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Greg Giles – Message From Paul Of The Galactic Federation Of Light – 6 February 2012

 The shadow is all about the government. Your world is today steeped in a dark conspiracy that involves the taking of your homes, your money, your health, and your freedom, if you can consider what you are experiencing freedom. You all, every one of you, are prisoners in a world of your own creation, although there are different levels of your complicity in it all. Some of you have been willing participants, others forced or threatened, others conned, but all of you have one thing in common, you are all prisoners and you must escape your captors if you ever wish to breathe the sweet air of freedom ever again. And this is the plan.

Meredith Murphy – Message From Eloheim of Grace – Revise Reality To Experience Your Heart’s Desires – 6 February 2012

Many of you find yourselves wondering at times if you’re on track.  If you’re actually living in such a way as to create the experience you wish to have.  You wonder if it’s on it’s way, if it is really being manifest, if you’re allowing it, if you’re somehow in essence “doing it right.” Continue reading

Lucas – Steve Beckow Resigns As Author And From Interviewing With An Hour With An Angel – 6 February 2012

Steve Beckow has decided to resign from writing on his blog except for the Bridge Fund. Further he will not be anymore interviewing Linda Dillon in  An Hour With An Angel. He made his decision based on what people were writing. As more people favoured him to stay the decision based on one comment about integrity was why he chose to leave. He thinks he hurt a minority of people and that ways for him as heavy as all in favour for him to stay. Continue reading

[Update 1,2,3 of 3] UK Tribunal To Try Pope Ratzinger And Queen Elizabeth Windsor For Child Genocide – 6 February 2012

  all 3 videos uploaded by KnewWorldNoing 3rd February 2012. http://www.itccs.org

Thanks Jean of http://www.jhaines6.wordpress.com

Lee Harris – February Energy Forecast – Resolutions And Solar Balance – 6 February 2012

The theme of Trust will run through the month of February. As you build not only greater but new trust in yourself, the world and life itself, the past will rear it’s head from time to time so that you can move forward once more. Many of you will revisit past places and relationships where the expansion of trust was challenged for you, rather than nurtured. Continue reading

BZ Riger – Colonel Billie Fay Woodard – Discusses Seeing The Mothership Neptune – 6 February 2012

Colonel Billie Faye Woodard, USAF Retired, who channels his father Zorra, a 5th dimensional being from hollow earth, saw the mothership Neptune. Billie talks about what he saw on the Saturday February 4th edition of his radio show on Hollow Earth Network.

I have made a audio file of the section of the radio show that has Billie’s comments on seeing the Neptune.

Billie – Woodard – Mothership – Neptune -mp3

You can hear the whole radio show at these two links. For the Opening of radio show.    For the second part which is 59 minutes and contains the discussion about the Neptune click here!.

http://www.the2012scenario.com link to original article

Suzanne Poulson-Spooner – God & Prilon – Waking Up From The Fog – 6 February 2012

God & Prilon

[Hello God & Prilon.] We would love to address your feelings of discombobulation. [Excellent.] A being is always connected to source,this you know.

As you develop your understanding that you are living much more in the higher realities than the denser realities you disconnect from the density. This can be felt as the discombobulation or fogginess that many experience. This is only a natural feeling. Continue reading