActivistPost – Michael Snyder – The Japanes Financial System Is Beginning To Spin Widly Out Of Control – 28 May 2013

The financial system of the third largest economy on the planet is starting to come apart at the seams, and the ripple effects are going to be felt all over the globe.  Nobody knew exactly when the Japanese financial system was going to begin to implode, but pretty much everyone knew that a day of reckoning for Japan was coming eventually.  After all, the Japanese economy has been in a slump for over a decade, Japan has a debt to GDP ratio of well over 200 percent and they are spending about 50 percent of all tax revenue on debt service. Continue reading