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Natalie Glasson – Fairy Bluebell – Wisdom Of The Faries – 6 May 2013

natalie glasson(Bluebell is Natalie’s Fairy Guide)

I bring to you messages and vibrations of love from the fairy kingdom, our greetings are always with you as we send vibrations from our hearts each time you connect or observe nature. One of our main purposes is to amplify and encourage your connection with nature upon the Earth. When we see you connecting into the energies of nature it creates waves of bliss within our heart chakras because we know that you are connecting into the vibration of the Creator. We understand that when you gaze upon nature especially the plant kingdom you are seeing the mirror image of the beauty of the Creator which is within you. Continue reading


David Whitehead – Dan Dicks American Freedom Radio April 29th 2013 – 6 May 2013

Uploaded on 4 May 2013  by Senseidave82 Boston bombings – Foiled “Terror plot” – Iran/Syria – NWO – Bilderberg – Jim Tucker passes – Alternative Media’s role moving forward

BBSRadio – Citizen Hearing On Disclosure – Dr. Steven Greer Talks Truth Vs Stigma About Ufos… Vid – 6 May 2013

Steven-Greer-CSETI-030-150x150By:Cosmic Observer
Date: 5/6/2013, 7:11 am

Citizen Hearing on Disclosure | Dr. Steven Greer Talks Truth vs. Stigma about UFOs

Dr. Steven Greer stopped to discuss why eventually the battle for truth will prevail against the stigma associated with UFO and extra terrestrial phenomena. Continue reading

EXCLUSIVE: Assad Green-Lights Palestinian “Operations” Against Israel on the Golan Heights, Threatens Missile Attacks – Syrian TV By Avi Issacharoff – 6 May 2013

2013-05-06-TT-GolanMortarsTwo mortar shells struck Israel’s Golan Heights on Monday in the early evening local time. Though the IDF described the mortars as accidental spillover from fighting across the border in Syria, they are bound to deepen fears of escalating violence in the region.

On Friday and Sunday Israel reportedly struck Iranian and Hezbollah assets based in Syria. The Israelis have subsequently made extensive efforts to dampen tensions – IAF jets had conducted the air strikes from Lebanese air space, staying out of Syria – but nonetheless Damascus has been signaling that it may escalate the situation.

Read the rest and see the video at :  www.thetower.org / link to original article

TheTelegraph -German Euro Founder Calls For ‘Catastrophic’ Currency To Be Broken Up – 6 May 2013

oskar_2555099bOskar Lafontaine, the German finance minister who launched the euro, has called for a break-up of the single currency to let southern Europe recover, warning that the current course is “leading to disaster”.

Mr Lafontaine said on the parliamentary website of Germany’s Left Party that Chancellor Angela Merkel will “awake from her self-righteous slumber” once the countries in trouble unite to force a change in crisis policy at Germany’s expense. Photo: Reuters

Read the whole story at :  www.telegraph.co.uk / link to original article

Dutch Baby Milk Powder Supplier Pressed By Overseas Demand Rises – 6 May 2013

images(Lucas: Interesting is that the Chinese are hoarding baby milk powder in The Netherlands. Milk powder runners hoard babymilk in the stores in The Netherlands to sent it home. The distrust in the government and own babymilk factories is still zero  after the babymilk scandal of 2008. The Dutch themselves can not get any powder milk  in their stores and supermarkets anymore due to the hording. Now there will be a new policy of restricting the amount each client can buy.  Maybe people should wake up. Feeding your children with breastmilk/mother milk is in my view the best and natural way.) Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas – The Solar Prominenced Fueling The Magnetics Of Your New Enhanced Life!!! – 6 May 2013

sun-earth-moonI knew when I was able to “see” again, things would once again look different in the field, but we surely got more than we bargained for yesterday!!  I suppose I completely forget that if something huge is happening to us, the human incarnate, then it must also be happening to earth herself.  And let me tell you, earth changed her appearance and energy once again.  She is back to looking like that familiar dirt ball (said with tremendous love of course)  instead of the yellow and white marshmallow looking top soil I have been seeing. Continue reading

NaturalNews – Lance Devon – March Against Monsanto Taking Place Everywhere – 6 May 2013

Protest-Fight-Signs(NaturalNews) With President Obama’s recent signing of the Monsanto Protection Act, food safety advocates are up in arms. As GMOs fill grocery store shelves at an alarming rate, more people are growing aware of the health risks associated with genetically altered organisms. People are growing tired of this disease-promoting, genetically manipulated food. They are sick of controlling multinational corporations like Monsanto dictating their food supply. That’s why on May 25th 2013, rallies across the world are organizing, from Australia to Germany, from New York to California. A March against Monsanto is expected to take place. Continue reading

John Ward – Pompous Pilot And The Template Of Doom – 6 May 2013

John WardPassion Play dumped for Powerplay in new EU drama

And Jesus went into the Template of Gargoyles, and cast out all them that sold Greece and bought Cyprus in the Template, and overthrew the tables of the gamechangers, and the seats of them that stole deposits, and said unto them, “It is written, My house shall be called the house of prayer; but ye have made it a den of thieves.” Continue reading

Visionkeeper – Gift Yourself With Peace – 6 May 2013

art-beautiful-canada-cool-Favim.com-622617(Picture by http://www.favim.com)

The energies from the sun are bombarding the earth at the moment and it is reacting in so many different ways. At times the energy seems frantic and at times overwhelming as we continue to race along, trying to expel what is no longer needed, while at other times it seems the more peaceful everything seems to become. At times things seem so tranquil I begin to doubt myself asking if I am maybe not doing enough clearing, am I avoiding it, why should I be so tranquil? Continue reading