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UFO Report – Bright Disc Shape UFO Over Aveley, Essex, UK 8th Febr. 2012 – 11 February 2012

Uploaded by  op 8th Febr.  2012

“This was taken a few days ago on my mobile phone, and lasted around 5 minutes, my phones memory lasted just over a minute, any remaining “would be” footage would have shown it hover out of sight in the direction towards the river thames towards kent. The UFO was hovering over an housing estate. Me and my partner both witnessed this event and it freaked my girlfriend out, Im a little more open to “other life”. I would be interested if anyone else has footage and what it could be?”

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Lisa Gawlas – What Is Your Purpose? – 11 February 2012

I get asked “What is my purpose” more than any other question.  Even if you had a singlular purpose, spirit would never tell me.  But, in hearing my first reading of yesterdays passionate desperation in wanting to know, the answer that flowed forth humbled me.

There is no singular defined purpose at all.  What ever you are doing today, that is your purpose.  Whatever you are doing tomorrow, that is your purpose. Every day adds something new to you, sometimes it is so subtle you do not even realize it, but it changes you.  When you change, your purposeful day changes.  When you share those changes that you do understand with others, in the field of hope, you are adding to the field of light like no other can.  A hug of comfort, a redirection of mind/words, a gentle understanding in all that changing offered outwards. Continue reading

UFO Report – Triangle UFO Formation, North Shields, UK – 11 February 2012

Uploaded by Gekados 9th Febr. 2012.

Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Messages From 10 and 11 February – 11 February 2012

The Petals of Your Heart

God said:

Your heart is intended to open continually. There is no graduation day when it comes to the human heart. The human heart is an ever-blossoming flower. Open and open and open the petals of your heart. This is an assignment I give to you.

You may have tightened your heart and tightened it. You forgot that your heart was for giving. You probably thought that your heart was for getting. You may even have concluded that your heart was for being hurt, and, therefore, you did everything to keep your heart buried and safe. Continue reading

Common Dreams Staff – Greeks Compare Austerity To “Dictatorship” As 48 Hour Strike Begins – 11 February 2012

In the second national strike this week, Greeks walked off the job today and violence erupted in the streets of Athens as they again express their outrage to state austerity measures demanded by the “troika” – the European Central Bank (ECB), the IMF, and the EU – in a pending bailout agreement. Continue reading

Lodro Rinzler – A Society Based On A Open Heart – 11 February 2012

The following is excerpted from The Buddha Walks Into a Bar: A Guide to Life for a New Generation – available from Shambhala Publications

“Imagine what it would be like if one day everyone woke up and decided to shift the focus of their day away from always holding themselves at the center of the universe? The more we become familiar with our own emotional ups and downs, the more we begin to see them in others. Continue reading

Benjamin Fulford- Some Updates – 11 February 2012

(I will not post every comment appearing on Fulford’s Typepad. But interesting ones or a selection. The mayor articles I publish of course : Lucas.)

Here are two of the comments today:

1) Fulford Benjamin -From Argentina

Hi Benjamin, greetings from Argentina

I have been reading your newsletter from years. Continue reading

Suzanne Poulson Spooner – A Lesson In Seeing Inter-Dimensionally With God And AA Michael – 11 February 2012

God & Gabriel

[Hi God.] Hi Suzy, how are you today? [Well, all in all I would say quite good! Thank you for asking. How are you today, God?] I AM, but you know that. [Giggles]

Let’s have a moment of opening a portal to your park. [Lovely, I am on it. (I stop to meditate)] Good. Continue reading

Greg Giles – Message From The Galactic Federation Of Light – 10 February 2012

I hope you hold this to be true. There will be a long series of changes to your world beginning with the arrests of the leaders of the dark cabal, and the changes will be far-reaching and these changes will alter many ways of your current lives. We feel many of you are reading these words, but we also feel there are those of you who doubt, those of you who distrust the veracity of these words. We say to you to go with your instincts, as your intuition will better guide you through these challenging times. Many of you are demanding proof at this time, and it is solid proof that you will not receive, as there are many different amounts of proof that each of you requires, and there are also different amounts each individual requires depending on the subject matter and how much of the information is already at least familiar to this particular person. So you see how handing you proof on a silver platter is not a viable option?   Continue reading