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5D Network – The Remembering – Blogtalk Radio Show – 17 May 2013

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Sydney Time :  May 18, 2013 @ 10:00 am – 11:00 am, Europe May 19, 2013 @ 02.00- 03.00 am

Join Emilio and Darius for The Remembering…

This coming week, the 17th / 18th of may we will have special guest Bob on the show disscussing his pysical experiences with et’s and his involvment with them.



Lucas – When Paper Money Becomes An Energy Love Exchange – 17 May 2013

Dollars funnel.I see printed pictures of faces and nominations.  I see paper rolls full of non-value quotations . It was never intended to be printed or used for control and domination. The exchange system got us  into money slavery. The exchange became a leverage for  debt for all to be. Those who transferred it forgot to give us all back.  They kicked our negative value right up our ass . Now they have to face value  that is red-hot from leaving nothing in the pot. Continue reading

Sophia Love – While We Wait – 17 May 2013

While we are waiting, let’s forgive.  Let’s forgive everyone.  Beginning with ourselves, we can change everything. You have most likely heard of Ho’oponopono.  Here is a link to a description: Ho’oponopono

Essentially, there are four things to do/say/think.  These are simple statements, and it matters not in which order they are done.  They can be spoken aloud, written down, or whispered within.  Continue reading

Judith Dagley – The Celestial Team – Using the Laws of Resonance As An Energy Alchemist: The Choice, The Practice – 17 May 2013

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Visionkeeper – The Long Journey – 17 May 2013

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Does it seem like we have been on this journey to change forever now? Yawn. I was looking at how long I have been posting now and it’s been three months shy of two years! I started this site to capture our journey up to 12-21-12 and now that has come and gone and we are still plugging along, still believing, still waiting, still hoping. I had the idea that magical date would change everything and we would all be in anew dimensional space by now. In some ways I guess that is true. Nothing ever stays the same and we are certainly in a different space now than we were then! We are so deeply involved in this transition it is hard to see our progress. If we were standing outside looking in I think we would be amazed at where we are today. Continue reading

John Ward – Japan : Why Stimulate And Inflate At This Level Is A Crisis Waiting To Happen – 17 May 2013

fukiyamaFudging the growth curve will build one Fujiyama of a debt, and a full-on Asian depression

You often hear older hacks saying, “It’s a slow news day today”. As a blog-commentator, I long for slow news days. Slow news days are the ones where you actually stand a chance of getting to the bottom of something. Today is a very big and fast news day, so although it’s already 11.30 am here in France, I’ve got nothing of any value done at all. Continue reading

4 Minutes News – Moon Impact, More Flares – 17 May 2013

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