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Lisa Gawlas – The Vast Network Of Extraterrestrials, Us And Our Responsibility Within Creation – 10 May 2013

multiverse1For the last several weeks my meditation space has been pretty much off-line.  I knew something big must be underway but there was no way of foreseeing what I experienced last night and then today in my meditation.  As I was running my bath to take my meditation, I was sitting with my eyes closed (a massive headache was well underway) and with my eyes closed I could see a massive star system.  I knew this star system was not ours, not the ones we see when we look up into the night sky… and I had to wonder exactly what I was going to experience when I got into my bath. Continue reading


Wes Annac – The Ascended Masters : Positive Change Is Unavoidable – 10 May 2013

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

The Divinity and sovereignly of humanity will be understood in the time ahead and currently, a plethora of awakening souls upon the surface of your dear Earth are already beginning to find and discover their own personal Divinity and the miraculous things they can do.

Every one of you carries the pure power of the Creator in your hearts, and what we mean is that you possess a raw higher dimensional strength and ability to do and manifest so very much that for the most part, you’ve been led to believe you are unable to do or manifest. Continue reading

PRWeb – Citizen Hearing On Disclosure Committee Seeks UN World Conference On Evidence For Possible Extraterrestrial Presence – 10 May 2013

logo_prwebFormer members of the US Congress have issued a communiqué from the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure just held in Washngton, DC at the National Press Club. The communiqué requests the Citizen Hearing Foundation begin raising funds to pursue a group of nations to submit a resolution to the UN General Assembly calling for a World Conference to review evidence for a possible extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race. Continue reading

Alan Watts – Wake Up & Realize – 10 May 2013

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VoANews – EU Envoy: US-EU Trade Pact Will Be ‘Game Changer’ – 10 May 2013

US EU FlagWASHINGTON — European Union officials on Thursday touted the huge economic potential of a proposed free-trade pact with the United States even as they poked fun at its cumbersome name, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership.

“We’ve launched this strange animal called TTIP [‘tee tip’],” EU Ambassador to the United States JoIao Vale de Almeida said at a reception to mark Europe Day. “This is a game-changer. As I like to say, this is the mother of all free trade areas.” Continue reading

Blossom Goodchild – 10 May 2013

blossom-blog-new shortHello again ‘up there’! I know you are aware of the amazing Galactic Channellings translator team. Many say they feel you are with them as they translate. They have asked if they may ask you a few questions and it would be my pleasure to be able to do something in return for all that they do for ‘US.’

Good morning to you and each one. Indeed this is agreeable and we shall do our upmost to answer precisely … to avoid confusion. Continue reading

ActivistPost – Aaron Dykes And Melissa Melton – Media Lauds Scientist Who Bragged About Cancer In Vaccines – 10 May 2013

smallpox2Vaccination continues to be heralded as one of the top achievements in medicine while all of the evidence to the contrary continues to be ignored.

Earlier this week, The New York Times ran a 1500-word puff piece lauding the work of top Merck vaccine “pioneer” Dr. Maurice R. Hilleman. Here’s a quote: Continue reading

Abraham Hicks – Vortex Affirmations – 10 May 2013

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Great appreciation and LOVE to ALL!

HuffingtonPost – Les Leopold – The Rich Have Gained $5.6 Trilion In The ‘Recovery’, While The Rest Of Us Have Lost $669 Billion – 10 May 2013

a15da-huffington_post_logo(Lucas:  The bookkeeping  and statistics on this I for sure doubt. It must be unimaginably more than here said , but OK. You get the picture!  The evidence of the fraud, deceit, robbery and greed is being shown again. )

Oh, are we getting ripped off. And now we’ve got the data to prove it. From 2009 to 2011, the richest 8 million families (the top 7 percent) on average saw their wealth rise from $1.7 million to $2.5 million each. Meanwhile the rest of us — the bottom 93 percent (that’s 111 million families) — suffered on average a decline of $6,000 each. Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas – The Portal Of Magnetic Energy Imploded Over Night! – 10 May 2013

magentic-release-on-earthWhat strange and exhausting evening I had, and I am going to blame it all completely on my last reading of the day!! (smile)  I will get to that in a minute.  By 7:30 last evening, I was not falling into sleep, but being pulled deeply into it.  I suddenly became very grateful that just hours earlier I listened to that inner voice that suggested I take my contact out and give my eyes a rest.  Normally, I rebel,  this time, not at all, I popped out my contact and popped on my glasses.  I have never been so grateful for my own obedience   The moment I let go and flew into sleep, someone or something started to drill a hole in my left eye (the eye that, hours earlier, had the contact on it.)  My eye started watering like crazy and hurting like hell, but it didn’t prevent me being drug into sleep! Continue reading