Geoffrey West – Feedback And Questions From “An Hour With An Angel” – 23 February 2012

Feedback and questions from ‘An Hour With An Angel’, heard Mondays at 2100(9PM) Easter, 1800(6PM) Pacific at:
Geoffrey note:  Depending upon how things continue to proceed with the show, I am going to try to make a weekly posting of occasional feedback, but also questions that may come in.  The purpose of this is to offer some perspectives for consideration until our guests can give more detailed answers. It also helps perhaps to keep the questions ‘fresh’ and anyone is welcome to write again to remind us of these questions if our guests have not answered them.  Of course this depends upon whether or not there are questions!  😉

This posting looks at the following questions:

1.  “What is the difference between a Twin Flame and Soul Mate?”

2.  “How can I help my ex who has become addicted to drugs and is not accepting my help? A more general question could be what advice does AAM have when people we care about engage in destructive behavior?”

3.  “Will we still need doctors, nurses and other current technologies such as prosthetics and such?”

4.  An indirect question about humour on the show.

5. Selected feedback.

The following two questions were submitted to the Producer of the show, Graham, and he sent them to me.  Although we did not get to the topic of twin flames and soul-mates,  I will offer a response that has come to me, and you the reader can compare it with the answer that comes from any member of the spiritual hierarchy on a future show.

1. “What is the difference between a Twin Flame and Soul Mate?

Response from Geoffrey:    Many people interpret ‘soul-mate’ as being one who is completely in sync with themselves, ie: having all the same interests, likes, dislikes.  It is my understanding, and personal belief that this is not the case.  If you are looking for all these qualities in another person, you are only looking for another…. you.  It is easy to love another who is merely a mirror-reflection of yourself.  The growth comes in being able to love those who truly push your buttons.  These are the soul-mates, the ones who came here to help you to learn and grow.  One may have many soul-mates, both of the same sex and of the opposite sex throughout one’s LIFE-path.  They are the angels who truly give us the opportunity to see ourselves mirrored back to us through them.  The saying ‘opposites attract’ has truth to it, for many are drawn to others that demonstrate qualities that are different from our own.  Whether or not this grows into a romantic soul-mate love depends upon the abilities of both involved to reconcile their differences in such a way so as to accept and love the other unconditionally, without trying to change his/her partner.

On the other side, there can only be one twin-flame for each individual.  The twin-flame is the opposite-sex part of your soul.  When your soul divided, partly for the experience of duality, they might ‘take turns’ incarnating, with the non-incarnating part sometimes offering guidance from above.  It has apparently happened that twin-flames incarnate at the same time, although the belief is that this has not happened very often.  At the same time, there appears to be evidence to suggest that many will begin connecting with their opposite-sex parts of themselves more and more at this time as we move towards Ascension.  Some have described meeting their twin-flames as an ‘immediate and uncontrollable attraction’.  It is whole, unconditional love and acceptance.  My understanding so far is that it is not NECESSARILY a romantic love.  It may not even be romantic love at all.  It is just a feeling of complete surrender to the discovery that a part of you that has been missing, has suddenly come home.  It is almost literally exactly that!

Part of the trick here is the 3D experiences of dating and love relations.  Some people who date say they are looking for a ‘certain type’ of individual.  This MAY be because they are remembering an image of their twin-flame and are in fact searching for that image.  It has been said, and I guess that the coming near future will reveal this, that at the higher vibrations, entities are more androgynous. Assuming this to be true, the reason this may be the case is because the two souls have reunited.   The 3D journey as far as love relations go, MAY be an exploration in learning to connect to, and awaken the opposite-sex energies within oneself, while also knowing oneself as Goddess/God in physical form.  The pursuit of physical relations among humans is the journey of learning who one is, through the experiences of what one is not.  As we go through dating experiences, many (hopefully) begin to recognize the patterns of what they are creating and repeating in their search.  If their searches are only through physical attraction, their relations are more than likely not very fulfilling over the long-term.  If the lessons are learned, the next dating experience becomes one of a deeper nature, and one begins to look for qualities that bring a lot more to the relation.

Perhaps, a twin-flame may be considered the ‘apex’ of relations:  it is the ultimate balance of love within oneself, the unity of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine within.  Having this unity of Divine self-love begins to change, (if I am understanding it correctly), the dynamic of future relations.  Relations become a much higher-energy vibration and interactions are more affirming and LIFE-honouring, as opposed to merely a ‘hit/miss search’ for a partner.  If a soul is more unified in self-love, there is less of a need to go in search of ‘hit/miss’ experiences.  There is less fear/separation within oneself, and this manifests in higher quality relations at higher vibrations.

2. “How can I help my ex who has become addicted to drugs and is not accepting my help? A more general question could be what advice does AAM have when people we care about engage in destructive behavior?”

