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Initiation Order Of The One People Of The Earth – 21 May 2013

Uploaded on 21 May 2013 by ForgivenessTatePub (Lucas : This is a declaration of one of the One People and it is not a One People’s or formerly know as OPPT declaration.) Continue reading

I UV – Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf Skype Conversation on Common Law Court etc – 21 May 2013

heather-small-square-photo[10:42:34 AM] Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf: Quoting  [7:49 AM] Cindy Kay Currier: I will clear the record here and now. As I have stated several times, Heather is not in any way involved in our Common Law Court or Jury.
Heather: I can reconfirm Cindy is correct AS FAR AS I AM NOT INVOLVED WITH ANY COMMON LAW COURT OR JURY…as with Kevin Arnett’s request to discuss his court/Vatican DO’ing as with Charley Miller’s request to create a Common Law Court/Jury system that judged all illusions…The data that resonates within me, all ways, is “To judge is lack of judgment”…”all embodiments BE eternal essence”….I CONSCIOUSLY CHOOSE TO NOT PAY ENERGY INTO A JUDGEMENT SYSTEM….how do I judge another for illusions which I am clearing NOW along with many and all other embodiments?  Just sayin’…. (heart) Continue reading

Deborah Taylor – Upgrade, please! – 21 May 2013

shutterstock_15093424-2“I want an upgrade” she trilled as her nails tapped out a rhythmic beat upon the highly polished mahogany counter. A puzzled look came across the face of the man standing behind the hotel reception desk. Thinking that she was being misunderstood, she repeated her request and I could tell that she was not about to be denied. She expected some attention and she wanted it now! With an efficient French accent, the manager asked if he could be of help and discovered that the woman was not thrilled with her accommodations. “But Madame, you have not even seen your room!” And that’s how it went straight across Europe, from one fine hotel to another. I watched as this musician’s wife with whom I was traveling, insisted upon an upgrade to every room that she was assigned. Some suites she ventured to look at, while others she refused to give even the slightest glance. I was fascinated. Continue reading

AdaptingToGrace – I Choose Love – 21 May 2013

ChooseLoveWhether it is a decision about which food to eat, what to wear, which invitation to accept, or which creative project to focus on first, I choose Love.

Since the late 1980′s I have been straddling the “world as we know it” and the Universal Heart Consciousness in my approach to everyday life. As a creative, I have felt for the most part, alone with my connection to wisdom through heart and vibration – until this year. Many of us fully woke up this year, through The One People movement and others, to the realization that there are in fact many of us living on Earth in this way – being and understanding through feeling and knowing. I had help with this way of being. Call it Kundalini. Call it extraterrestrial intelligence. It seemed to have an agenda to wake me up and commune-icate with me in ways that I had not read of or heard of before in my life. Continue reading

Sophia Love – While You Were Sleeping – 21 May 2013

sophia-love-logoTwo words.  They are crawling, jumping, whispering and shouting into my consciousness.  “Do something.”

Urgently and absolutely, this is a call to act.  Last year, the Light Worker Series ended with December22nd, First Day on the JobSince then, there’s been a recovery and perhaps a bit of mourning going on from 12/21/12.  Enough already, it’s been 5 months and there is much to do. Continue reading

Mish/ Mike Shedlock – Merkel Pins Cameron In Corner; Will Cameron Bury His Head In The Sand, Pretending To Not Notice? – 21 May 2013

mish-image-15%UK prime minister, David Cameron, promised to hold a referendum on whether Great Britain should remain in the EU, but only on two conditions. The first condition, that Cameron be re-elected as prime minister is iffy enough. The second condition, that Cameron renegotiate the Lisbon Treaty, I said would never happen. And it won’t. German Chancellor Angela Merkel sealed the fate on that score as Berlin plans to streamline EU but avoid wholesale treaty change. Continue reading

Laura Bruno – Book Review : The Good Food Revolution By Will Allen – 21 May 2013

laura brunoA few weeks ago, we enjoyed the privilege of listening to Will Allen, CEO of Growing Power, at the Nanovic Institute’s “The Future of Food” Symposium. On our way back from lunch, David and I got the chance to speak privately with Will, so we decided to buy his book and have him sign it. I expected to learn about urban farming and community outreach, but little did I know how riveting I’d find “The Good Food Revolution“! Continue reading