Global Voice Radio Network – Round Table Discussion – 12 June 2012

link to Global Voice Radio Network – Round Table Discussion 11 June 2012  PST Time

3 Topics:

Marilyn Barnewall – Topic: Banking

International Banking Consultant, with 20 years of experience in the banking industry. She’s is known for her in-depth research in Private Banking.
In 1989 Forbe’s Magazine called her the Dean’s, Dean in banking
2005 named the who’s who in America
2006 named the who’s, who in women and finance and banking
2008 named Who’s, who in the World.
Town and Country magazine calls her the Guru of Banking.

State Banking with Marilyn Barnewall

Daniel Deeter – Topic: Free Energy, Telecommunications & Community Living

Dan is a Graduate of Harvard Business College.
One of Daniel’s group’s has the most advanced telecommunication system on the planet: including but not limited to computers, notebook and private internet World Wide. The programs are ready to deploy in a matter of months at a relatively low cost.
His reach goes into many different technologies.

MODDHA International Foundation

Domes for the World

Please go through Dan if you want to communicate with the website, as they are very busy with current projects and do not have the manpower to handle a large amounts of incoming E-mails.

Barclay Simpson – Topic: Basic Human Rights

Barclay, is a simple man, seeking simple answers to today’s complex problems.  He hails from the “show me” State of Missouri. He has studied many historical documents and has an extensive knowledge and understanding of this “Golden Opportunity” there is for humanity. His knowledge goes far beyond the documents. His passion for the good of mankind is evident in everything he say’s.

Please read and refer to the following links for questions on the topic Barclay will be covering.

Virginia Declaration of Rights

Declaration of Independence

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