Response from Geoffrey:   Dear One;  bless your heart for caring for a tender soul who has lost his/her way!  There is much happening at this time that many do not understand.  This will very soon be resolved!  Many different levels are coming together in resolution.  At this time, each soul is going to have make his/her own choices.  It is hoped that most will choose from their heart-level, however it is known and expected that others will not.  Each soul can only awaken in his/her uniquely different, yet equally beautiful time.


Your former partner is making a choice at this time.  I do not personally know his/her LIFE-path, nor do I know her/his soul-contract, and neither do you.  As much as it may hurt us in seeing someone we care about going through pains of addictions, there is a reason for it.  There are two choices you can make, and with each choice, you are wise to consider the ‘worst-case’ scenario, and decide whether or not you are able to accept it.

1.  If you stay in contact with this individual, your worst-case scenario might be that you get pulled into the drama and addiction of the individual, giving up your higher energies, to continue to feeding the lower energies.  If you are truly working towards Ascension, a time will very soon come when you will have ‘fish, or cut bait’, as they say. If the dear soul is not choosing to awaken and you sacrifice your energies willingly and with complete faith, trust and love (like Robin Williams was prepared to do in the movie ‘What Dreams May Come’, there is always the chance that the individual may find his/her Light again.  These are the beautiful miracles!  If you believe that you do have a connection such as this and you truly believe that you are to get this soul through, then it is a choice made with love, while also understanding the risks involved.

2.  If you choose to leave, there is the possibility that this will push the dear soul ‘over the edge’.  It is possible that the soul may choose to end his/her LIFE-path at this time.  This MAY have been the plan all along.  That soul may not have signed up to go further at this time.  There MAY still be some 3D lessons lessons elsewhere that this soul still wants/needs to have.  It is also possible that this soul is a Lightworker who knows that the rest of her/his purpose is best handled from the higher dimensions.  Either way, the soul will be met with love on the other side, and given the choice as to where and how to continue being in the best service while honouring the soul-contract.  You have NO control over this.

Now, if you choose to grieve and feel guilty that you did not do enough, are you honouring yourself?  Only you can answer that question.

Many souls will choose to leave, some to continue Light work on the other side; others because they are unable and unwilling to choose Light and love in their lives at this time. Both choices are to respected and honoured.

As much as you desire to help your former partner, you cannot force anything upon him/her.  You can offer your love and support to the individual when she/he is ready to take the first steps.  You have to choose whether you are ready to stand firm in guarding your own energies, to prevent them from being taken away by one who MAY not even understand that he/she is taking energies from another.  Again, if you know the risks, and are still willing to choose to loving and helping this soul, then it is a choice made from your Higher Self, and is to be honoured and commended.  If you are helping for any other reason, fear, guilt, or another lower-vibration energy, then I gently ask that you sit with yourself and ask why you are risking your own Ascension, if another is not even willing to take a step in the direction of asking for help.

There is no ‘right’, ‘wrong’, ‘good’, ‘bad’ here.  It is just making a choice and knowing that each choice has consequences, and that those consequences have been considered with love from the heart, and not from the ego.

Good luck, dear One!  It is not an easy path, and it is hard to watch a loved one ‘suffer’, even if you understand that the experience was agreed to before arriving here.  Any pain you take on, you are choosing to do so yourself.  IF your former partner is choosing at a higher level to leave at this time, why would you want to deny them their path by trying to keep them here, or to take on negative energies of suffering to prevent yourself from Ascending?

These are just a few thoughts to consider.  May Light and love enfold you in allowing you to connect to the answer that is for the Highest Good of each of you in this moment of ‘now’!  Blessed be!

Diane asks: “Just curious as to whether we will continue to need doctors, nurses, prosthetists, orthotists in the “new earth”?”

Response from Geoffrey:  I’m very certain that a future guest will address questions of this nature.  What I would like to offer for consideration is that ‘medicine’ as we know and experience it as a 3D concept will not exist at a higher vibration.  Having said this however, please keep in mind that this does not mean that there are not ‘medical teams’ and others serving in healing capacities.   Here in the 3D, we have new branches of healing that work on energetic levels, that focus on allowing the body to return to its desired healthy state, instead of being treated by a medical profession that looks at the body from a point of illness, instead of a point of health.  I have heard that there is a doctor in China, for example, who charges people to stay healthy.  If someone gets sick, they stop paying him, until he restores them to health.  I personally thought this was an intriguing approach to the profession, and it certainly felt more in line with the hippocratic oath than what current medicine practices.

On a recent show, Grener talked about ‘medical teams’, and ‘healing ships’ that were available to help people to heal themselves.  Those who are participating at certain levels in the future may receive the benefit of those technologies.  I’ve heard that our Arcturian family is quite good with healing, although I suspect that all our galactic families have extremely good practices that suit their needs. Certainly, this knowledge and these technologies are important and practical for missions such as the one they are on now.  They need to be able to assist in helping 3D physical bodies heal, re-balance, and also to adapt to a higher vibration – again, as long as it is in alignment with the soul-contract of each participant.

I honestly cannot tell you exactly what we can expect at the higher vibrations until we get there.  At this moment, I cannot see why there would be a need for prosthetics or other kinds to technologies at that level, unless perhaps there was a soul-level contract that was still needing to be worked on.  My feeling tells me that this is not necessary at the higher level, as all who are able to exist at that level have already completed a sufficient raising of one’s vibration to achieve this higher state of energetic health.

Keep in mind that sickness and disease comes from the physical body’s state of dis-ease.  Physical conditions occur when the energetic symptoms have not been addressed.  Higher vibration healing addresses the energetic imbalances, allowing the body to return to its healthy state, instead of allowing the energies to fester to the point where they become solid masses within the body, requiring traditional medicine to work on it.  At a higher vibrational living, we will not experience anything near the kinds of stresses, pains and sufferings that have been experienced here, so there is a lesser chance of anything manifesting to a point of danger concerning physical health.  If/when we choose to eat, it will be high-vibration foods; if we/when we choose to drink, it will be purer also.  Everything that is making us sick right now will be eliminated with the removal of the dark energies from their control of us.

Even ‘accidents’ as we call them are an energetic manifestation of something that is going on within us. If we are unwilling to pay attention to the energetic warning signs, the Higher Self may create a situation or event that will force you to rest/relax for a period of time, whether or not you choose to accept it.  I choose to believe that at a higher vibration, there will be less of a need, if any, for these kinds of ‘lessons’.

I believe you will be pleasantly surprised that once you achieve that state, that you will be at such a vibration, that the idea of ‘illness’, ‘disease’, and other 3D conditions will disappear from your mind, because you will exist at a level where those energies cannot.

What I cannot say to you at this time, is what kind of energetic imbalances may exist at 5D, 6D, 7D and higher, for the purposes of learning and growth.  These may, or may not exist.  The kinds of opportunities for growth at these higher levels will present uniquely different and again equally beautiful opportunities to further ones awakening and spiritual growth!   This is perhaps what a future guest will be able to elaborate further upon. 🙂

From an unknown listener:    “Firstly, I must thank the entire site and its crew for doing such a v v great job on providing the requisite info and useful articles, links etc propelling us towards ascension and such other related topics esp meant for 2012.  Secondly, kudos to BZ for her timely article on Ascension and also great work by Geoffrey West, in lieu of Steve Beckow.  The quality of the interview is definitely different than Steve and although we do miss Steve adn his lil humour, Mr. West is also outstanding.  We appreciate and are also grateful.  Thank you all and god bless.”

Respsonse from Geoffrey:  Thank you dear One, and I am sure that everyone associated with The 2012 Scenario and ‘An Hour With An Angel” also send their gratitude and appreciation!   We are serving in our capacities that we feel called to do at this time, and if we can empower more to serve in alignment with their ‘calling’ or LIFE-path, or soul-contract at this time with love, courage, faith and Light, then we are thrilled, for it helps manifest the end goal that much more quickly!

It had been my intention to inject some humour into my first show, although it was gently suggested to me that I be very careful with humour, given the misunderstanding and misinterpretations that came out of previous shows.  For now, I am being conscious of this.  I would very much however, like to bring in a little humour from time to time in the coming shows.  As it is a live show, I have to ‘think on the fly’, and try to assess what the impact might be of humour in each moment.  Of course, by that time, the moment may have passed, and the spark of humour is no longer relevant.  Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t.  However, humour is very subjective, and what one finds funny another may not find funny at all.   This is where humour treads a very thin line, and has the potential to negatively impact the whole show.   Of course it is the message from our guests that is the most important, while letting our guests share what they came to share.
A humourous question is coming to my mind however, and I may consider asking it, towards the end of a show, if/when I need a few minutes to fill or if the topic comes up! 😉
A wonderful comment received from JD

I just finished reading the transcript of an hour with an angel . I rather read that listen to this ( my choice ) . The profound wisdom of this transcript resonated and flowed so well with my being . I kept nodding my head in agreement over the statements of being the observer, bringing LOVE to your workplace , as it is really needed !!! and the message about parenting – and the amazing children that are all around us these days .Letting everyone chose and not judge was a WOW moment.

This has been my favorite transcript so far . Full of Love – Wisdom and Guidance .

JD 🙂
Response from Geoffrey:  Although I cannot speak officially for all on The 2012 Scenario team and those involved with ‘An Hour For An Angel’, I believe that most, if not all, would smile in agreement when I say that we live for those ‘WOW’ moments that people have in responding to the truth that we have helped each soul to remember, through our sharing with humanity!   You have always known it all, and we are merely one service available in helping you remember all that you already knew!   See?  You really ARE a ‘know-it-all!   (see humour, above)   😉

I get a feeling right now that AAM is in agreement with this also.

Thanks, and blessed BE! link to original article

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